"A youth who's world is centered around war, he wields a deck of cards in seemingly random patterns."


Ace is a hero and character representing Final Fantasy Type-0.

In the original title he lead a special group of student soldiers from Peristylium Suzaku called Class-0. He and his fellow pupils where called into the war when his country the Fiefdom of Rubrum was attacked by the technologically advanced Milites Empire. Although he was unfamilliar with duties beyond fighting he still bore a strong sense of justice and loyalty and desired to create a world of peace where students like himself can learn things other then spells and weapons.

Ace has a strong fondness for the chocobos and hopes to one day learn to breed the birds for a purpose other then war.


Ace's base attire is his uniform that consists of a black long-sleeve jacket with leathers straps instead of buttons, white pants, a medium-sized red cape and a brown pack. In EX Mode Ace's eyes glows red and a crimson Suzaku l'cie brand glows and floats over his right hand.

Ace's first alternate outfit Summer Uniform he wears a white short-sleeve jacket, black pants, and gains gloves and a necktie, glasses and his cape and pouch retain their colours.

Ace's second alternate outfit, Formal Uniform Ace in his ceremonial attire - a red jacket with ornamentation, bracers and a longer white cape.

Ace's DLC costume is called the Apostle's Cloak and is based on the red and white cloak cloak Ace and his classmates wear in the promotional trailers.

His Manikin is peach and called the Hidden Apostle.


Ace's fighting style is described as Death Dealer, who wields and enchanted set of cards combined with a randomized upgrader. Ace can use his special Deck Open command to alter the powers of his attacks though the use of it is purely chance effected unless altered by applying different deck skills on the CP Menu to increase the chances of drawing specific cards. Ace's Deck effects only activates if he has 2 or more of the same colour card drawn and will reset after drawing a fifth card.

  • Red Cards increase the ATK stat and the damage attributes of his attacks.
  • White Cards increase the invinciblity frames of Ace's dodges and jumps.
  • Yellow Cards increase the ammount of EX Force generated by attacks
  • White Cards increases the ammount of cards thrown with each attack.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Cut Cards Ability Draws a colour card by holding R while holding L.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Shadow Step Ground/ Aerial Dodge Magical Instantly warp backward leaving behind a flurry of cards that damage the enemy. Gains more invincibility frames the more Red Cards drawn, with all Red Cards enemies struck will be stunned momentarily leaving them open to attack. Dodge
Full House Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Ace sends his deck spiraling around him grinding the enemy with cards before sending them flying. Wallrush
Burst Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Rain a powerful laser down the enemy the enemy, with 3 cards this will leave a powerful explosion, 4 red cards this skill will become more difficult to dodge. Wallrush
Three of a Kind Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Throw three flurries of cards at the opponent the first direct, the second faster and the third flurry the cards will fan out before homing in on the enemy. Can combo without striking. N/A
High Card Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Hold down to summon cards which will hang in the air by Ace until the button is released to fire them at high speed one after the other. Charge can be held indefinitely but can only summon a maximum of 7 cards, Ace can move while charging.  Chase
All In Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Hurl a flurry of cards one after another directly at the enemy. Can tap to continue throwing cards for seven cards. N/A
52 Pickup Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Hurl a wide flurry of cards infront of Ace that spreads out in a half circle. Cards bounce off of walls upon impact. Chase
Thunder (ROK) Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Hold button to hurl a ball of lightning energy and let go to cause it to detonate instantly into a larger sphere of electrical discharge. Chase
Blizzard (RF) Ground/ Aerial Extreme Magical Aim then fire a shard of ice that drags enemies along with it until striking a surface. Wallrush
Fire (BOM) Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Ace generates a large explosion of fire around himself, hold down longer to cause an even larger explosion. Absorb, Chase

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Jackpot Shot Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Ace floats and draw a card which will charge then generate a beam of energy which will track the opponent, Ace can move horizontally with his laser but not vertically. Wallrush
Jackpot Triad Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Ace floats then summons 3 cards which each fire a large straight beam, Ace can change the direction of which he's facing with the control stick but cannot move. Wallrush
Blind Stud Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Plants a card which when approached within a meter will activate generating a small tornado of cards with intense suction. Only one card can be planted at a time, using Trap Card again will activate the already set card. Absorb
Wild Card Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Instantly teleport upto 5 meters in the direction the control stick is facing leaving behind and appearing in a whirlwind of cards that will damage enemies.  N/A

EX Mode - Suzaku L'cie

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Ace's Wild EX Ability Ace recieves all the bonuses from all of his Deck skills regardless of card colours drawn.
Straight Flush EX Burst Strike the opponent when the killsight is red!

Ace blasts the enemy into the EX Zone with a Fire Missile while a yellow cross-hair appears around the stunned enemy. If you complete the minigame Ace throw his entire deck of 52 cards spiraling around the opponent each firing and striking the enemy from every angle while Ace summons a final card marked with the l'cie brand and throws it at the enemy which summons an immense laser to consume the enemy from above. If you fail the minigame Ace will only throw the final card at the enemy.


Ace can equip Throwing Weapons, Rods, Daggers, Robes, Clothes, Hairpins,Hats, Bangles and Bracers.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Akademia Deck 30 BRV -22
ATK +42
DEF -2
Assist Gauge Boost+5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Boomerang, Scarletite x1, Apostle's Desire x5
Crazy Eights 90 BRV -35
ATK +65
DEF -2
Assist Gauge Boost+10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Akademia Deck, Electrum x1, Apostle's Dream x5
Black Trump 100 BRV -42
ATK +70
DEF -2
Assist Gauge Boost+15%
Gambler's Spirit ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Crazy Eights, Oracle's Codex x1, Apostle's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Oracle's Codex Remembering those gone by may be painful, but to forget would be more painful still.


When Ace is faced in battle during story mode, Apostles of the Crystal plays as the default background music.


  • Ace's Trade Accessory is named after his exclusive accessory in Final Fantasy Type-0.

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