Aigis was a playable character in Final Fantasy Dimensions. He was the older brother of Diana and mentor to Sol and Glaive, and was made into one of the Warriors of Light by the Crystal of Lux. A swordsman who had been training Sol in the way of the blade. His skill was unrivaled through Lux, leading many in the kingdom to refer to him as "the hero of the land.

Aigis had no role in the Dissidian Wars, however he was remembered by Sol


Aigis' basic attire is based off of his 'Jobless' attire, identical to his artwork wearing a long green coat with brown cuffs over a high-collared white robe, ruffled at the front and held round the waist with a brown belt, with another across his chest from his left shoulder, and brown boots. In EX Mode, Aigis' Sword and Staff both glow with light.

His alternative costume 'Verdant Warrior', has Aigis don a Warrior's attire - green armour with brown pauldrons over a blue shirt and bronze boots.

Aigis RedMage
His 3rd costume 'Green Mage' dresses him in his Red Mage attire, which despite the name has Aigis don a gold-trimmed green cloak, the iconic red feathered har and black boots.

Aigis’ manikin Shrouded Stoic is Gold with dark blue highlights


Aigis fights as a Swordspell, using techniques from the Red Mage and Warrior classes. His tactics revolve around him enhancing his own attacks and chaining his magic attacks or following them with physical attacks. As a downside, his physical attacks are often short ranged, although Aigis does have a versatile set of ranged attacks. His movement speed is also fairly slow.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Thundara Ground Creates three bolts of electricity that drop horizontally in a line together. Pressing O on contact follows up with Fira.
Assault Ground A three hit combo of two sword strikes ending in a staff blow. Knocks opponent upwards and can initiate a chase sequence.
Fira Ground/ Aerial Throws three balls of fire that home in on the opponent. Pressing O on contact follows up with Blizzara.
Double Attack Ground/ Aerial Strikes opponent by swinging staff then follows up with a sword thrust. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.
Blizzara Aerial Creates a chunk of Ice that shatters and flies out in three directions. Pressing O on contact follows with Thundara.
Air Assault Aerial A three hit combo of two sword strikes ending in a staff blow. Knocks opponent downwards and can initiate a chase sequence. Can also be Wall Rushed by knocking opponent to the ground.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Drain Blade Ground Enhances sword before charging and slashes at the opponent three times. 1/10 of HP damage dealt is recovered. Wall Rushing can be done for extra damage.
Life Divide Ground Streaks forward with both weapons out. Can pass through breakable obstacles, damages the opponent if passed through.
Magic Missiles Aerial Fires four Orbs of energy that all home in and converge on the opponent.
Power Blade Aerial Creates a long-range beam of energy from sword and extends its range before slicing it in a downwards diagonal direction

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Arcing Slash Ground (Chained from Thundara) Leaps and swings his sword in a downward Arc. Upon hitting the ground follows with a bolt of lightning. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.
Burning Slash Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Fira) Rushes then slashes at the opponent with a sword enhanced with fire, leaving a trail of flames that linger after Aigis has slashed.
Freezing Slash Aerial (Chained from Blizzara) Slices sword twice releasing two blades of Ice that fly towards the opponent. Can Wall Rush for extra damage if both blades hit the opponent.

EX Mode - Fusion Light

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate during EX Mode
Double Up EX Ability Doubles the amount of strikes and projectiles in Aigis' Brave attacks.
Ultima Sword EX Burst Aigis takes a focusing stance and charges his sword with power. A series of five buttons must be quickly tapped in a short time limit. If correctly done, Aigis strikes the opponent in an explosive Sword strike. If incorrect, Aigis merely slashes the opponent.


Aigis can equip Swords, Spears, Staves, Poles, Shields, Gauntlets, Hats, Helms, Light Armour and Robes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Rune Sword 30 ATK +41 Magic Damage +10% Trade: 61,000 gil, Rapier, Scarletite x1, Stoic's Desire x5
Sword of Ages 90 ATK +63 Magic Damage +20% Trade: 158,000 gil, Rune Sword, Electrum x1, Stoic's Dream x5
Sword of Aigis 100 ATK +69 Magic Damage +30%
Sneak Attack Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Sword of Ages, Light Crystal x1, Stoic's Hopes x5

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