"An ever curious and jumpy goddess, you would believe if she were human than wolf, and even should you believe that divinity would act higher and lofty than mere mortals, one's piety will soon show her true loftiness in ways you cannot imagine."

Amaterasu, or Okami Amaterasu is the main protagonist and majestic goddess of Nippon from the game Okami.

In the world of Okami, in the far eastern land of Nippon, its reaches were soon engulfed in terrible corruption and darkness. Through the prayers of Sakuyahime, the guardian deity whose power waned to protect the land over the years, Amaterasu comes back to the world once more under the guise of the legendary guardian wolf Shiranui, to beat back evil, its legions of demonic forces, and restore her lands and people in peace and harmony.

Upon her ascension to the mortal plane, Amaterasu soon follows the desperate prayers of a goddess from a distant world beyond the boundaries of her own. While under the limits of her own physical canine body, greatly holding back her true divine powers, yet having allowed her to slip past the exclusion of divine interference in the Dissidia, she does not care about such trivial things- A goddess and their wills shall always shine through, even if mortal!



Ammy is an Ethereal Artist, making the use of a unique gameplay setup involving drawing certain marks and shapes on the screen to unleash attacks and being able to perform regular executable techniques.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Tenkyo no Batsu (lit. Heavenly Mirror's Punishment) Ground
Ame no Habakiri (lit. Slash of Heavenly Wings) Ground
Seimitamadan (lit. Holy Mitama Bullet) Ground/Aerial Ammy pulls out a Rosary, and fires off a rapid fire stream of jewel beads at the opponent. As Ammy levels up, the amount of beads fired can be increased.

Draw Mode Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Tamakagahara no Houmeno (Canvas of Heaven's Plains) Brush Technique
Kazegami's Gale Brush Technique Ammy draws the Kazegami stroke, creating a howling gust. Kazegami is drawn with a loop or spiral, which directs the winds where the blow. Can be used to push away the opponent.
Bakugami's Incendiaries Brush Technique Ammy draws the Bakugami mark, creating a cherry bomb like firework as where she pleases. Bakugami is drawn with a circle and then a line into the circle. If the bomb makes contact with the opponent, it will automatically explode.
Sakugami's Invigoration
Itegami's Snow
Moegami's Flames
Gekigami's Lightning
Mizugami's Lathe

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Ryuuseijudaki (lit. Dragon Star Pearl Cascade) Ground/Aerial
Shizen no Harae (lit. Nature's Purification) Ground

Draw Mode HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Hanagami's Wrath Brush Technique
Yomigami's Celestial Display Ammy draws a dot in the sky above herself, as it falls to earth as a comet. Ammy can also draw more comets to fall onto the battlefield. Tracks the opponent's location, and can work as a fake out and anti air.

EX ModeEdit

Full Godhood Ascension!!

Name Type Description
The Arrival Of Her Heavenly Majesty EX Burst The player must move the analog/direction pad in motions akin to Ameterasu's attacks, as she performs brush techniques at her best to summon the 13 Brush Gods to overwhelm the opponent. In addition to the need to follow up her attacks instantly, there also is a time limit to complete the Burst.
  1. Blizzard: Lathes the opponent in instant freezing water and snow
  2. Thunderbolt: Lightning strikes the opponent as it comes down overhead of Ammy
  3. Catwalk: Runs upwards on the opponent and backleaps off, as her weapons trail and strike afterwards
  4. Veil of Mist: Slows time down in an obscuring mist, as she zips past and slashes the opponent with her Glaives
  5. Inferno: Ignites the alcoholic mist ablaze
  6. Galestorm: Extinguishes the inferno with a shredding hurricane
  7. Waterspout and Rainstorm: Floods and drenches the opponent with a combination of geysers and torrential rain
  8. Crescent: Clears the skies as Ammy pummels the opponent amongst a brilliant moonlit horizon
  9. Vinesprout, Water Lily, and Bloom: Ravages the opponent in a girth of growing vines, trees, flowers, flora, and foliage, as it creates a stage of roots and a grove of trees
  10. Cherry Bomb: Summons a large fleet of cherry bomb fireworks in the sky, exploding in a dazzling array
  11. Power Slash: Slashes the flowers around herself, causing their petals to fly, and renders the opponent exhausted
  12. Restoration: Paints herself, revealing her Okami form once more
  13. Sunrise: Mightily howls, summoning the sun to engulf the opponent in a flash of holy light.

Equipment and AccessoriesEdit