Vagrant Ashley
Ashley Riot is the protagonist and player character in the game Vagrant Story. He was one of the most powerful Riskbreakers of the Valendia Knights of the Peace, conditioned to be a man of mere strength, following the orders of the VKP unquestioning. His curiosity was piqued when Sydney mentioned Leá Monde, and even without further orders from the VKP, continued his hunt for the cult leader.

During the Dissidean Wars, Ashley was technically a Warrior of Cosmos, but shunned both sides in search of Sydney who he remembered. Upon discovering his role as sentry to the Rift, Ashley followed Sydney into it where they were both removed from the cycle of battle...


Ashley Riot's base attire is his uniform as a 'Riskbreaker' - He wears the Iocus Rood necklace and dons military gear equipped with gauntlets and a shield. In EX Mode A Blood-Sin forms on his back.

His alternative attire 'Off Duty' is based of his 'Flashback' appearances dressing him in casual clothes - a shirt and dark trousers. In EX Mode the Blood Sin appears on the back of the shirt.

Ashley's 3rd Outfit 'Hidden Vagrant' dresses him in a Black Coat and many Belts Similar to his appearance at the end of Vagrant Story, In EX Mode the Blood Sin appears on the back of his coat.

His Manikin 'Ensorcelled Risktaker' is Light Brown


A Centre Foci, Ashley uses sword and light based attacks to fight his opponents. Many of Ashley’s attacks consist of pulses and shocks that spread out to hit opponents from a distance or close by. His speed and strength are relatively high, however due to his methods, although his ranged attacks have wide berths making them difficult to avoid they get weaker the further away they hit meaning Ashley cannot deal as much damage with his attacks unless the opponent is up close.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Retribution Ground Ashley is surrounded by wisps of darkness that curve outwards and fade.
Trinity Pulse Ground Releases three shock waves forwards that can strike the opponent three times if all hit.
Wyrm Scorn Ground Splits Sword Blade into two, dealing two strikes at opponent. Can initiate a chase and Ashley Can Wall Rush for additional damage
Summoning Dark Ground/ Aerial A short pulse of Darkness hits the opponent stunning them, low damage. Can be Wall Rushed to deal more damage.
Black Nebula Aerial Blasts opponent with a burst of negative energy, knocking aerial opponents down.
Risk Break Aerial Swings sword in a circle round Ashley and follows up with an upward slash if an opponent is caught in the swing, can initiate a chase.
Rising Light Aerial Throws a ball of light that can ricochet off of walls and obstacles.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Hex Flux Ground/ Aerial Sends out a pulse of darkness and a pulse of light that move outwards before coming together. Deals more damage if caught between both.
Spiral Scourge Ground/ Aerial Creates a whirlwind around Ashley that repels the opponent if they are caught in it. Also has a slight absorbing effect
Emetic Bomb Ground/ Aerial Charges at opponent and proceeds to unleash a flurry of slashes at opponent.
Papillion Reel Ground/ Aerial A pulse of light falls vertically from above onto opponent.
Sanctus Flare Ground/ Aerial Fires two horizontal beams of light in opposite directions that sweep round Ashley

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Advent Sign Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Retribution and Black Nebula) Fires off ripples of light that spread out from Ashley before fading. Also has a slight absorbing effect

EX Mode - Mark of the Blood-Sin

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate during EX Mode
Blood-Sin EX Ability Attack speed raises and Brave Attacks use 1% of HP to deal double damage
Following Darkness EX Ability Follows all Brave attacks with Summoning Dark
Vagrant's Inheritance EX Burst Fires repeated attacks his opponent, as he attacks a sequence of four buttons appears, when he finishes attacking enter the sequence. If correctly entered Ashley will briefly embrace the Dark and release a stream of Dark. If incorrect he will stab his opponent.


Ashley can equip all weapons except instruments, Helms, Shields, Bracers, Heavy Armour and Light Armour

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Fandango 30 ATK +39
DEF -2
Brave Recovery +10% Trade: 61,000 gil, Broadsword, Scarletite x1, Risktaker's Desire x5
Executioner 90 ATK +63
DEF -2
Brave Recovery +30% Trade: 158,000 gil, Fandango, Electrum x1, Risktaker's Dream x5
Holy Win 100 ATK +69
DEF -1
Brave Recovery +50%
Anti-EX Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Executioner, Rood Necklace x1, Risktaker's Hopes x5