Brandt as he appears in Final Fantasy: The 4 Warriors of Light

 "A stout-hearted villiage youth from the Kingdom of Horne, he and his party once saved the world from Chaos. Brandt is young and cheerful, but can be pushy,"

- Dissidia 14 official description

Brandt is one of the new warriors fighting for Cosmos and one of the youngest, Brandt first made his appearance in Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light, a spinoff (or gaiden) of the Final Fantasy series. He is described as kind and cheerful but is often pushy,

His oposing villian is Xande in the games story mode 

4 Heroes of Lighrt
Some of Brandt's party members appear in some of the games cutscenes


Brandt appearance is indentical to his appearance as a Freelancer in The 4 Heroes of Light. He has blonde hair and wears a blue tunic, brown gloves, a dark brown cape, red boots and an orange pouch.

Brandt's first outfit, titled "Party Host", gives him the outfit of the Party Host Crown. In this outfit he has spikey hair, wears a silver crown, and wears a white shirt and jacket and blue pants.

In BattleEdit

Brandt is described as a Party Leader in terms of his playing style. By himself, he fights with a longsword as his primary weapon but Brandt has the unique ability to summon his party members to aid him in battle making him a very versatile character in terms of gameplay. Each party member wields a different weapon and are usualy summoned automatically through the use of combos and BRV to HP attacks. Brandt can also summon his party members to aid him on the field of battle but their actions are controlled, for the most part, by the computer. Each of his party members have a unique weapon and function as such.

Jusqua wields a halberd in battle and functions in a similar manner to Kain, he is primarily summoned during ariel combos

Yunita wields a sword and shield but does not use it to her full potential and is summoned primarily for defensive purposes. She is classed as a White Mage and can restore Brandt's HP and BRV

Aire wields a spear but does not use to her full potential. She is classed as a Black Mage and is summoned primarilly for offensive magic attacks. 

Brandt's party members are not controled by the player and function in an almost identical way to assists.

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