"A young Clavat weilding both sword and shield who ventured with a caravan to repelish his village's crystal."

Cal is one of the main characters and main representative of the original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. Cal is one of the character models the player can select when creating their own characters. He is under the name "Cowlick". In the game's intro he is shown leaving with the crystal caravan on a journey to repelish his vilage's crystal.

In Dissidia, Cal is a Warrior of Cosmos. During his time in the early wars Cal realized that he along with several of the other warriors lost their memories of their previous homeworlds. Realizing that something was amiss he set out on his own to find out why he and almost all the other Warriors of Cosmos had lost their memories. At some point on this journey he regained his memories and realized that the sadistic and manipulative monster Raem was responsible. However, when Cal enters the Rift, to his surprise, he discovers not only Raem but the god-dragon himself Shinryu both in the midst of a power struggle for the warriors memories. Since both entities grow more powerful and thrive on memories. In an effort to eradicate both beasts Cal sacrificed himself in battle but was only able to defeat Raem. Badly beaten and on the verge of death Shinryu removed Cal from the cycle of conflicts as a "favor" for getting rid of Raem.


Cal's clothing consists of a pair of green shoes with white leggings. He wears a pair of green-striped trousers with a white and green colored overcoat. A brown chestplate is set underneath his overcoat. He also wears a pair of matching grey gloves. In EX Mode, Cal equips the Crystal Chronicles' version of Ragnorok and gains a glowing Clavat tribe symbol on his chestplate.

  1. His first alternate costume is Natural, which is essentially the same outift except Cal's shoes are brown, the green in his trousers and overcoat are recolored red, his chestplate is recolored black, and his gloves are black. His hair color also changes to a dark brown.
  2. His second alternate costume is Headband, the green in his outfit is recolored orange and the white is recolored black. His hair color changes to red and he wears a black headband around his forehead.
  3. Cal's third alternate costume is White Cap, Cal now wears a brown and white cap. The green in his outfit is changed to brown while the white remains. His leggings also gain a brown and white cow pattern. And his hair is changed to a lightish brown color.

His manikin, Dauntless Sword, is teal.


Cal is described as a Focus Swordsman, and weilds a sword and sheild into battle. Cal uses a variety of sword slashes and sheild bashes for melee attacks, but utilizes a variety of magic attacks as well which involve using the focus ring from Crystal Chronicles.

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