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Cecil Harvey is a warrior of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012. He relies on experience as both a Dark Knight and a Paladin, and may freely switch between either during battle. When a Dark Knight, he is a formidable ground fighter, boasting short and long range moves. As a Paladin, aerial combat is his forte, combining speed with expert swordplay. While traveling alongside Firion, Cloud, and Tidus, he deals with his feelings for Golbez, torn between fighting him as his nemesis and trusting him as his brother.

Crystal and AttireEdit

  • Normal (Dark Knight)
  • Alt 1 (Dark Knight)
  • Alt 2 (Dark Knight)
  • Normal (Paladin)
  • Alt 1 (Paladin)
  • Alt 2 (Paladin)
  • EX Mode (Dark Knight)
  • Alt 1 EX Mode (Dark Knight)
  • Alt 2 EX Mode (Dark Knight)
  • DLC EX Mode (Dark Knight)
  • EX Mode (Paladin)
  • Alt 1 EX Mode (Paladin)
  • Alt 2 EX Mode (Paladin)
  • DLC EX Mode (Paladin)
Cecil's outfits are based on Yoshitaka Amano's designs. As a Dark Knight, Cecil wears dark armor accented in blue and gold with a spiked helmet. When a Paladin, Cecil dons a cape and white-blue armor with gold linings. He wields lance-like swords in battle, which are based on Amano's artwork. His EX Mode weapons, the Mythgraven Blade and Deathbringer, are also from Amano's drawings.

Cecil's first alternate outfit, "Knight of the Red Moon", recolors his armor to reflect a supplemental drawing by Amano. His Dark Knight armor is a lighter black with red accents, and his Paladin vestiges have silver and red highlights with an orange cape. To keep in-line with the color scheme, his dark swords are a black red, while his Paladin swords are silver-blue.

Cecil's second costume, "Knight of the Silver Moon", is his appearance from the opening FMV of Final Fantasy IV's DS remake. His Dark Knight form dons a different helmet with dark gray armor adorned in red and silver highlights. Cecil's hair as a Paladin is straight combed, whereas his armor has more silver accents and a different cape. Both forms have different shoulder plates and symmetrical spikes. His swords reflect the new color scheme, while his EX Mode weapons take on their designs from the remake's opening FMV.

Available as a downloadable bonus costume by purchasing Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection, "Knight of the Twin Moons" is based on Cecil's super-deformed designs, while incorporating aspects from his Final Fantasy IV sprites. When a Dark Knight, he has a more streamlined suit of dark blue armor, and his helmet has a red gem on the forehead and exposes his mouth. His Paladin form wears gold and blue armor and has a white cape with a red lining. His hair is purple, shorter and spiked, he wears a gold headpiece, and has green eyes instead of purple. His swords are recolored to reflect the color scheme of his armor, and his EX Mode weapons are based on the SD art.

Cecil's manikin, Delusory Knight, is dark blue as a Dark Knight and silver when in Paladin form.


Cecil's fighting style is Split Soul, due to his ability to change between Paladin and Dark Knight. His Dark Knight form is slow, skilled in steady, powerful ground attacks, while as a Paladin he is fast and uses swift aerial combos with the weakness of limited range. Despite being a melee fighter, both forms possess magic and several ranged attacks. Cecil automatically reverts to a Dark Knight after using a ground HP attack, while aerial HP attacks turn him into a Paladin. His constant transformations can sometimes be difficult for players to master.

Brave Attacks - Dark Knight

Name Type Description
Valiant Blow Ground Step forward and slash three times. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Dark Cannon Ground Fires dark orbs at opponent that swirl back, knocking opponents towards Cecil. Blocks magic attacks.
Shadow Lance Ground Throws sword to knock foe away, then teleports sword back to hand. Damage is determined by how long the sword makes contact.
Gravity Ball Aerial Fires slow-moving ball of energy that travels downward in an arc to slam opponent to the ground. Can Wall Rush for additional damage when firing.
Nightfall Aerial Flip into the air and descend to slam opponent into air.
Paladin Arts Aerial Use Gravity Ball attack, but the orb rises instead of falls. Can then press O to class-change to Paladin to chain with Searchlight.

Brave Attacks - Paladin

Name Type Description
Slash Ground Basic spin and slash attack, can start a chase if hit directly.
Lightning Rise Ground Pauses, then dash toward opponent to attack and spin them into the air starting a chase. Can also block magic attacks.
Dark Step Ground Starts with Slash attack. Can then press O to class-change to Dark Knight and chain with Nightfall or start a chase.
Radiant Wings Aerial Spin towards opponent while slashing, if hit connects then follow up with multiple attacks that slam them to the ground.
Sacred Cross Aerial Dive under opponent, then rise and strike them multiple times and knock them away. Can initiate a chase.
Searchlight Aerial Throws a magic seal towards the opponent that fires projectiles of light.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Soul Eater Ground Stabs with weapon, if it connects follows up with a blast of darkness from other hand. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Dark Flame Ground Stabs the ground and sends a wave of black fire at opponent. Can inflict Wall Rush.
Shadow Bringer Ground Swing sword to attack opponent, then swing twice more and knock them away. Fast execution but very low range. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.

Increases Bravery damage while a Dark Knight by 3% and lowers Bravery damage while a Paladin by 3%. Cannot be equipped while Luminous Shard is equipped.

Saint's Fall Aerial Dive towards opponent in a rising arc, and then slam them to the ground. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Paladin Force Aerial Shoots a projectile of light to stun foe, then flies around while slashing, followed by a downward slam. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Luminous Shard Aerial Send out a wave of light energy at opponent. Can arc up or down on an angle.

Increases Bravery damage while a Paladin by 3% and lowers Bravery damage while a Dark Knight by 3%. Cannot be equipped while Shadow Bringer is equipped.

EX Mode - Job Augment!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode.
Inner Strength EX Ability Cecil deals 1.5 times the normal Brave damage.
Proteus Special Can freely change forms without attacking by pressing R +[Square].
Soul Shift EX Burst The player must input three combination of two buttons; depending on how many successful combination pressed, he may use his Dark Knight's Darkness or chain that with a powerful combo followed by his Paladin's Cross Slash.


Cecil can equip Swords, Greatswords, Katanas, Spears, Axes, Scythes, Maces, Shields, Gauntlets, Large Shields, Helms, Light Helms, Crowns, Light Armor, and Heavy Armor.

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Dark Sword 1 ATK +20 Dark Force (1/3) Trade: 9300 gil, Broadsword, Rusted Metal x1, Knight's Desire x2
Dark Shield 1 DEF +12 Dark Force (1/3) Trade: 4400 gil, Buckler, Fish Scale x1, Knight's Desire x2
Dark Helm 1 BRV +70
DEF +2
Dark Force (1/3) Trade: 2200 gil, Bronze Helm, Rusted Metal x1, Knight's Desire x2
Dark Armor 1 HP +950
BRV -18
Dark Force (1/3) Trade: 3300 gil, Bronze Armor, Figaro Gravel x1, Knight's Desire x2
Mythgraven Blade 30 ATK +42
DEF -2
DEF +1 when Paladin Trade: 61000 gil, Dark Sword, Scarletite x1, Knight's Desire x2
Lustrous Sword 90 ATK +64
DEF -1
DEF +1 when Paladin Trade: 158,000 gil, Mythgraven Blade, Electrum x1, Knight's Dream x5
Lightbringer 100 ATK +69
DEF -1
DEF +1 when Paladin
Slight Sneak Attack Effect
Trade: 182,800, Lustrous Sword, Twin Form x1, Knight's Hopes x5
Cimmerian Edge 100 ATK +69
DEF -1
ATK +1 when Dark Knight
Slight Counterattack Effect
Trade: 182,800, Lustrous Sword, Twin Form x1, Knight's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Twin Form All possess good and evil in their hearts. Gain true power after overcoming darkness.