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  • Feral Chaos
is the primary antagonist and the Final Boss of Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. He is the god of discord that opposes Cosmos, the goddess of harmony, both being equal in power. During the events of Dissidia, Chaos and his forces tip the balance of power in their favor, setting the stage for their victory. Dissidia 012 explores this shift in power in-depth, and the actions taken by hero and villain alike that set the stage for the thirteenth cycle.

As the final boss of Dissidia and Dissidia 012, Chaos was unplayable unless the player hacked the game. An alternate form of Chaos, a bestial monstrosity known as Feral Chaos, was playable in Dissidia 012, and served as the game's superboss.

Feral Chaos is a playable character and superboss in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. An alternate form of the game's main antagonist, Chaos, Feral Chaos is, as his name implies, a monstrosity that is a bestial berserker in battle, and speaks only in roars, snarls and grunts. Feral Chaos was an original character created for Dissidia 012.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

  • Normal (Chaos)
  • Alt 1 (Chaos)
  • Normal (Feral Chaos)
  • Alt 1 (Feral Chaos)
Chaos's default appearance is based on his original artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. He appears as a muscular four-arm fiend in dark red hues, with large wings sprouting from his back and demonic faces on his knees. He has a long tail and several horns, the most prominent of which are two red horns that curve into the air. Chaos wears a loincloth with another face on it, and a red amulet.

Chaos' alternate form is based on his original sprites in Final Fantasy, coloring his skin a pale yellow-green, and the demonic faces are purple.

Feral Chaos is primarily black, yellow, red and orange. Compared to the original Chaos he is larger with torn and burnt wings, rows of spikes along his tail, and a broken left horn. His face is exaggerated to monstrous proportions, as are the faces on his groin and limbs, and the amulet around his neck has grown from a red gemstone to a red orb. His loincloth is shorter and the smaller horns on his forehead are larger.

In his alternate appearance, "Jade Dissonance," Feral Chaos turns green and blue with yellow on his claws and wings. It coincidentally resembles the color scheme of the Ivalice summon known as Chaos, as it appears in Final Fantasy XII.


In battle, Chaos is described as The Master of Bedlam, and fights with long, powerful fire and earth-themed combos that do massive damage. They are executed quickly and do high damage, while his magic attacks are slower and easier to dodge or block. Chaos has access to the unique summon Shinryu, which can be summoned multiple times in one battle and has varying effects during the three rounds, ranging from locking Chaos's Bravery to doubling it instantly. While he has no EX Mode, Chaos can fill an EX Gauge to interchange with Feral Chaos.

Feral Chaos is described as The Omega and the Alpha and fights with fast, powerful Bravery attacks as well as a variety of HP attacks that make him a potent attacker. All of his Bravery attacks cause Chase and Wall Rush, and many stagger guards or crush them outright. Feral Chaos is also large, making him easy to hit and giving him poor maneuverability in small arenas. Uniquely, the player is unable to set Feral Chaos as their Assist.

Chaos/Feral Chaos is hindered by several disadvantages - initially his Bravery constantly depletes, and EX Mode and Assist gauges rapidly empty. As he levels up he gains support abilities that negate these disadvantages. By filling an EX Gauge, Chaos and Feral Chaos can interchange between each other. Because of this his EX gauge fills faster than normal characters

Brave Attacks - Chaos

Name Type Description
Darkflame Talon Ground Chaos charges forward slashing twice, whipping his tail around, and then slicing once more, walls of fire flare up on the sides of Chaos as he performs this. The attack can be blocked to make Chaos stagger.
Earthwalker Ground Chaos back-flips in place, sending a plume of fire along the ground. Causes staggering if a guard against it is attempted; if staggered, the other two plumes sent will connect.
Onslaught Ground/ Aerial Chaos teleports underground, and leaps up to attack the player, then teleports and repeats twice more. Fairly easy to avoid - portals appear on the ground and allow the player to anticipate Chaos' attack.
Negashock Aerial Chaos spins around, unleashing waves of energy and flinging the player into the wall. Has good tracking, Chaos teleports in front of the player before attacking. Can be defended by consecutive blocking.
The Fall Aerial Chaos does a diving kick and slams into the ground, unleashing a fissure on impact. Cannot be blocked but can be dodged.
Darkflame Fang Aerial Chaos slashes three times in the air. Chaos creates eruptions of flames on the ground that can send the opponent up to the slashing attacks. Staggers Chaos if blocked.
Darkflame Blast Aerial Chaos spits several fireballs that fly forward in random directions. Can be blocked to deflect them back at Chaos.

HP Attacks - Chaos

Name Type Description
Condemn Ground Chaos summons a large pillar of flame around him. Very quick and causes suction on start up; can't be dodged out of unless the opponent uses a move that can negate the attack. Only HP attacks will disrupt the move, but only the HP part of the attack - if an attack is used that inflicts Brave damage leading up to HP damage, it will not work.
Scarlet Rain Ground Chaos stands in the middle of the arena and summons a wave of magma on the ground, then flings several fireballs at the player. After a pause, he then throws a larger fireball that cannot be guarded. Chaos is invincible while performing the attack.
Divine Punishment Aerial Chaos summons multiple plumes of fire around the player, then teleports above them and hurtles a flaming sword at them, slamming them to the ground. The fire plumes only hit if the player moves while the attack is used; the final strike can be dodged.
Soul of Oblivion Aerial Charges a massive fireball, and then fires a stream of flame at the player. Can be disrupted by attacking Chaos before he finishes charging. If Chaos rises high enough, the plume of fire will not have the range to reach the player if they are on the ground.
Demonsdance Aerial Chaos teleports around the arena erratically, slashing rapidly when he appears then teleporting to attack again. Can cause consecutive HP damage if individual hits connect. Can be dodged, but not guarded.

------------Interchanges if EX Gauge is filled------------

Brave Attacks - Feral Chaos

Name Type Description
Snarl Ground Slashes the enemy twice quickly.
Vicious Ground Lunges forward while engulfed in flames. Staggers if blocked.
Spew Ground Slams the ground, summoning a pool of fire below the enemy.
Erupt Ground Leaps up into the air with a very short-ranged attack. Hold down the X button to continue rocketing upward.
Destroy Aerial Closes in on the enemy slightly before slashing.
Brute Force Aerial Lunges at the enemy with a clawing attack. Crushes guards.
Splinter Aerial Throws out four waves of flame at the enemy. Staggers if blocked.
Raid Aerial Drops down with a very short-ranged attack. Hold down the button to continue dropping down and slam into the ground.

HP Attacks - Feral Chaos

Name Type Description
Quo Vadis Ground Warps at the enemy while attempting an uppercut; if it connects, Feral Chaos will assault the enemy with additional hits while warping around before dealing the final hit.
Via Dolorosa Ground Fires off a wave of fire at the enemy, then another. Second wave can be delayed.
Deus Iratus Ground Teleports around the arena erratically, slashing rapidly whenever he appears then teleporting to attack again. Can be dodged, but not guarded.
Ventus Ire Aerial Leaps and fires a Gust of Wind from wings
Flagro Maximus Aerial Launches a trail of explosions at the enemy. Can be charged to increase range
Lux Magnus Aerial Hovers over opponent while charging a massive fireball, and then fires a stream of flame at the opponent. Can be disrupted by attacking Feral Chaos before he finishes charging.


Chaos can equip Greatswords, Axes, Grappling Weapons, Gauntlets, Large Shields, Bracers, Helms, and Heavy Armor. He also has two sets of exclusive equipment.

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Aegis of Strife 1 DEF +21 N/A Trade: 16100 gil, Buckler, Discord's Hopes x1, Utter Chaos's Hopes x1
Talons of Despair 30 ATK +40 N/A Trade: 61000 gil, Broadsword, Scarletite x1, Utter Chaos's Desire x5
Calamitous Rage 30 BRV +167
DEF +2
N/A Trade: 30500 gil, Bronze Helm, Discord's Dream x5, Utter Chaos's Hopes x3
Deafening Fissure 30 HP +1882 N/A Trade: 45800 gil, Leather Armor, Discord's Desire x5, Discord's Dream x5
Endless Oblivion 100 ATK +67 Rise of Discord (1/4) Trade: 182,800 gil, Talons of Despair, Tome of Adventure x1, Utter Chaos's Hopes x5
Eternal Despair 100 DEF +73 Rise of Discord (1/4) Trade: 182,800 gil, Aegis of Strife, Tome of the Orator x3, Utter Chaos's Dream x5
Phantasmal Abyss 100 BRV +290
DEF +1
Rise of Discord (1/4) Trade: 91,400 gil, Calamitous Rage, Tome of Silence x3, Utter Chaos's Dream x5
Cycle's End 100 HP +2973 Rise of Discord (1/4) Trade: 137,100 gil, Deafening Fissure, Tome of Men x3, Utter Chaos's Desire x5