:"A young and charismatic woman who takes on appearance of a chocobo, Chocolina fights for her friends."

Chocolina is a mysterious young woman who travels the timeline aiding the travelers. She seems to have a close connections with chocobos as she always protects them when danger is upon them.


Chocolina in her default attire wears mostly red and orange including bra, panties, wing-styled sleeves, extensive tail, and chocobo-like hat, along with brown, leather boots.

Her manikin, Fleeting Chocoholic, is pink.



Chocolina is described as a Paradigm Choco-mazer, using her Paradigm Shift abilities from Final Fantasy XIII to shift between Ravager, Synergist, and Medic roles during battle by pressing R while holding L (Faster than the usual L and R). Each role has its own moveset, allowing Chocolina to change her fighting style. As a Ravager, Chocolina primaly casts spells, as a Synergist she bestows buffs on herself, and as a Medic she uses Cure spells to recover her Brave without attacking. Chocolina's attacks are mid- to long-ranged, but using her to her full potential requires mastery of all her roles and their unique abilities. The player also has the option to omit some of Chocolina's Paradigm roles by not equipping any moves for them—for example, if no attacks are equipped for the Medic Paradigm, Chocolina will skip it when switching Paradigms in battle and go from Synergist to Ravager. An upside is that her ground movement is fairly fast. As a downside, she is terrible in close combat and easy to stagger.


Bravery Attacks: RavagerEdit

Name Type Description
Aerora Ground Conjure a windwhirl chaining Bravery damage. [Wall Rush ↑]
Blizzara Ground Conjure an ice block chaining Bravery damage. [Wall Rush →]
Quakra Ground Conjure an earthquake chaining massive Bravery damage.
Thundara Aerial Cast several lightning bolts from Chocolina's hands dealing several Bravery attacks. [Wall Rush →]
Fira Aerial Conjure a fiery pillar from Chocolina's hands. [Wall Rush ↑]
Watera Aerial Conjure a heavy rain amassing Bravery damage.

Bravery Attacks: SynergistEdit

Name Type Description
Protect Ground Reduces Bravery damage received from HP attacks.
Haste Ground Raises movement speed and slightly boosts chances to evade enemy's attacks in Chase sequences.
Shell Ground Reduces Bravery damage received from Bravery attacks.
Faith Aerial Increases Bravery damage from Bravery attacks.
Vigilance Aerial Slightly boosts chances of not being interrupted by enemy's attack and slightly boosts chance of interrupting enemy's actions.
Bravery Aerial Increases Bravery damage from Bravery attacks.

Bravery Attacks: MedicEdit

Name Type Description
Curasa Ground Recovers large amounts of Bravery, but requires strict timing.
Cheer Ground Slightly charges Chocolina's Assist gauge.
Curaja Aerial Recovers large amounts of Bravery once while not being in range of enemy's attack. Otherwise, it recovers only a single point.
Pray Aerial Recovers small amounts of Bravery multiple times, but if interrupted during the attack, all recovered Bravery is lost.

HP AttacksEdit

Name Type Description
Choco-Fire Ground Send a series of fireballs chaining Bravery damage and finish the attack with a comet's fall. [Wall Rush ↓]
Choco-Rain Ground Conjure rain chaining Bravery damage and finish the attack with a waterball throw. [Wall Rush →]
Kweh Kweh Ground Deliver a series of kicks finishing the attack with upward kick. [Wall Rush ↑]
Choco-Meteo Aerial Conjure a series of meteors dealing small amounts of Bravery damage and finish the attack with a headbutt. [Wall Rush ↓]
Choco-Bolt Aerial Conjure lightning which amasses large amount of Bravery damage and finish the attack with an energy burst.
Choco-Flurry Aerial Send a series of snowballs chaining Bravery damage and finish the attack with an iceblock throw. [Wall Rush →]

EX ModeEdit

Name Type Description
Choco-Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during the EX Mode and each hit Chocolina takes from opponent's Bravery attacks recovers 1 HP per hit.
Choco-Help EX Ability Very slightly charges Chocolina's Assist gauge over time.
Choco-Courage EX Ability Boosts Bravery damage of all attacks.
Chocochick Assault EX Burst Chocolina summons seven chocochicks which attacks the enemy, then the flurry of kicks follow and she finishes the attack with a strike from her wings. Input Type: Multiple


Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Chocobo Pinion 30 HP +13
BRV +13
LUK +13
Magic Defense +50% Trade: 61,000 gil, Base Weapon, Scarletine, Chocoholic's Desire x5
Crystal Feather 90 HP +169
BRV +169
LUK +26
Wall Rush BRV Damage +50% Trade: 158,000 gil, Chocobo Wing, Electrum, Chocoholic's Dream x5
Chocobo Beak 100 HP +255
BRV +255
LUK + 39
Wall Rush HP Damage +25%
EX Intake Range +3m
Trade: 181,800 gil, Crystal Feather, Chick in an Afro, Chocoholic's Hopes x5


  • Main theme of her HP attacks is "Choco-" as when a chocobo appears in the series as an enemy, it has at least one attack with the prefix "Choco-" in it.
  • Two of her Paradigm roles are based on Sazh's.
  • Her Medic ability, Cheer, is an exclusive ability for "summons" from Final Fantasy XIII-2.
  • Crystal Feather refers to Sazh's Crystarium crystal from Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Chocolina's care about chocobos alludes to the fact that she is actually a chocobo and the bonus mission available through DLC in Final Fantasy XIII-2.


  • Although Chocolina Paradigm roles are based on Sazh's, she shares roles with Hope who is also a son but of another man.
  • Her Ravager ability, Quakra, appears only in Final Fantasy VII.