Cosmos is the 'Goddess of harmony' who opposes Chaos in the Dissidian Wars, summoning and recruiting various heroes and legends from different worlds to fight at her side. Her enemies on Chaos' side saw her as a 'Goddess of Death'

At first, Cosmos was loyal to the Great Will, serving her role faithfully without concern for her own safety or the fates of her warriors. While she was created in the image of Cid's wife, who was a strong and wilful woman, Cosmos was frail compared to her, which is why she was unable to subdue Chaos as her creators intended. Over time, the cycles of war and the perseverance and hope her summoned warriors held, began to influence her behaviour, and she questioned the plan she was playing a part in.

By the 12th cycle (Dissidia Duodecim), Cosmos had come to care for her warriors and acted to ensure their safety, choosing to enact a plan that freed them even knowing it would cost her life. She was particularly protective of the Warrior of Light, expelling her power at the end of the 12th cycle to save him from a Manikin army, and appearing to him in the 13th cycle worried about the gathering of enemies that lay ahead of him. Trusting in her warriors to be able to fight without her, Cosmos faced her death calmly when confronted by Chaos. At the start of the 13th cycle (Dissidia) when informed about her actions in the past cycle by Golbez, he told her he admired the resolve she had to sacrifice her life to save her warriors, and Cosmos mourned that it took her so many cycles to finally find the will to act against the Great Will as she had now chosen.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Cosmos appears as a human woman with long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wears a form-fitting full-length white dress with an ornate golden crest with blue stones around the waist. The design rises to her collar where it splits and goes around her neck as the clasp on her dress, then going down her back to loop around her waist back to the circular crest. She also wears bracelets, armlets, earrings and a tiara with the same design scheme. She carries a light yellow shawl around her arms, and wears a veil extending from her tiara with the same design scheme as her shawl.

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