Cosmos is the 'Goddess of Harmony' who opposed Chaos in the Dissidian Wars, summoning and recruiting various heroes and legends from different worlds to fight at her side. Her enemies on Chaos' side saw her as a 'Goddess of Death'

At first, Cosmos was loyal to the Great Will, serving her role faithfully without concern for her own safety or the fates of her warriors. While she was created in the image of Cid's wife, who was a strong and wilful woman, Cosmos was frail compared to her, which is why she was unable to subdue Chaos as her creators intended. Over time, the cycles of war and the perseverance and hope her summoned warriors held, began to influence her behaviour, and by the 12th cycle (Dissidia Duodecim), Cosmos had come to care for her warriors and acted to ensure their safety, choosing to enact a plan that freed them even knowing it would cost her life.

By the 17th Cycle when Chaos finally lost control and became Feral Chaos, Cosmos was forced to manifest with every last part of her energy, consuming even her precious warriors to gain enough energy to oppose him. This lead to her transformation into Seraph Cosmos.

Seraph Cosmos is Playable as a late game unlockable.


Seraph Cosmos

Cosmos appears as a human woman with long blonde hair and light blue eyes. She wears a form-fitting full-length white/gold dress with an ornate golden crest with blue stones around the waist. She also wears bracelets, armlets, earrings and a tiara with the same design scheme. She carries a light yellow shawl around her arms, and wears a veil extending from her tiara with the same design scheme as her shawl.

Her alternative costume colours her dress and veil in a light blue and adorns her with silver jewellery.

Her appearance as Seraph Cosmos has her sprout six fine white wings and gain a more golden glow (silver glow in her alternative costume)


In battle, Cosmos is described as The Master of Order, utilising defensive moves to block and avoid attacks. Unlike other defensive characters, Cosmos is very agile, allowing her additional skill in avoiding attack. Her own attacks however, while repelling, are slightly weaker than her fellow ultimate characters meaning that she cannot provide much of a threat unless she chains her guards.

Like Chaos, Cosmos has access to the unique summon Shinryu, which can be summoned multiple times in one battle and has varying effects. While she has no EX Mode, Cosmos can fill an EX Gauge to interchange with Seraph Cosmos

Seraph Cosmos is described as The Untouchable, both her offensive game is upped, with her strategy being to repel her opponent with forceful blasts, while attempting to block herself from her opponents’ attacks.

Seraph Cosmos is larger than Cosmos, making her easy to hit but she is also more evasive and faster to attack while also able to glide.

Cosmos/Seraph Cosmos is hindered by several disadvantages - similar to her counterparts Chaos/Feral Chaos, initially her Bravery constantly depletes, and EX Mode and Assist gauges rapidly empty. As she levels up she gains support abilities that negate these disadvantages. By filling an EX Gauge, they can interchange between each other. Because of this their EX gauge fills faster than normal characters

Innate Abilities - Cosmos

Name Type Description
Godly Defence Ability If Cosmos is successfully hit by an attack, that attack will no effect if used again until Cosmos is successfully hit by a different attack

Brave Attacks - Cosmos

Name Type Description
Holy Shield Ground/ Aerial Blocks almost any attack. Blocking Some HP attacks will cause her to stagger with the opponent. Can only be attacked from behind.
Harmony Ground/ Aerial Temporary shield that guards against most frontal brave attacks (chains to Harmony’s Origin if attacked straight after setting guard)
Chaos Reverse Ground/ Aerial Forms a blade-like Guard that is swung round and can reflect projectiles. Can initiate a chase if the reflected projectile hits its sender or the guard hits the opponent.
Light Fortress Ground/ Aerial Form a Guard that is effective against almost all attacks as long as O is held down. Cannot move while using this Guard.
Cosmo Cloud Ground/ Aerial Teleport in front of opponent in a large cloud before striking the opponent with a powerful bolt of energy, sending them flying. Can initiate a chase.

HP Attacks - Cosmos

Name Type Description
Nova Flare Ground/ Aerial Cosmos summons several orbs of light which home in on her opponent before combining and creating a massive explosion. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.
Ultima Shock Ground/ Aerial Scatters several waves of energy which spread and converges on her opponent throwing them a large distance and following up with an upward plume of Light knocking them to the ground. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.
Water of Life Ground/ Aerial Creates a wave of water that spreads and fades if it hits nothing, moves for a long distance and bounces off of walls and obstacles. Heals Cosmos for 10% of damage done to opponent.

Brave to HP Attacks - Cosmos

Name Type Description
Harmony's Origin Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Harmony) Rains a series of lightning bolts on the opponent before calling down a large bolt, stunning them and knocking them downwards if aerial. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.

------------Interchanges if EX Gauge is filled------------

Innate Abilities - Seraph Cosmos

Name Type Description
Godly Defence Ability If Cosmos is successfully hit by an attack, that attack will no effect if used again until Cosmos is successfully hit by a different attack
Glide Ability By holding X, Seraph Cosmos can glide.

Brave Attacks - Seraph Cosmos

Name Type Description
Divine Shield Ground/ Aerial Blocks all attacks and counters with Divine Light if attacked. Seraph Cosmos cannot move while using Divine Shield.
Light of Order Ground/ Aerial Fires a sweeping beam of light that deals low damage but stuns opponents and leaves them bound to one spot for a short period.
Shockwave Ground/ Aerial Moves towards opponent and unleash a circular shockwave of magical energy that spreads out and knocks opponents away.
Energy Wall Ground/ Aerial Creates a wall of energy that acts as both a shield and trap. If the opponent touches it, they receive Brave damage and they are knocked up into the air.
Compression Ground/ Aerial Rings of light converge on the opponent before sending them away.

HP Attacks - Seraph Cosmos

Name Type Description
Heaven's Call Ground Fires three upward blasts of light around Seraph Cosmos, which can throw any close-by opponents into the air. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.
Sun Burst Ground/ Aerial Seraph Cosmos makes Light rain down on her opponent dealing large amounts of damage and then finishing by creating a gigantic explosion with a large ball of searing light.
Tetra Flare Ground/ Aerial Fires four blasts of light, which all move randomly in different directions, if one hits an opponent they all merge together on the opponent, stunning them.
Divine Judgement Aerial Rains a pillar of light downwards from above the opponent. If opponent is aerial then they are pulled down with the beam. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.

Brave to HP Attacks - Seraph Cosmos

Name Type Description
Divine Light Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Divine Shield) Fires shield forwards as a wide forward blast of light towards the opponent.


Cosmos can equip Staves, Rods, Poles, Instruments, Books, Bangles, Bracers, Rings, Shields, Hats, Hairpins, Clothing and Robes. She has a set of her own exclusive equipment and can wear Female-Exclusive equipment.

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Bracelet of Peace 1 DEF +21 N/A Trade: 16100 gil, Silver Bangle, Pure Calm's Hopes x1, Harmony's Hopes x1
Staff of Hope 30 ATK +40 N/A Trade: 61000 gil, Staff of Healing, Scarletite x1, Harmony's Desire x5
Goddess' Tiara 30 BRV +167
DEF +2
N/A Trade: 30500 gil, Tiara, Pure Calm's Dream x5, Harmony's Hopes x3
Lady's Gown 30 HP +1882
DEF +2
N/A Trade: 45800 gil, Silk Robe, Pure Calm's Desire x5, Harmony's Dream x5
Endless Hope 100 ATK +67
DEF +2
Beginning of Order (1/4) Trade: 182,800 gil, Staff of Hope, Tome of Adventure x1, Pure Calm's Hopes x5
Eternal Peace 100 DEF +73 Beginning of Order  (1/4) Trade: 182,800 gil, Bracelet of Peace, Tome of the Orator x3, Pure Calm's Dream x5
Crown of Honour 100 BRV +290
DEF +2
Beginning of Order (1/4) Trade: 91,400 gil, Goddess' Tiara, Tome of Silence x3, Pure Calm's Dream x5
End to Chaos 100 HP +2973
DEF +2
Beginning of Order  (1/4) Trade: 137,100 gil, Lady's Gown, Tome of Men x3, Pure Calm's Desire x5

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