Crystals are important items in Dissidia, where they represent the power of Cosmos manifested into physical and tangible form. They originate from the Final Fantasy series, being highly revered artifacts that hold much importance to each installment.

Role in DissidiaEdit

There are ten Crystals, each one representing one of the first ten games of the series. Each Crystal is somehow reflective of its original game or its representative character, such as Cloud's Crystal being a piece of a Materia, Zidane's Crystal being the Crystal featured in Final Fantasy IX's logo, and Tidus's Crystal being a Sphere. These Crystals, later revealed to hold a tenth of Cosmos's power, had to be obtained by its respective Warrior of Cosmos by asserting their true desires to fight for what they believe in. To this end their respective enemies challenge their beliefs, wishing to speed along the manifestation of the Crystals as part of a plot to destroy Cosmos. When all ten Crystals have been recovered, the player can access the final stage and confront the final boss, Chaos. After he is defeated, the Warriors of Cosmos each depart back to their own world, taking their Crystal with them.

The Emperor is stated to possess several Dark Crystals as a result of Jecht, being a former Warrior of Cosmos, manifesting them but with their allegiance being to Chaos since he was brought to the side of discord. These Dark Crystals are not seen in-game, although it is known that with their power, The Emperor could survive the destruction of the World and rule it after the Gods killed each other.

The manikins that serve as the basic foes of Dissidia also appear to be living creatures made entirely of crystal.

Also, the Crystal from Final Fantasy V makes a cameo as a tutor from the in-game manuals.

Series' CrystalsEdit

Final FantasyEdit

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