"A man suffering from amnesia; he is a capable warrior, if not, a bit of a womanizer. His skills with a blade and magic compare to those of the great Ancients a thousand years before…" - Description

Desch is a supporting character originally from Final Fantasy III. Desch was an Ancient, born to Owen and another unknown woman a thousand years before the main events of the game. He was an accomplished scientist and worked with his father on several projects, notably on the Tower of Owen that kept the Floating Continent, created by Xande, stable. Desch is quite the womanizer, which often he is scolded for often. Desch is also rather friendly and rather laid back, only being serious when he truly must be. However, he does have a strong sense of finding and following out his destiny, as outlined by the Gulgan, and within the Dissidian Wars, he aims to find his destiny and fulfill it to return home again.

In the Dissidian Wars, Desch fights as one of Cosmos' Warriors. He travels with different Warriors in order to retrieve past memories, notably Onion Knight (whom he acts as an assist to at some points), who he remarks he's seen kids like him before.  


Desch's default appearance is based on his DS remake model. He has Caucasian skin, purple eyes, and long dark green hair tied back in a ponytail, a pointed strand of hair lying over his left eye, and another strand pointed up the way at the right side of his hair. Desch also wears yellow, crystal shaped earrings. He wears a purple coat that comes to his knees, and purple trousers to match, and short light purple boots. Over his right shoulder, Desch wears a mechanical, box looking shoulder armour, which is browned and lined with a blueish colour, with a blue orb at the front. Desch also wears white gloves.

  • Default Appearance (based on Remake Version)
  • First Alternative Outfit
  • Second Alternate Outfit

His first alternative outfit, Horned Hunter, is based on Yoshitaka Amano's alternate design on Desch. He retains his hair length, colour and skin, though wears completely different attire. He wears a horned shape head set, that is blue and yellow, with yellow and red beads and feathers along it, and red, yellow, and blue feathered earrings. He takes on a shoulder armour on his right shoulder, which is yellow and red and goes across his chest, and on his left shoulder is an orange strap. Desch is shirtless, but wears black pants with yellow boots with a blue fabric over the top of it, and red feathers at the side of it. He wears a yellow belt with a red orb on the front of it, and a dagger sheath is connected to, coloured orange and blue. He has a variety of straps and fabrics on his legs and arms, and also wears red fingerless gloves on his hands. A yellow and blue quiver, and a red bow, is also present on his back, though, unusable in battle.

His second alternative outfit, Faithful Guardian, is based on the NES portrait of Desch. It colours his ddefault appearance outfit as green, but with brownish linings around his coat, trousers and boots. His hair is coloured a dark orange/light brown colour.

DLC Outfit to be revealed...

Desch's manikin, Counterfeit Guardian, is purple.


Desch is a Conjurating Combatant meaning he is able to use both Black Magic and quick sword attacks.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Quick Slash Aerial

Attack an enemy with four quick slashes. Can wall rush when achieving critical damage.

Aero Aerial

Strikes opponents with a small whirlwind that speeds toward them.

Tough Tempest Ground

Initiates a spinning move, in which if the opponent is caught up in it, is hit five times in succession. Can cause tragic loss of Bravery.

Sword Sweep Ground

Desch attacks by dashing to the opponent with his sword, knocking them off their feet if they are hit. If Desch misses, he stumbles onto the ground.

HP Attacks 

Name Type Description
Thundara Ground

Strike an opponent with two lightning bolts, causing opponents to stumble.

Blade Rush Aerial

Dashes towards the enemy and initiates a stabbing move, before the opponent is thrusted backwards.

Fira Ground

Flames are cast along the ground and to the opponent.

Thrice the Score Aerial

Desch attacks three times, slashing one from the left, then the right, and finally from above on the opponent.

Side Sting Ground

Attacking from the side, Desch cuts at the opponent's side.

Firaga Ground

One large fireball and two smaller ones fire at the opponent from different angles, and causes Desch to be pushed back, and stumble slightly. If it hits, the opponent is knocked back, and a chase can be initiated.

EX Mode - Guardian's Destiny 

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability

Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.

Critical Boost EX Ability

Doubles critical hit rate during EX Mode.

Medusa's Glare EX Ability Using any bravery attack, there is more chance of critical hits and bravery breaks.
Glide EX Ability

Glides through the air by holding X.

Fired Fury EX Burst

Desch attacks with both Fire magic and sword attacks. Players must press the two correct buttons shown as they appear. Buttons will have a fading like around it that become faster the more attacks that are performed. As Desch attacks become faster, he goes from using weaker Fire magic and few slow sword slashes all the way up to Firaga and more, quick slashes, dealing bravery attacks on the way. If the player provides a perfect EX burst, the opponent is then caught up in high and fierce flames. If not, the opponent simply is knocked backwards. HP damage is done either way.


Desch can equip Swords, Greatswords, Katana, and Spears. Desch is also able to equip Bangles, Gauntlets, Helms, Ribbons, Clothing, Light Armour and Heavy Armour.

Exclusive Equipment Edit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Desch's Sword 30

ATK +37

Physical Damage + 15% Trade: 60,000 Gil, Serpent Sword, Mythril x1, Guardian's Desire x5
Bomb Arm 90

BRV +45

ATK +37

DEF -1

Magical Damage +30% Trade: 155,000 Gil, Desch's Sword x1, Adamanmite x1, Guardian's Dream x5
Wyrm's Boon 100

BRV +42

ATK +42

DEF +3

Magic Defense +30%

Defense +20%

Trade: 187,000 Gil, Bomb Arm x1, Mirror Shard x1, Guardian's Hope x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Mirror Shard

They say only Five of Pure Soul hold a piece of the mirror that holds the Curse of the Five Wyrms...


An orchestrated/upbeat version of Tower of Owen plays as Desch progresses through dungeons. 

Eternal Wind plays on the World Map for him also.