Encounters (Generic) Edit

Opponent level >10 lower than DeschEdit

Watch and learn!

Don't get your hopes up. 


One trouble after another, eh? 

Hey, maybe we can talk about this!

Opponent level >10 higher than DeschEdit

I like a challenge! 

Here goes nothing...

Desch has low healthEdit

Get it together!

I-I'm going to make it!

Opponent has low healthEdit

This isn't your lucky day, is it? 

I'll make it quick.


Good luck; you might just need it!
— when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle

Winning streak, here I come!
— when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle

We're going out of here with no regrets
— when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

May the best man win.
— when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

That light...where do I recognise it from?
— Warrior of Light

You want a good fight? I'm your man!
— Garland

Sometimes you just can't avoid fighting.
— Firion

I've never been much of a fan of dictators.
— The Emperor

You've got determination - let's put it to use.
— Onion Knight

Nuh uh, no Void for me!
— Cloud of Darkness

Fight for what's in your heart - not your head.
— Cecil

Whatever you do, don't lose your sense of justice.
— Kain

Who's side are you truly on?
— Golbez

Finally, someone who's easy going!
— Bartz

You gotta go live a little instead of obsessing about that Void...
— Exdeath

I'd be careful with those swords if I were you.
— Gilgamesh

We all have a path to follow - we just need to find it first.
— Terra

Destructive, wonder you're insane.
— Kefka

Guess that sword doesn't show off much of your ego...
— Cloud

Heh, I don't usually fight lovely ladies...
— Tifa

My mother's long gone; but you don't see me crying for her.
— Sephiroth

No need to get broody now.
— Squall

I prefer to fight up close and personal.
— Laguna

I won't waste your time.
— Ultimecia

Don't go running into things head first!
— Zidane

No one should even have that much ego.
— Kuja

I'll have to kick you down a knotch.
— Tidus

The myths are true - summoners are beautiful in their dance.
— Yuna

Let's see if you've still got it, old man.
— Jecht

I wouldn't mind you teaching me a lesson.
— Shantotto

You're fiery...I like that!
— Prishe

No whining now!
— Vaan

I don't need your judgement. 
— Gabranth

You gotta loosen up a little!
— Lightning

I'll end you, and your reign of terror!
— Chaos

We decide our destiny - not you!
— Feral Chaos

If you really insist on fighting...
— Cosmos

This is just one of the paths we have to take...
— Cosmos Warriors

And the war rages on.
— Chaos Warriors


Feel my steel!
— when using Quick Slash

Winds, carry my fury!
— when using Aero

This'll trip you up!
— when using Sword Sweep and connecting

— when using Sword Sweep and missing

Heaven's fury!
— when using Thundara

Take this!
— when using Blade Fury

Let's heat things up.
— when using Fira

Once...twice...thrice the score!
— when using Thrice the Score

Watch out; it stings.
— when using Side Sting

From the depths of the furnace!
— when using Firaga

This is my destiny.
— when activating EX Mode

Time to shake things up!
— when EX Burst begins

It's certainly steaming up in here.
— upon imperfect EX Burst execution

Man, I am on fire!
 upon perfect EX Burst execution 

Haha, oh, no, you don't!
— when activating EX Revenge

What do you need?
— when called as an Assist


That was nothing.
— Neutral

Bring on the rest of 'em!
— Neutral

Phew, that was a close one.
— Finish with low HP

I'm not biting the dust just yet. 
— Finish with low HP

They don't call me Guardian for nothing!
— when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

Wait, I won?
— when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

It was never really in doubt that I'd win.
— when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Good...but not good enough.
— when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Defeat Edit

I can't even protect myself...

One trouble...after another...

No! I can't stop now! 

— when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

I shouldn't have lost that...
— when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

I...underestimated this.
— when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

I...I'm no true Ancient.
— when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)