Welcome to the To-Do List! As the name suggests, this to-do list encompasses the entire wiki. Here, you can:

  1. Search for tasks to be done,
  2. Add a task that you think should be done

The wiki is a collaborative effort, and everyone can pitch in. However, if you think you can tackle certain tasks on your own, you can "claim" it by signing your name with four tildes (~~~~) under the task. This will help you to keep track of the task progress. Note that just because a task has been claimed doesn't mean that you can't contribute to it. If anything, this is a list of who best to talk to if you wish to discuss a particular task.

Incomplete tasksEdit


General Wiki-wide tasks:

  • Create Necessary explanatory Pages (link when done)
  • Create necessary Templates required for Wiki structure
  • Catagorise Pages where possible
  • Add Pictures to Pages
    • In Particular the Stages Pages
    • And if possible, perhaps pics of the alternate outfits on Moveset/Character Pages in gallery form

Completed tasksEdit

Completed tasks will be transferred here, and verified by an administrator. Comments will be added below and signed by the administrator in question.

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