Edgar amano artwork
Edgar Roni Figaro is originally one of the main protagonists from Final Fantasy VI. He is king of Figaro, and the eldest twin brother of Sabin Rene Figaro. He is a master machinist, coming up with extraordinary inventions, and oversees the mechanics of Figaro Castle (which is enabled to move under deserts), and is known among many of his subjects to be a womanizer, especially upon meeting Terra. However, he is an able king - he is cunning, strategic and tactful, and caring towards his subjects. He cares deeply for his twin, Sabin, but knows that his younger brother is very much able, as displayed in their storyline.

In the story of Final Fantasy VI, Edgar appears as an Imperial ally, but is also secretly allied with the Returners, an underground resistance group dedicated to taking down the Empire, his friend Locke acts as the go between Figaro and the Returners. Upon meeting Terra and hearing her story, he abandons his position as Imperial ally and works against the Empire with the Returners. 

In the Dissidian Wars, Edgar fights on the side of Cosmos. He is frequently seen to be flirting with both the woman on Cosmos and Chaos' side, often being deemed as a useless, love-stricken man. However, he very much is seen as a dark horse of the group, actually being quite useful in strategies used against Chaos, and is fully committed to his role as one of Cosmos' loyal Warriors (which he refers to quite often, especially in front of the goddess herself.) 


Edgar's appearance is based on Yoshitaka Amano's concept art of Edgar (as seen below) of him dressed in varying degrees of highly decorated blue armour, with a blue cape laced with the yellow tips.  His long blonde hair is tied back with blue ribbons, and at at the waist of his blue trousers, a colourful scarf-like belt can be found there. Edgar also wears white boots with yellow linings also, and a red gem at the top of them.

  • Default appearance, based on the original Amano artwork.
  • Edgar's first alternative outfit
  • Edgar's second alternative outfit

Edgar's first alternative outfit, Gerad, Not Edgar!, is a pallette swap of his original Amano artwork, in dark blue, brown and black, as well as a darker blonde hair colour, as well as a darker ribbon. 

Edgar's second alternative outfit, Boy King, is based on Soraya Saga's portrayal of a young Edgar and Sabin for the 10th Anniversary of Final Fantasy VI. Edgar wears two blue ribbons in his long hair, a long white shirt, and open brown vest with an orange neckcloth. He also wears light brown trousers, with brown shoes. 


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