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The Emperor was one of the villains fighting for the side of Chaos in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. He is a man capable of performing immensely powerful magic. With an iron fist, he will stop at nothing to achieve his objectives. As one of the higher-ranked villains, he plots with Ultimecia to take control of the world, rather than most of the other villains, who seek to destroy it. His desire to rule all in a war-torn world stands in opposition to his nemesis, Firion, and his dream of a world free of war and oppression.

While Firion was his nemesis in the original Dissidia, his main rival in the 012 storyline is Yuna, whom he blames and subsequently resents for stealing Tidus from Chaos's side, although he was able to recruit his father, Jecht, in his stead.


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  • EX Mode
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  • DLC EX Mode
The Emperor's outfit is based on his Amano artwork from Final Fantasy II, which also matches his ingame sprite. He wears gold and purple armor decorated with small spikes, purple and white stripes, and demonic faces including one on his back obscured by his hair. His gauntlets sport extended claws. On his head sits a purple crown with a snake head emerging from it, and he has a purple cape and long blond hair.

The Emperor's first alternate outfit "Silver Despot" is a palette swap based on an Amano art of the Final Fantasy II cast, coloring his armor white, black and purple.

The Emperor's second alternate outfit "Violet Robe" is based on his appearance in the Final Fantasy Origins FMV, giving him a primarily black robe with dark purple details, high shoulders, knee-high boots and a large purple sash around his waist. The Emperor's hair is styled differently, stylized to resemble a single larger pair of horns, and his hair is longer.

As a bonus downloadable outfit, "Emperor of Arubboth", the Emperor takes on the form of the Emperor of Heaven. The Emperor wears a pale yellow and gold robe with light purple linings that bares his upper torso and shoulders. He has a different hairstyle and several white wings. His eyes are also perpetually closed. In EX Mode, not becoming a demon like in the Emperor's other outfits, a golden crest extends from behind his shoulders as seen in his Emperor of Heaven sprite, even though his EX Mode is still called "The Power of Hellfire".

The Emperor's manikin version, Imitation Despot, is colored yellow with orange highlights.


The Emperor is described as a Trap Master, and his arsenal consists of various traps, such as exploding mines and crests of energy which can paralyze the opponent. Most of his attacks, including his Flare HP attacks, allow the Emperor to continue moving and attacking to pressure the opponent, or give him time to charge up his signature Starfall attack. As a downside, his victory largely depends on the terrain and plane - in smaller areas his traps are more difficult to avoid, but in larger areas he has more room to lay said traps and for his Flare spell to track enemies. Most of his Brave attacks can be blocked or dashed through, and some can be reflected to damage the Emperor. Of particular note is that if the opponent uses a guard-crushing attack to reflect the Emperor's Flare, it will begin to track the Emperor himself instead.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Landmine Ground Throw two mines onto the ground that explode on contact
Thunder Crest Ground Form a circle of energy on the ground that draws in opponents, damaging and stunning them over a period of time. Can absorb damage from opponents.
Bombard Ground Hits opponent with his staff, then blasts opponent with a land mine. Can be used to reflect attacks. Can initiate a chase
Light Crest Ground/ Aerial Conjure a field of magic that shoots projectiles when the opponent comes close. The projectiles can be reflected, and bounce off walls and barriers
Dynamite Ground/ Aerial Charges and fire an orb of orange energy that can stick to surfaces. Can trap and stun enemies for a period of time before exploding. This attack can be reflected, Can Wall Rush for additional damage while charging. Has a slight absorbing effect
Mine Aerial Throw two floating mines that explode on contact. The mines bounce off walls and barriers and therefore can be reflected It can be reflected if it moves Has a slight absorbing effect.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Flare Ground Fire a slow-moving sphere of blue fire that follows the enemy for a long time. Can be reflected.
Dreary Cell Ground Create a spark of light on the ground that expands into a crest of energy and surrounds opponent with exploding mines when they come close enough. Has an absorbing effect
Starfall Ground/ Aerial Summon a barrage of fireballs from above before a large meteor slams enemy, can bounce off walls when using this attack. Has a long charge time. Can absorb a small amount of HP from this attack.
Air Flare Aerial Fire a sphere of orange fire that hovers in place in the air.

EX Mode - Power of Hellfire

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Blood Magic EX Ability Any HP damage the Emperor inflicts on the opponent with his attacks (not traps) will be converted into HP for himself
Absolute Dominion EX Burst The Emperor conjures a powerful spell, and requires the player press a sequence of buttons as they light up, and will end in the ability Entice if executed perfectly. If not, he will end the Burst with the weaker attack, Cyclone


The Emperor can equip Swords, Daggers, Rods, Staves, Poles, Whips, Maces, Bangles, Rings, Hats, Hairpins, Headbands, Crowns, Clothing, and Robes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Diamond Mace 30 HP +376
BRV -84
ATK +40
DEF +2
EX Intake Range +1m Trade: 61000 gil, Wizard's Rod, Scarletite x1, Despot's Desire x5
Demon's Rod 90 HP +287
BRV -70
ATK +63
DEF +1
EX Intake Range +2m Trade: 158,000 gil, Diamond Mace, Electrum x1, Despot's Dream x5
Mateus's Malice 100 HP +327
BRV -80
ATK +68
DEF +1
EX Intake Range +3m
Slight Anti-EX Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Demon's Rod, Lust for Power x1, Despot's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Lust for Power Without conquering one's virtue and desires, thou shall fall into darkness.