Garnet Til Alexandros XVII character
"She refuses to let her kingdom down, even if Chaos incarnate stands in her way."

Garnet is a main protagonist of Final Fantasy IX. She is the princess and eventual queen of Alexandria who possesses the ability to summon powerful entities known as Eidolons. Garnet asks Zidane to kidnap her so she may discover the truth about her secretive mother, her inherent kingdom and her mysterious heritage.


Garnet's default appearance is her initial appearance from Final Fantasy IX. She possesses her long hair, orange jumpsuit, Falcon Claw and wields her Air Racket. In EX Mode Garnet enters Trance, dying her hair and clothes white and bathing herself in a white aura. She also equips her ultimate weapon, the Tiger Racket.

Her first alternate attire is the same exact appearance except that she has her shorter, shoulder-length hair.

Garnet's second alternate outfit is her Royal Gown as shown in the opening and ending FMV's. She wears a long, flowing white dress and ornate diamond tiara.

She also has two DLC costumes- her White Mage costume and her Child attire. Her White Mage costume has her appear as she did in the beginning of the game as she is attempting to flee from the castle. Her Child attire is her appearance from the opening FMV, dressing her in a cloak similar to Zidane's DLC costume and her child attire from her concept artwork underneath.

Her Manikin version, Capricious Canary, is indigo.


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Garnet is a Booster, combining her White Magic powers in conjunction with the power of the Eidolons and her proficiency with her various rackets. Each Eidolon Garnet summons has both a short and long animation, with the longer animations having more damage output than the shorter animations. Which animation is used is randomly determined, and the chance of a longer animation is significantly increased in EX Mode.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Curaga Ground Concentrates her magical energy to slowly restore a moderate percentage of brave points the longer the button is held down.
Whale Whisker Ground Causes a geyser of water to spring forth from underneath the feet of the enemy that pushes them away from the spring. Initiates Chase.
Cure Ground Concentrates her magical energy to slowly restore a small percentage of brave points the longer the button is held down.
Orichalcum Ground Unsheathes her concealed dagger and slashes six consecutive times with her dagger.
Aeroga Ground Surrounds herself in a vortex of wind that draws enemies into it and then sends them flying far away from her.
Protect Ground/ Aerial A golden aura surrounds Garnet for a short period of time. If any hit landed against her during this time period, she will retaliate by blasting a powerful burst of wind from her racket that has a high chance of causing Wall Rush.
Air Racket Aerial Delivers a straightforward blast of wind from her racket that pushes the enemy backwards a considerable distance while dealing a low amount of brave damage.
Multina Racket Aerial Fires a ball of light at the opponent that traps the enemy in an orb of light. If the button is pressed rhythmically after the first attack has connected, an extra three bullets can be fired.
Stardust Blast Aerial Launches a shooting star that moves slowly about the stage and ricochets off of any obstacle it comes in contact with. Remains on the stage for a long period of time.
Magic Racket Aerial Fires four consecutive magical bullets that all correspond to a specific element: a fireball, an ice javelin, a thunderbolt and a sphere of water.
Jewel Aerial Uses a jewel to summon a random Eidolon that performs the short version of their summon attack (causes brave damage instead of HP damage).

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Summon: Ifrit Ground
  • Short: Ifrit uses Meteor Strike to launch a fiery orb of energy at the opponent.
  • Long: Ifrit uses Hellfire to lift a large chunk of earth beneath him and throw it at the enemy.
Summon: Odin Ground
  • Short: Odin uses Odin's Sword to send his Zantetsuken blade hurdling to the ground below.
  • Long: Odin uses Zantetsuken and rushes forward on his steed, Sleipner, while slashing with his gigantic blade.
Summon: Leviathan Ground
  • Short: Leviathan uses Grand Fall and plunges into the earth, creating a whirlpool on the ground.
  • Long: Leviathan uses Tsunami to create an enlarged tidal wave that travels slowly across the stage.
Summon: Ark Ground
  • Short: Ark uses Photon to trap the enemy in an orb of light before swallowing them in a vortex of wind.
  • Long: Ark uses Dark Decree and flies straight forward while firing orbs of light from his cannons.
Summon: Shiva Aerial
  • Short: Shiva uses Heavenly Strike to send a chunk of ice straight ahead.
  • Long: Shiva uses Diamond Dust to fire a beam of icy energy at the enemy.
Summon: Ramuh Aerial
  • Short: Ramuh uses Thunderstorm to conjure a field of lightning bolts around the enemy.
  • Long: Ramuh uses Judgment Bolt and throws her staff at the enemy that, upon connecting with the enemy, explodes in a burst of electrical energy.
Summon: Atomos Aerial
  • Short: Atomos uses Dark Matter to create a gravitational orb that travels slowly around the stage and draws opponents into it.
  • Long: Atomos uses "G-Force 999" to suck opponents into its mouth and chew several times before spitting them back out.
Summon: Bahamut Aerial
  • Short: Bahamut uses Impulse to fire four orbs of darkness that home in on the enemy.
  • Long: Bahamut uses Mega Flare to fire a beam of energy that draws opponents inward.

EX Mode - Trance

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Concentrate EX Ability If an attack is guarded, can immediately counter with a random summon by pressing [Square]
Boost EX Ability Raises the chances of getting the Long version of an Eidolon's attack
Summon: Alexander EX Burst Garnet attempts to summon Alexander but Bahamut begins to fight for dominance. During their struggle, the O button must be pressed rapidly so that Alexander wins the battle and attacks the enemy.
  • Success: Alexander wins and unleashes his ultimate attack, Divine Judgment, on the opponent
  • Failure:Bahamut wins the battle and uses Mega Flare on the opponent.


Garnet can equip Rods, Poles, Daggers, Hairpins, Hats, Ribbons, Clothing, Robes and Female Exclusive Equipment.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Weapon1 30 Stat1
Effect. Trade: 61000 gil, Base Weapon, Scarletite x1, Canary's Desire x5
Weapon2 90 Stat1
Effect Trade: 158,000 gil, Weapon1, Electrum x1, Canary's Dream x5
Weapon3 100 Stat1
Trade: 182,800 gil, Weapon2, Item x1, Canary's Hopes x5