Encounters (Generic) Edit

Opponent level >10 lower than GolbezEdit

I praise your courage, at least.

Bold actions come at a high price.


It would be foolish of me to lose.

Time to fight.

Come at me with all your might!

Opponent level >10 higher than GolbezEdit

I shall not hold back myself!

What a troublesome foe...

Golbez has low HealthEdit

I will not fall now.

I have work to do.

Opponent has low healthEdit

Face me anytime!

I shall play with you


Must I show you?
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle

I hunger for more...
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle

Is this... also destiny?
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

I am your last obstacle!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

May your light uphold harmony.
Warrior of Light

Have you drowned in the battle and forgotten your will?

Overcome your obstacles, grasp your dream.

So you seek to reign without loyalty...
The Emperor

Compensate for your innocence with courage!
Onion Knight

Do you herald a storm?
Cloud of Darkness

There are greater callings than justice.

Show me your true resolve!

Can I overcome my misdeeds?

Continue your journey against any wind.

One can want, but never obtain the Void.

Let me show you strength that rivals one of a warrior!

Turn from destroyer to angel of hope!

Destruction will be your downfall.

You should have found your answer by now.

See your volition through!

What did you gain from discarding your honor?

The lion claws its way back from the depths.

Hmph, a lovable fool.

You are the one enslaved to time.

You should reflect at times.

Are not your songs mere pleasantry?

Is his shadow all you see?

If your mind is set, then see it through.

My, such an intrepid fellow.

Arrogance breeds negligence.

You maintain such spirit in this crisis

The heavens may not be so free.

What have you gained from such malice?

Lay the foundation for your future.

I did not foresee fighting you.

I shall atone for your hatred.
Feral Chaos

I'm am truly sorry but I must...

Is this truly necessary?
Cosmos Warriors

Let me question your resolve
Chaos Warriors


Let us start... No mercy.
when using Rising Wave

Let us start.
when using Attack System or using HP attack during chase

No escape!... Allow me to give you something.
when using Gravity Force

Come...A gift.
when using Float System

Careless!... A gift.
when using Gravity System

Endure this!
when using Nightglow

Time to part... Farewell.
when using Genesis Rock

Launch, activate! Shudder!
when using Sector Ray

I'll erase you!
when using Cosmic Ray

Can you keep up?
when using Cosmic Ray (charged)

Creature of shadow!
when activating EX Mode

Fight in earnest.
when using Black Fang

Guide my inner shadow... Light and dark above...
when EX Burst begins

I tire of this.
when imperfect EX Burst is performed

Transcend the stars!
with perfect EX Burst execution

Very well.
with alternate EX Burst execution

enemy survives after using EX Burst

when activating EX Revenge

when used as Assist

Victory Edit

You're still too naive.

This is the difference between us.

Unfortunately for you, I lack restraint.
Finish with low HP

That was not a bad fight.
Finish with low HP

This, too, is fate.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

There will always be somebody better than you.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

You are an amateur for letting your guard down.
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

It is far too early to fall.
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Defeat Edit

That was a splendid fight.

I let a victory slip out of my grasp.

Show me no mercy...

To be suppressed... Pitiful.
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Is my struggle in vain?
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

'Tis the fate of the feeble.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

I lost as to be expected.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

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