Good King Moogle Mog XII
Good King Moggle Mog is a boss from the original Final Fantasy XIV, he fights with a band of servants that each represent a job class. Being a superboss in Dissidia, he possesses a huge amount of hit points, but can be severely weakened in terms of power by defeating his lackeys. They will appear over time as he loses health, and they have their own sets of attacks.


In battle, Moggle Mog will sit at the center of the stage and not take much action. As he loses health he will summon more allies, once they are defeated he gains variations of their moves and begins taking on the player more directly in combat. Unlike some other superbosses, Moggle Mog carries a relatively large skillset, which is also used by his minions.

All attacks will Wall Rush, with the exception of Furryfoot's Cure IV.

HP 80,000
Level 101+

Inherent Abilities

Name Description
Legion of Moogles Each moogle that Moggle Mog summons has 10% of his HP, and attacks independently from Moggle Mog.
Osmosis Whenever a moogle dies, Moggle Mog gains a supercharged version of their skill.
Whiskerwall Kupdi Koop At the beginning of the battle, this moogle will appear. He will use a diving attack. He reappears at 35% HP if killed beforehand.
Pukla Puki the Pomburner Appears at 90% HP and reappears at 30% HP if killed beforehand, she uses a delayed explosion ability that deals heavy damage.
Pukna Pako the Tailturner Appears at 80% HP and reappears at 25% HP if killed beforehand, uses a hit-and-run attack.
Furryfoot Kupli Kipp Appears at 70% HP and reappears at 20% HP if killed beforehand, uses a healing move that restores Moggle Mog's HP and Bravery.
Puksi Piko the Shaggysong Appears at 60% HP and reappears at 15% HP if killed beforehand, uses a constant bardsong ability that increases the potency and speed of his allies' attacks, and also an attack that creates a sort of bomb.
Woolywart Kupqi Kogi Appears at 50% HP and reappears at 10% HP if killed beforehand, uses a strong bow attack.
Ruffletuft Kuppa Kapa Appears at 40% HP and reappears at 5% HP if killed beforehand, uses a strong chaining bomb attack.

Bravery Attacks

Name Range Damage Type Description
Whiskerwall's Mogdive Dive Physical Moogle: Flies above the opponent and descends quickly.

King: Ascends to the top of the stage and crashes down.

Moogle Reappearance: Also strikes again from behind.

Pomburner's Pom Flare Close Magical Moogle: After a long charge, releases a powerful burst of energy centred around itself.

King: Same as the moogle's except he travels to the centre of the stage and the blast radius is much larger.

Moogle Reappearance: Creates a pull field that draws in the opponent slightly while charging.

Tailturner's Mognesia Mid Physical Moogle: Flies to the player and stabs them, draining Bravery, before flying away very quickly.

King: Moves towards the player and attempts to bash them with his rod, again draining Bravery.

Moogle Reappearance: Stab stuns the opponent for a short time.

Furryfoot's Cure IV N/A N/A Moogle: After a charging delay (which can be interrupted with damage), restores Moggle Mog's Bravery and HP without attacking.

King: Heals himself for a much larger amount than Kupli Kipp.

Moogle Reappearance: Her mere presence gives an HP regeneration effect to all Moogles and herself.

Shaggysong's Maximoogle Long Magical/N/A Moogle: Begins chanting, as he is channelling another active moogle will grow to twice their size and become invulnerable to all attacks. The moogle will then begin moving towards the player. Dealing a high amount of bravery damage when they reach the player. The effect is disabled if Puksi Piko takes HP damage.

King: Has a much shorter duration (5 seconds), but he moves much quicker, and is much larger.

Moogle Reappearance: Puksi Piko also provides an aura that increases the damage and healing of the King and all Moogle allies.

Woolywart's Moogle Eye Shot Long Magical Moogle: Aims and then fires a fast-moving arrow. It deals high damage on hit. With the recoil it blasts Kupqu Kogi backwards, possibly Wall Rushing himself and taking damage.

King: Fires a magical wave from his rod instead of an arrow, it is much wider but deals the same damage, he has no recoil.

Moogle Reappearance: Instead of having one arrow with a large recoil, he fires a smaller barrage more frequently that deals the same damage in total.

Ruffletuft's Moogle-Go-Round Mid/Dive Physical Moogle: Flies around above the player in circles, dropping ten bombs on them in succession.

King: Throws the bombs on an arcing angle towards the opponent instead, though they are much larger.

Moogle Reappearance: Attempts to always maintain a position of being above the player, meaning that he can only be hit if the player ascends to the very top of the stage.

HP Attacks

Name Range Damage Type Description
Whisker Bash Mid None Moggle Mog's whiskers grow to a ridiculous size, then swipe twice at the opponent. Steals 5% of HP damage done. This attack is available to the king initially as Kupdi Koop appears at the start.
Break Long None Four rocks appear around the player and float there for a second, then smash into the player in succession. This attack is available to Moggle Mog as soon as Pukna Pako appears.
Defend your King! Close~Long None Moggle Mog begins throwing a temper tantrum, any moogles present will then fly to the player and attempt to hit them with their weapon (not their skill). Moggle Mog will then fly to them and swipe the player with his rod.
Annhilate my Foes! Close~Long None Every moogle present instantly uses their attack, provided they have not just done so or are currently in the process, then Moggle Mog flies to them and swipes the player with his rod.

Memento Moogle

[EX Burst]

Extreme Magical Moggle Mog flies to the center of the stage, and then begins charging, every moogle present flies to him and begins floating around him. They then launch an unavoidable magical attack on the player that deals bravery damage in proportion to how many moogles are present (1111 per moogle). Then deals HP Damage.


During the fight with Good King Moggle Mog XII, his eponymous theme from Final Fantasy XIV will play.

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