Anime Concept Jade

Jade Curtiss is a crossover character from the Namco Tales' series installment, Tales of the Abyss.

A doctor, a forensic inspector, a fonist, a colonel, a child prodigy, a genius... There are many things this snide and cool calculating man of many talents is renowned, praised, and even feared for.

A colonel of much reputation in the ranks of the Malkuth Army, Jade is a man whose past ties in with much of the events and recent history of Auldrant. Learning of the appearance of Luke Fon Fabre, a heir of aristocracy to the enemy nation of Baticul in his nation, Jade comes to capture the young man for talks of peace, but fate soon drags him into his ward's adventure... And to one where his own past will catch up to him again.

Crystal and AttireEdit


Jade is a High Tactics Fonist, casting spells that create various phenomena and have their own specified ranges of manifestation that can be placed and activated to engage in high pressure mind games to corner and trap the opponent. His difference between the Emperor is that his spells primarily act like obstacles and live action hazards when activated, catching the opponent by surprise and can remain active for a brief but notable period of time, and getting caught in these spells inflict damage as long as they exist. In addition to his spells, Jade also has the advantage of close range combat, allowing the player to get Jade close in for a plethora of tactical approaches.

Jade, however, suffers as a glass cannon; while his Physical and Magical attack are top notch and are something to be reckoned with, his defense is the ultimate price to pay for such power. His spells are also weighed with the need to prepare to cast them; more powerful spells demand a longer casting time, and the foresight of strategy to pull off chains in a variety of situations and fields of expertise of the use of these spells is a must. Versatility and the ability to be expansive is also a large demand for those who wish to use Jade at his fullest potential, and as such, he is recommended for expert players.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Description
Energy Blast Ground/Aerial Short Creates a small burst of fonons.
Stalagmite Ground/Aerial Short Unleashes a stalagmite underneath the opponent. Works only by being summoned out of the ground. Player can move where the stalagmite will manifest.
Turbulence Ground/Aerial Mid Creates a devastating whirlwind cage. Player can move where the whirlwind cage may manifest.
Splash Ground/Aerial Mid Summons surging waterfalls of raging water. Player can position its altitude and size. The higher the waterfall is from the ground, the more hits it will garner, but the wider it is, the shorter it will last.
Flame Burst Ground/Aerial Mid Unleashes wisps of flame that soon gather and intensify into a blaze.
Ground Dasher Ground/Aerial Mid Creates a massive earthquake field.
Thunder Blade Ground/Aerial Long Summons a large bolt of lightning which explodes on impact.
Blessed Drops Ground/Aerial Mid Creates a gushing spring that sends out a torrential wave of high pressurized bubbles that float around the battlefield.
Infernal Prison Ground/Aerial Mid A hellish pyre creates a column of fire into the sky, before concentrating into a beam of intense flame.

Concurrence Attacks

Name Spell Formula Range Description
Icicle Rain Cast Splash during an earth spell Channels water into sharp icicles that shower onto the opponent.
Eruption Cast Stalagmite during a fire spell Unleashes a volcano that spits out searing hot lava.
Flare Tornado Cast Turbulence during a fire spell Creates a dazzling firestorm cyclone from a mere pyre and an upwards draft.
Explosion Cast Flame Burst during a wind spell Controlled atmospheric pressure channels a wisp of flame into an unsuspecting bomb.
Frigid Coffin Cast Ground Dasher during a water spell Moisture from the air is immediately sucked to the ground by intense cooling, trapping victims in a glacier of frost.
Divine Saber Cast Blessed Drops during a wind spell Fierce blasts of water become charged with celestial electricity.
Gravity Well Cast Thunder Blade during an earth spell A well of ultra dense gravity falls unto the earth.
Raging Mist Cast Infernal Prison during a water spell A column of scathing steam manifests upon the mixture of intense flame and rushing water.

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Description
Absolute Ground Mid
Prism Sword Ground/Aerial Mid
Meteor Storm Ground Mid

EX Mode

Name Type Description
Full Fon Slot Activation! EX Mode Title
Mystic Arte: Might of the Necromancer EX Burst

The player must command Jade to recite a certain speech to enact his Mystic Artes.

Oh Astonishing melody, arise in the name of the Necromancer!, will result in the basic EX Burst, Mystic Cage.

I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, commands thee! Who opens the gates of hell, come forth divine lightning! This ends now!!, will result in the advanced EX Burst, Indignation.

Oh Astonishing Melody, I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, commands thee! Who opens the gates of hell, arise in the name of the Necromancer! Come forth divine lightning! This ends now!, results in the best EX Burst, Divine Wrath Judgment Prison: Indignation.

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