Kuja is one of the villains fighting for the side of Chaos in Dissidia Final Fantasy and Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. With porcelain skin and long, silver hair, he has an elegant appearance. However, this beauty is strictly external -- Kuja is cruel, assertive, narcissistic, and extremely envious of his rival, Zidane.

He fights using graceful spells that are as much style as substance. Due to his relative youth and inexperience, the other villains look down on Kuja, but he considers them animals and strives to prove himself their superior. Unable to understand the bond Zidane shares with Squall and Bartz, he lays traps to test Zidane's resolve and separate him from his friends.


  • Normal
  • Alt 1
  • Alt 2
  • DLC
  • EX Mode
  • Alt 1 EX Mode
  • Alt 2 EX Mode
  • DLC EX Mode
Kuja's appearance is identical to his original design in Final Fantasy IX, simply more refined. Kuja wears a deep purple jacket held closed by a silver band, with white sleeves and gold lining. His legs are covered in the back by a white skirt-like piece held in place by four straps connected to a codpiece. From the thighs down, Kuja wears purple leggings and pointed boots. His hair is more silver than lavender as it was in Final Fantasy IX, and retains the feather. In an appearance feature unique to Dissidia, Kuja is surrounded by five orbs of energy. The orbs orbit him in formation as he moves and are enchanted with Holy and Flare magic to be used to attack with, but do not appear in most cutscenes.

Kuja's first alternate outfit, "Lapis Bolero," has more bluish tones, matching his original concept artwork by Yoshitaka Amano, while his EX Mode form is purple instead of red.

Kuja's second alternate outfit, "Achromatic Bolero," is meant to invoke the imagery of an "Angel of Death," Kuja's title. Kuja's outfit and hair are colored black and white with various gradients. His EX Mode form in this outfit is dark gray.

Kuja's third alternate outfit, the "Treno Nobleman" DLC, is an original character design by Hideo Minaba, Final Fantasy IX's art director and the original character designer for both Kuja and Zidane. The costume is intended to envision Kuja as he would have appeared during his time as a wealthy citizen of Treno. His hair is purple with hints of white and topped by a large, black tricornered hat. He wears an elaborate outfit consisting of a lacy cropped top with frilled sleeves, a gold bolero jacket with buckled sleeves and a black collar, and leggings in purple, white, and mauve tones. The piece covering his legs is gold and splits in the back like the tails of a tuxedo jacket. He wears pointed-toe gold shoes. Kuja's EX Mode form in this outfit is primarily gold with light purple fur on his arms and legs.

Kuja's manikin version, Capricious Reaper, is purple.


Kuja is described as a Graceful Glider. He is the only original character able to glide through the air outside of EX Mode, and can attack while moving. This is crucial to Kuja's Bravery attacks, which consist of two-part attacks where the second part of the effect changes depending on his distance from the opponent, and the power according the nature of the first attack. This gives Kuja a great deal of versatility when attacking. The start-up of his Bravery attacks are also varied between close and long-range techniques. His HP attacks stun the opponent, dealing Bravery damage before damaging their HP. As a downside, Kuja's attacks are mostly mid-ranged and he does not do as much damage as melee fighters. His Bravery attacks are also easy to block.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Glide Ability Glides through the Air by holding X

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Strike Energy Ground/ Aerial Quickly slings five holy orbs at the opponent, then follows up with one of two moves. If close to the opponent, then Kuja rises and strikes multiple times with the orbs. Otherwise, Kuja knocks the opponent around with three flare explosions. Wall Rush for extra damage and starts a chase if hit from close up.
Snatch Shot Ground/ Aerial Sends two fireballs at the opponent. If close to the opponent after at least one fireball hits, then Kuja rises and strikes multiple times with holy orbs. Otherwise, Kuja knocks the opponent around with three flare explosions. Can Wall Rush for additional damage starts a chase if hit from close up.
Burst Energy Ground/ Aerial Summons a quick flare explosion right in front of Kuja, then follows up with a barrage of holy orbs from a distance or a large flare sphere that damages the enemy on contact for a bit before it explodes. Initiates a chase if hit from afar.
Ring Holy Ground/ Aerial Fires three rings of light at the opponent that slightly home in on them.
Snatch Blow Ground/ Aerial Fires five holy orbs to strike opponents from a distance and reel them in, following up with a barrage of holy orbs from a distance or a large flare sphere that damages the enemy on contact for a bit before it explodes, can Wall Rush for additional damage and starts a chase if hit from afar.
Remote Flare Ground/ Aerial Surrounds the opponent with five exploding flares. Can Wall Rush when attacking for more damage and has a slight absorbing effect.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Seraphic Star Ground/ Aerial Throw an orb of magic that hits multiple times and explodes. Has a slight absorbing effect.
Flare Star Ground/ Aerial Summon five fireballs that travel up and slam down around opponent. Can Wall rush when attacking for extra damage
Ultima Ground/ Aerial Conjure a barrage of magical orbs to fall on opponent
Force Symphony Aerial Conjure a ring of holy energy to fire up to six large flare orbs downwards. Kuja can move while using the attack.

EX Mode - Trance!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Hyper Glide EX Ability Increases altitude maintainance while gliding allowing more aerial time and slower falling.
Auto Magic EX Ability Enables Kuja to automatically fire Holy orbs when gliding/falling, and Flare orbs when jumping/landing. The orbs stagger the opponent when blocked
Final Requiem EX Burst A fury of repeated Flare Star attacks is cast as Kuja conducts. The player is required to rapidly press O to successfully chain them together, finishing with a Holy spell, which then leads into an Ultima spell if correctly chained.


Kuja can equip Daggers, Rods, Staves, Poles, Bangles, Rings, Hats, Hairpins, Headbands, Clothing, Robes, and Chestplates.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Punisher 30 HP +376
BRV -84
ATK +40
DEF +2
EX Force Absorption +3% Trade: 61000 gil, Wizard's Rod, Scarletite x1, Reaper's Desire x5
Whale Whisker 90 HP +287
BRV -70
ATK +63
DEF +1
EX Force Absorption +5% Trade: 158,000 gil, Punisher, Electrum x1, Reaper's Dream x5
Terra's Legacy 100 HP +327
BRV -80
ATK +68
DEF +1
EX Force Absorption +10%
Back to the Wall Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Whale Whisker, God of Destruction x1, Reaper's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
God of Destruction Everything must disappear to truly forget the truth. To do that, the world must disappear as well.