“Vat's vrong? Never seen anyone rise from the dead before?”


Larkeicus is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time and the Chaos representative of the game in the Dissidian Wars.

He has a speech impediment which causes his "w's" to be pronounced as "'v's", and having a German accent in cutscenes.

In Echoes of Time, he is an elderly Clavat and scholar who lives in The Town. He is friendly to the player at the beginning of the game, and helps them cure Eryll's crystal sickness. Eventually he figures out that they are the "cause" of the old civilization falling and attempts to destroy them. He ends up bringing about his own demise by building The Tower to reach the area where the cause will, according to the prophecy, remove crystals from existence. Then Sherlotta makes him realize that "how could something happen this high in the sky without this tower?" At the end of the game, him and Sherlotta go back to their own time, two-thousand years ago.


Larkeicus' default appearance is in the image shown above, his EX mode is in his penultimate fight in Echoes of Time, giving him red scars across his body and two large, crystallized claws in place of his hands.

Alt 1 = ???

Alt 2 = ???

DLC Costume = ???

His Manikin, Dauntless Scholar, is silver and white.


In battle, Larkeicus is described as a Golemechanizer, he summons the golems from Echoes of Time to fight the foe while he casts powerful magic.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Beschwören Dreist Konstrukt Ground Close Physical Summons three red golems that start slowly moving towards the opponent, when they get close they will start ticking, then pause to explode, if it connects it deals heavy bravery damage. Chase
Beschwören Sense-Konstrukt Ground Mid Physical Summons three green golems that sprint towards the enemy, they then fire their axe-hands at the opponent, attempting bravery damage. Wall Rush
Beschwören Mystischen Konstrukt Ground Long Magical Summons three purple golems that, when they get close enough, create one magic ring each that move towards the opponent, when they get close enough they flash for a second then use an attack of either Fire, Ice, or Lightning elements, although the element is purely cosmetic. Magic Block
Biologischen Ring Aerial Long/ Extreme Magical Larkeicus kneels to the ground and creates a ring of magic that moves towards the enemy relatively slowly, upon releasing the button it creates a burst of poisonous energy, draining bravery from the enemy. N/A
Beben Ring Aerial Long/ Extreme Magical Larkeicus kneels to the ground and creates a ring of magic that moves towards the enemy relatively slowly, upon releasing the button it creates a burst of stalagmites that stick out in all directions, dealing damage to the opponent and sending them flying upwards. Guard Break, Chase

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Schatten Gestirn Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Larkeicus extends his arm, firing a ball of dark energy that flies towards the enemy, it has weak homing, and bursts when it contacts a surface, or the enemy. Wall Rush
Flamme Schuss Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Larkeicus extends his arm, sending a wave of flames out, they burn any surfaces they touch, causing brave damage to anyone who walks in them. N/A
Blitz Bolzen Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Larkeicus extends his arm, sending a bolt of lightning out. It blasts the opponent away on an incredible distance if it connects. Wall Rush
Druckwelle Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Larkeicus lurches backwards with his arms outstrecthed, releasing a burst of blue electrical energy, it knocks away any thing it hits, including the enemy. Magic Block, Wall Rush

EX Mode - 

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Glide EX Ability Hold while in the air to glide through the air with the power of crystals.
Deathgaze EX Ability (Hold R + Square) Larkeicus glows white, then, after a considerably long charge time, creates a pentagram of lightning around the opponent, which then shrinks and crushes them, instantly emptying their EX Gauge, or, if they are in EX Mode, ends it.
Eradicate the Cause! EX Burst

Rotate the left joystick counter-clockwise to charge the tome!

Larkeicus blasts the enemy with magic, sending them crashing into the EX Area. He then snickers and opens his tome, flipping the pages with magic by waving his hand. Then he stops and points at a line in the book. He then raises his hand and chants powerful magic, creating thousands of golems which rush into the opponent and explode, the input appears as this happens. On a perfect execution, he raises his hand and uses Tower Creation, The Tower is created below him, raising him up into the air, and then The Bridge is created, slamming the opponent away, ending the EX Burst.

On an imperfect execution, Larkeicus uses Ultiga Crystals, causing thousands of crystal shards to appear, Larkeicus then absorbs them both and runs to the opponent, striking them three times and then slashing them once more, ending the EX Burst.


Larkeicus can equip Books, Swords, Rods, Grappling, Parrying, Bangles, Hats, Clothing and Robes

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Golem Axe 30 ATK +17
BRV -58
DEF +32
Damage +3% Trade: 61,000 gil, Serpent Sword, Scarletite x1, Scholar's Desire x5
Veriaulde's Spirit 90 ATK +36
BRV -80
DEF +61
Damage +5% Trade: 158,000 gil, Golem Axe, Electrum x1, Scholar's Dream x5
Septentrio Blade 100

ATK +48
BRV -136
DEF +70

Damage +7%
Slight Back to the Wall effect.
Trade: 182,800 gil, Veriaulde's Spirit,  x1, Scholarl's Hopes x5


When Larkeicus is fought, Last Battle plays.


  • Larkeicus' Deathgaze attack is a reference to when his partner, Veriaulde, turns into the Deathgaze boss when he is exposed to the player's shard of the Crystal Core.
  • Larkeicus' ultimate weapon and his ability to equip swords is a reference to swords being the main weapon of Clavats in Echoes of Time.
  • The attack Druckwelle is another reference to Deathgaze, it translates to Shockwave, which is one of Deathgaze's attacks.

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