Leblanc is a rival Sphere hunter to Yuna during the events of Final Fantasy X-2 who uses her underlings to assist in searching and taking out the opposition.

During the events of the Dissidian War Cycles she allied herself on both sides, choosing to change whenever she felt that she was no longer on the winning side. It is unclear who 'removed' her permenantly...


Leblanc's outfit is identical to her FF10-2 appearance - She wears a mainly pink dress and its shades. The most characteristic part of her clothing is her half-naked chest which shows partially her breasts and red heart with empty spots, her group's symbol, above them. She wields a red-and-silver fan in her right hand. In EX Mode Leblanc is surrounded by levitating cards.

Her first alternative outfit 'Lackey's Choice' colours her clothing and fan blue and purple respectively (reflecting her lackeys - Logos and Ormi - colours).

Her second alternative oufit 'Rich Winner' is based on one of her conceptional artworks where she is shown wearing less revealing clothing in the form of a slim pink gown and fur ruff with a black fan.

Her DLC outfit, depicts her in a Fem-Goon (one of her underlings) outfit - a dark pink bodysuit with heartshaped mask. Her fan is also heart-shaped

Her Manikin Ephemeral Gambleress is Dark Orange


Leblanc is a Lucky Lady who fights using skills based on luck and her lackeys. All her Brave attacks are basic attacks with random additional follow ups like additional attacks or special effects. This makes her fairly unpredictable for opponents but also for the player, meaning that her tactics can prove to be either a disastrous or brilliant outcome. Her speed and strength are also fairly above average.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Attack Reels Ground/ Aerial Leblanc charges at opponent and strikes at them with fan repeatedly and then finishing with a random attack
  • 1. Chains to Ultima (10%)
  • 2. Delay Buster – strong damage + stuns opponent (20%)
  • 3. Big Slap – an upwards hit that can initiate a chase (40%)
  • 4. Eject – deals damage and knock opponent away (20%)
  • 5. No additional Attack (10%)
Effect Reels Ground/ Aerial Slaps her opponent and grabs them before continuing with a random effect.
  • 1. Poisons opponent so that their brave slowly decreases for 15 seconds (10%)
  • 2. Stuns opponent momentarily. Preventing them from doing anything (20%)
  • 3. Sends opponent flying or crashing downward if aerial (40%)
  • 4. Traps the opponent making them unable to move (20%)
  • 5. No additional Effect (10%)
Magic Reels Ground/ Aerial Leblanc attacks with a thunder spell – striking the opponent with a vertical bolt of lightning – and follows up with a random spell
  • 1. Chains to Ultima (10%)
  • 2. Flare – fires a homing orb, creating an explosion around opponent (20%)
  • 3. Firaga – Releases two moving plumes of fire forwards (40%)
  • 4. Thundara – strikes with a second bolt of lightning (20%)
  • 5. No additional Spell (10%)

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Logos Shot Ground Pulls out a gun and fires two shots straight ahead, covers a long distance in a straight line.
Ormi Shield Ground Charges forward with shield, slightly invulnerable to long-range attacks when charging, and may knock opponent back on impact
Sonic Fan Ground Swings Fan releasing a wave that travels forward and spreads out before fading
Dice Throw Aerial Strike opponent by rapidly beating at them with fan, finishing by knocking them away
No Love Lost Aerial Throw several dice at opponent dealing random HP damage

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Ultima Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Attack and Magic Reels) Fires several pulses of energy which all home in on opponent. A second set of pulses can be fired if [Square] is pressed at the moment of impact to deal more Brave damage and finish with HP damage

EX Mode - Lady Luck

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Rigged Reels EX Ability Only effects 1 or 2 (33% and 67% respectively) can happen for Reels.
Jackpot EX Burst Leblanc charges at her opponent and starts slapping them with her fan. A reel with 3 slots of ‘Hit’ or ‘Miss’ appear. The player has to stop all three slots on ‘Hit’ for the perfect finishing move – A flurry of Ultima Pulses. If she fails she finishes with a slashing strike.


Leblanc can equip Guns, Daggers, Poles, Grappling Weapons, Bangles, Shields, Great Shields, Hats, Clothing and female exclusive equipment.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Ormi Fan 30 ATK +39
BRV +233
Critical Hit Rate +5% Trade: 61000 gil, Iron Fan, Scarletite x1, Gambleress' Desire x5
Logos Fan 90 ATK +61
BRV +188
Critical Hit Rate +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Ormi Fan, Electrum x1, Gambleress' Dream x5
Fan De LeBlanc 100 ATK +68
BRV +288
Critical Hit Rate +15%
Riposte Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Logos Fan, Fortune's Tarot x1, Gambleress' Hopes x5