Ace (Balthierfan)Ace (Lycropath)Adelle (Balthierfan)
Aerith Gainsborough (Lycropath)Aerith Gainsborough (Original)Agrias Oaks (Balthierfan)
Aigis (Balthierfan)Akira Toradoro (Mask no Oni)Alba (Balthierfan)
Amaterasu (Mask no Oni)Ashe (Lycropath)Ashley Riot (Balthierfan)
Ashley Riot (Mask no Oni)AssistAssist Only Characters
Auron (Balthierfan)Azulmagia (Pikmin Master)Balthier (Lycropath)
Baralai (ReBeL.NiGHT)Barthandelus (Lycropath)Bartz Klauser (Original)
Bartz Klauser (Original)/QuotesBasch fon Ronsenburg (Balthierfan)Bhunivelze (Lycropath)
Black Knight (Lycropath)Blue Mage (Pikmin Master)Brandt (Avilice)
Caius Ballad (Lycropath)Cal (AWESOME AUSSIE GAL)Cecil Harvey (Original)
Cecil Harvey (Original)/QuotesCeles Chere (Balthierfan)Ceodore Harvey (SirMajestica)
Chaos (Original)Chaos (Original)/QuotesChocobo (Mangartist)
Chocolina (Kaimi)Cid Randell (Balthierfan)Cid nan Garlond (Lycropath)
Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (Balthierfan)Cissnei (Balthierfan)Cloud Strife (Deus)/ Mask no Oni
Cloud Strife (Original)Cloud Strife (Original)/QuotesCloud Strife (Pikmin Master)
Cloud of Darkness (Original)Cloud of Darkness (Original)/QuotesCosmos
Cosmos (Balthierfan)Crystal (Term)Delita Heiral (Lycropath)
Desch (Arcality)Desch (Arcality)/QuotesDeus Dissidia Final Fantasy
Disciple of War (Lycropath)Dissidia Dream Characters WikiEald'narche (Balthierfan)
Eald'narche (Lycropath)Edgar Roni Figaro (Arcality)/IncompleteEdge Geraldine (Mask no Oni)
Emerald Weapon (SirMajestica)Emperor Mateus (Original)Emperor Mateus (Original)/Quotes
EquipmentExdeath (Original)Exdeath (Original)/Quotes
Faris Scherwiz (Lycropath)Fayt Leingod (Avilice)Firion (Original)
Firion (Original)/QuotesFreya Crescent (SirMajestica)Gaius van Baelsar (Lycropath)
Galenth Dysley (Balthierfan)Garland (Original)Garland (Original)/Quotes
Garnet til Alexandros XVII (ReBeL.NiGHT)General Beatrix (Balthierfan)Genesis Rhapsodos (Lycropath)
Gestahl (DragonFire6)Getting StartedGetting Started/Moveset Template
Getting Started/Quote TemplateGhido (SirMajestica)Gilgamesh (Original)
Gilgamesh (Original)/QuotesGolbez (Original)Golbez (Original)/Quotes
Good King Moggle Mog XII (SirMajestica)Gunner (Pikmin Master)Guy (Balthierfan)
Hand Armor (Fanmade)Head Armor (Fanmade)Hojo (Lycropath)
Hope Esthiem (Lycropath)Hrist Valkyrie (Balthierfan)Illua (Balthierfan)
Illua (Lycropath)Jade Curtiss (Mask no Oni)Jecht (Original)
Jecht (Original)/QuotesJudge Gabranth (Original)Judge Gabranth (Original)/Quotes
Kain Highwind (Original)Kain Highwind (Original)/QuotesKam'lanaut (Lycropath)
Kazuya/Neutral Hero by Mask no OniKefka Palazzo (Original)Kefka Palazzo (Original)/Quotes
Kiaran (Lycropath)Kuja (Original)Kuja (Original)/Quotes
Laguna Loire (Original)Laguna Loire (Original)/QuotesLarkeicus (SirMajestica)
Layle (SirMajestica)Leblanc (Balthierfan)Lenna Charlotte Tycoon (Pikmin Master)
Lenne (SirMajestica)Lenneth Valkyrie (Balthierfan)Leon (Balthierfan)
Leon (Lycropath)Lezard Valeth (Balthierfan)Lightning (Original)
Lightning (Original)/QuotesLink (Lycropath)List of Assistance attacks
List of Assistance attacks/BalthierfanList of Assistance attacks/DragonFire6List of Assistance attacks/Lycropath
List of Assistance attacks/Pikmin MasterList of Assistance attacks/SirMajesticaList of Characters by Creator
List of Characters by SeriesList of Deus Dissidia Final Fantasy CharactersList of Summons (Fanmade)
List of Summons (Original)Llyud (Balthierfan)Locke Cole (Lycropath)
Luke Fon Fabre (Mask no Oni)Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (Balthierfan)Luso Clemens (Balthierfan)
Luso Clemens (Lycropath)Magus (Enigmatic Theorist)Manikin
Marche Radiuju (Balthierfan)Marche Radiuju (Lycropath)Marche Radiuju (Pikmin Master)
Marche Radiuju (SirMajestica)Mechaos (Balthierfan)Meteor (Lycropath)
Minfilia (Lycropath)Minwu (Balthierfan)Minwu (Lycropath)
Monk of Light (ReBeL.NiGHT)Montblanc (Balthierfan)Montblanc (Lycropath)
Motomu Toriyama (SirMajestica)Musashi (Samurai Legend Musashi) / by Mask no OniMystic Knight (Pikmin Master)
Nacht (Balthierfan)Nael van Darnus (Lycropath)Ninja (Pikmin Master)
Noctis Lucis Caelum (Balthierfan)Noctis Lucis Caelum (SuperPathFuture)Oerba Dia Vanille (Balthierfan)
Onion Knight (Original)Onion Knight (Original)/QuotesOriginal Dissidia Characters
Paddra Nsu Yeul (SirMajestica)Paine (Balthierfan)Paladin (Pikmin Master)
Pikachu (SirMajestica)Princess Sarah (Anki-kyu)Princess Sarah (Lycropath)
Princess Sarah (Lycropath)/QuotesPrishe (Original)Prishe (Original)/Quotes
Queen Remedi (Balthierfan)Quina Quen (ReBeL.NiGHT)Quistis Trepe (ReBeL.NiGHT)
Ramza Beoulve (Lycropath)Ramza Beoulve (Pikmin Master)Ranger (Pikmin Master)
Red Mage of Light (DragonFire6)Red Mage of Light (DragonFire6)/QuotesRed XIII (Enigmatic Theorist)
Refia (SirMajestica)Relm Arrowny (SirMajestica)Rem Tokimiya (Balthierfan)
Rem Tokimiya (SirMajestica)Remedi (Lycropath)Ricard Highwind (Pikmin Master)
Rikku (SirMajestica)Riku (Balthierfan)Riku (Lycropath)
Rinoa Heartilly (Lycropath)Rinoa Heartilly (ReBeL.NiGHT)Ritz Malheur (SirMajestica)
Rosa Joanna Farrell (Balthierfan)Rydia (DragonFire6)Rydia (DragonFire6)/Quotes
Sabin Figaro (MLDKF)Sabin Figaro (MLDKF)/QuotesScholar (Pikmin Master)
Seer (Pikmin Master)Seifer Almasy (Balthierfan)Seifer Almasy (Lycropath)
Selh'teus (Balthierfan)Selphie Tilmitt (Mask no Oni)Sephiroth (Original)
Sephiroth (Original)/QuotesSerah Farron(Lycropath)/QuotesSerah Farron (Lycropath)
Serah Farron (SirMajestica)Seymour Guado (Lycopath)Shantotto (Original)
Shantotto (Original)/QuotesSherlotta (SirMajestica)Silmeria Valkyrie (Balthierfan)
Snow Villiers (Lycropath)Sol (Balthierfan)Sora/Roxas (Balthierfan)
Sora (Lycropath)Squall Leonhart (Original)Squall Leonhart (Original)/Quotes
StagesStages (Fanmade)Stages (Fanmade)/Balthierfan
Stages (Fanmade)/DragonFire6Stages (Fanmade)/LycropathStages (Fanmade)/Mask no Oni
Stages (Fanmade)/SirMajesticaStages (Original)Summons
SuperbossesSydney Losstarot (Balthierfan)Terra Branford (Original)
Terra Branford (Original)/QuotesThe Moogle (Balthierfan)The Rules
Thief (Pikmin Master)Tidus (Original)Tidus (Original)/Quotes
Tifa Lockhart (Original)Tifa Lockhart (Original)/QuotesTiz Arrior (Balthierfan)
Tonberry (Balthierfan)Ultimecia (Original)Ultimecia (Original)/Quotes
Unique MechanicsVaan (Original)Vaan (Original)/Quotes
Vayne Carudas Solidor (Balthierfan)Vayne Solidor (Lycropath)Victory Pose
Vincent Valentine (Balthierfan)Vivi Ornitier (Lycropath)Warrior of Darkness (Balthierfan)
Warrior of Darkness (Pikmin Master)Warrior of Light (Original)Warrior of Light (Original)/Quotes
Weapons (Fanmade)Weiss the immaculateWylfred (Balthierfan)
X (Mask no Oni)Xande (Lycropath)Xande (ReBeL.NiGHT)
Y'shtola (Lycropath)Yaag Rosch (Balthierfan)Yaag Rosch (Enigmatic Theorist)
Yuna (Original)Yuna (Original)/QuotesZack Fair (Lycropath)
Zael (Balthierfan)Zangurak (Balthierfan)Zemus (Lycropath)
Zero (Mask no Oni)Zidane Tribal (Original)Zidane Tribal (Original)/Quotes
Zorn & Thorn (Balthierfan)

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