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Luke Fon Fabre is a crossover character from the Namco Tales series installment, Tales of the Abyss.

A young man of aristocratic blood to the prestigous Fabre Family of Baticul, Luke lived his days with a longing for the outside world, being barred from leaving his manor since a childhood incident. But upon the arrival of a mysterious intruder, Luke would embark on an adventure that would shake the very foundations of the world he lived in, and uncover the shadowy occurences regarding his own birth.

Crystal and AttireEdit

Luke's initial outfit, Duke's Son,

His first alternate outfit, Wild Saber, is based off of a series of special titles and outfits given by Emperor Peony IX to the group to give them a more spirited attire, before raiding the final dungeon Eldrant.

His second alternate outfit, Viscount, is based off of a special title and outfit given to him via coronation after clearing Auldrant of miasma at the Tower of Rem.

His Crystal is based on the Jewel of Lorelei, being a red rough globe of crystal, with a golden crystalline symbol of Lorelei, a tuning fork, in its center.

His Manikin, Legendary Firelight, is a dull gray, with its hair a vermillion crimson.


In battle, Luke is a Fonic Destroyer, utilizing powerful sword artes that have a wide range of effect by the immense energy they give off. In addition to this, Luke is able to utilize a unique mechanic known as Fonic Stock, which allows him to absorb spaces known as Fields of Fonon to gather various degrees of elemental energy and empower his attacks further with that amount given.

Although he is strong and has the advantage of range, some of his moves are highly procedural at start up, requiring him to make a basic action before unleashing the move's own true execution, and he suffers from having a subaverage recovery speed from his attacks, which can leave him vulnerable. He also has no true projectile attacks, and requires a close game range, leaving him best for more advanced players.

Chainable Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Description
Fang Blade Ground/Aerial Short Luke slashes downwards, before making a quick rising slash.
Havoc Strike Ground/Aerial Short Luke hops into the air, before attacking with a flying kick.
Raging Blast Ground/Aerial Mid Luke punches forwards, and charges energy in his hand, before it explodes. Initiates Chase.
Rending Thrust Ground Mid Luke lunges with a thrust of his blade forward, before launching the enemy upwards with an uppercut of razor sharp gales into the sky.

Heavy Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Description
Guardian Field Ground Mid Luke will trace his blade on the floor in a circle, before plunging it into the ground and unleashing a field of light fonons. The field not only damages nearby opponents, but can also deflect weak magic projectiles.
Light Spear Cannon Aerial Mid Luke pivots a leftwards slash that launches the enemy, before turning around and drilling them with a whirling aura of light from his sword.
Devil's Inferno Ground Mid Luke makes a rightwards slash with his sword aflame, before slamming it down onto the ground in front of him, as it creates a searing wave of fire.
Swallow Fury Aerial Mid Luke dashes forward, and if it connects, he attacks the opponent with a skywards assault of kicks and slashes.

Brave to Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Description
Lightning Tiger Blade Ground/Aerial Mid Luke rises into the air with an upwards slash. As he rises into the air, he summons a bolt of lightning to strike the enemy before coming back down with a charged slash. Wall Rush.
Burning Havoc Ground/Aerial Mid Luke hops into the air, and pulls back his forward leg, readying an explosive blazing downwards kick.
Frigid Blast Ground/Aerial Mid Luke punches forwards, and he creates a large mass of icicles, before having it explode in front of him. Wall Rush.
Rending Quake Ground Mid Luke thrusts his blade forward, before unleashing a mighty uppercut that tremors the ground in front of him and blasts earth onto the opponent.

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Description
Guardian Frost Ground Mid Luke will trace his blade on the floor, before plunging it into the ground and unleashing a massive glacier that explodes.
Light Blast Aerial Mid Luke will pivot to make a mighty thrust that strikes the opponent into the air, before blasting them with a rainbow of light from his sword.
Devil's Maw Ground Mid Luke spins to his right, before slamming his sword to summon an intense field of magma in front of him.
Shadow Fury Aerial Long Luke will charge his magic, before striking with a series of blindingly fast and devastating rising slashes. The longer you charge, the attack will manifest shadow glyphs that extend the overall range of the attack.

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