Luso was the main male protagonist of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. A young schoolboy who, one day finds the Grimoire of the Rift, and accidentally summoned himself to the past Ivalice. After his adventures he used the Grimoire to travel throughout histoty attempting to find his way back to his friends.

During the Dissidian Wars, Luso, like Gilgamesh stumbled across the battlefields by chance while using the Grimoire. He travelled round neutrally throughout the wars helping out where he felt he could lend a hand. Although not truely a participant, he tended to ally with the Cosmos Warriors. Eventually he used the Grimoire to continue on his journeys and removed himself from the Wars.


Luso's Base Attire is his clothing from Final Fantasy Tactics A2 as shown in the picture above but with a normal sword and bow, swapping out for his grimoire when using magic attacks. In EX Mode Luso equips the Judge Sword (as seen above).

His first alternative attire is a version of Luso's clothing using his scheme from Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions, using duller brown and red colouration. The design of his book belt is slightly altered to be less loose and clothing more ragged.

His second alternative is based off of his appearance in a school uniform in FFTA2's prologue, flashbacks and ending. This dresses Luso in a white shirt with a grey collar, brown trousers, grey shoes but retains the belt and Grimoire found in Luso's other attires

His DLC attire dresses Luso in the clothing of a generic Hunter unit from FFTA2. But retains his Grimoire belt.

Luso's Manikin Archaic Clansman is gold coloured


Luso fights as a Hunter defeating his opponents by constantly tracking them with long-range homing spells and quick close-range attacks so as to be constantly tailing them. His attack arsenal consists of a balance of long-range homing attacks and swift close combat techniques. For this reason he is one of the most agile characters yet also weak in actual attack power.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Rush Ground Charges at the opponent and strikes them with a quick slash that may initiate a chase
Tempest Ground Unleashes a flurry of lightning bolts that converges on the opponent
Hunt Down Ground/ Aerial Charges at the opponent and proceeds to pound them with rapid sword strikes, can initiate a chase.
Taste of Iron Ground/ Aerial Thrusts with sword, if the opponent is hit, follows with a series of slashes before thrusting a second time upwards, can Wall Rush for extra damage.
Wild Tornado Aerial Summons a large tornado around Luso that then moves towards the opponent, has a homing effect and a slight absorbing effect.
Trapping Aerial Launches upwards and strikes at opponent, if opponent is aerial they are pulled down with Luso.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Blade Bash Ground Strikes the opponent upclose with sword face, staggers opponent if they block.
Hunting Shot Ground Fires a series of orbs that quickly home in on the opponent
Sidewinder Ground/ Aerial Rushes straight at the opponent, running up to them and striking them quickly. Deals more damage the further Luso was from the opponent before striking them.
Beat Down Ground/ Aerial Tackles opponent, knocking them into the air (if not already) and follows by beating them repeatedly, finishing them with a downwards strike.
Lightning Strike Aerial Strikes quickly at opponent, cannot be countered against but can be guarded/blocked
Ultima Shot Aerial Fires a large orb that homes in and explodes on contact, can be charged for a larger and stronger explosion

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Starfall Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Tempest and Wild Tornado) Rains a scatter of small meteors in front of Luso that slight home in towards the opponent, covers a large area.

EX Mode - Grimoire of the Rift

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate during EX Mode
Hunter's Sight EX Ability All long-range attacks home in faster and more accurately
Aim: Arm Special Fires several arrows that if they hit the opponent, make them unable to attack for several seconds.
Close the Rift EX Burst Luso strikes at opponent several times with Judge Sword. Similar to Exdeath, the player must reduce a bar to 0% by holding O, if emptied in time a rift will be opened and closed on the opponent. If not Luso finishes by Swinging the Judge Sword at the opponent knocking them into the Rift


Luso can equip Books, Bows, Daggers, Swords, Greatswords, Staves, Rods, Shields, Bangles, Hats, Headbands, Light Armour and Clothing.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Judgement Law 30 HP +122
ATK +40
DEF +1
Initial Bravery +10% Trade: 61,000 gil, Bestiary, Scarletite x1, Clansman's Desire x5
Clemens' Chronicle 90 HP +188
ATK +62
DEF +1
Initial Bravery +20% Trade: 158,000 gil, Judgement Law, Electrum x1, Clansman's Dream x5
Grimoire of the Rift 100 HP +244
ATK +68
DEF +1
Initial Bravery +30%
Sneak Attack Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Clemens' Chronicle, Clanmark x1, Clansman's Hopes x5