"A mischievous boy who traveled to Ivalice though the power of a the Grimoire of the Rift. He commands the power of the ancient text to vanish and strike with suprise."


Luso Clemens is a hero and character representing Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

In the original he was a young child who had been assinged detention on the last day of school, finding a mysterious old text in the library and signing his name transported him to the fantastic world of Ivalice where he challenged the criminal underbelly of the nation of Jylland.

Despite his prankster hobbies and brave face, Luso has a tendency to crumble in terror when faced with ghosts and other spirits.


Luso's default costume is identical to his design in Final Fantasy Tactics A2,   He wears a red hat with a silver brooch, ayellow dungarees with a white-lined russet vest under it, and has a round plate with a four-leaf clover motif on the side of his chest. He has a steel-blue belt with a black-and-red beetle motif, and a second belt hanging below it made of leather from which Luso hangs a bag where he keeps the grimoire. A green shawl is wrapped around his waist. He has a blue gauntlet and a silver shield on his left arm, and a regular sleeve and a glove on his right arm. Luso's shoes have heels. In EX Mode A single gold star appears over Luso's head signifying he has mastered his job.

Luso's first alternate outfit Game Hunter is based on his clothing in Final Fantasy Tactics War of the Lions . Where he has different shoes and no knee-guards, the green shawl is of simpler design and the bag he carries is different; although  he is still carrying a grimoire. 

Luso's second alternate outfit, School Uniform is based on the artwork of Luso in the real world of Final Fantasy Tactics A2 where he wears a white sailor style elementary school uniform.

His Manikin is gold and called the Archaic Huntsman


Luso is a Blink Striker using many attacks that allow Luso to warp across the battlefield allowing him great mobility to help him strike and evade the enemy.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Fira Frenzy Ground/ Aerial Long Physical Shoot a ball of fire at the enemy. Tap again to teleport to the fireball and unleash a whirlwind of pages from Luso's grimoire. Chase
Thundara Frenzy Ground/ Aerial Long Physical Drop powerful bolt of lightning on the enemy. Tap button again and vanish and appear with the bolt sending the grimoire at the enemy snapping shut as if to take a bite out of the enemy. Wallrush
Blizzara Frenzy Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Send an icicle shooting upward/downward at the enemy from Luso's location. Tap the button again to teleport to the icicle and send Luso's grimoire hurtling in a dunking or uppercut motion opposite of the icicle. Chase
Blade Bash Ground/ Aerial Close Physical Swing horizontally and smash enemy with the flat side of the blade. Guard Break, Wallrush
Iai Blow Ground/ Aerial Extreme Physical Hold down button and put self into an iaijutsu stance, let go to preform a nigh instant teleport slash at the enemies location. N/A
Wind Slash Aerial Long Magical Swing blade and launch a single bladed arc at the opponent, tap button again to teleport to the energy arc and slash the enemy with Luso's blade. Chase

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Chain Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects'
Shimmering Blade Fira Frenzy Combo Physical  Instead of striking with his grimoire Luso will teleport and strike with a blade coated in flame. N/A
Skyfury Blade

Thundara Frenzy

Combo Physical Instead of striking with his grimoire Luso will teleport and strike with a blade wreathed in electricity N/A
Hoarfrost Blade Blizzara Frenzy Combo Physical Instead of striking with his grimoire Luso will teleport and strike with a blade surrounded in icicles N/A

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Prominence Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Several pages of Luso's grimoire surround him and then generate a burst of flames creating a fiery dome. Magic Block
Freezeblink Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Pages of Luso's grimoire surround the  target area and generate a storm of icicles that generate a glacier which bursts into shrapnel. Absorb
Tempest Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Pages of Luso's grimoire whirl around the enemy creating a discharge of lightning in an erratic burst at their direct location. N/A
Deathstrike Ground/ Aerial Close Physical Preform an instant vertical spincut by drawing the sword from its sheath, forcing the enemy downward to the floor. Fast but minimally ranged. N/A

EX Mode - Job Mastered

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Pierce EX Ability Luso's magical attacks are now impossible to guard.
Judicer's Protection EX Ability The Judge protects those under his jurisdiction, Luso's BRV will not drop below 1 in EX Mode.
Grimoire of the Rift EX Burst

Press the Buttons as they appear on screen!

Luso opens the grimoire which opens itself wide snapping shut on the enemy transporting them to the EX Zone where they find themself standing on a large open tome surrounded by pages. Each page will pass by the enemy prompting command before they unleash a burst of magic after  each page is finished Luso snaps the book shut with the enemy inside.


Luso can equip Swords, Katanas, Books, Rods, Helmets, Hats, Chestplates, Light Armor, Clothes, Parrying Weapons and Bangles.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Mage Manual 30 HP +122
ATK +40
DEF +1
Bravery Boost on Dodge +3% Trade: 61,000 gil, Bestiary, Scarletite x1, Huntsman's Desire x5
Edaroya Scriptures 90 HP +188
ATK +62
DEF +1
Bravery Boost on Dodge +7% Trade: 158,000 gil, Mage Manual, Electrum x1, Huntsman's Dream x5
Grimoire of the Rift 100 HP +244
ATK +68
DEF +1
Bravery Boost on Dodge +10%
Back Attack Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Edaroya Scriptures, Detention Slip x1, Huntsman's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Detention Slip Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, but hey! "Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"


When Luso is faced in battle during story mode, Knowledge of the Adventurer plays as the default background music.

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