"Manikins are cursed mockeries of men that crawled forth from the Rift, and now befoul this realm. Their masters do no more than pull the puppets' strings."

-Cloud of Darkness, Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy

Manikins (イミテーション, imitēshon, lit. "Imitations"), are crystalline beings, resembling the likeness of warriors involved in the conflicts of Dissidia.

Original BackstoryEdit

In Dissidia, it is stated manikins were created by Cid in an attempt to give physical form to the consciousnesses that came from other dimentions, after viewing how Chaos and Cosmos "acquired pawns." His failures became manikins, incomplete puppets, which were sealed in the Rift. The successes are implied to be some of the warriors of Chaos and Cosmos, stating the "created pawns" "questioned their very reason for living", and after a purification began to remember things from "their previous lives." However, which characters are summoned or created is not revealed. It may be that the only summoned warriors were Garland, Gabranth, and Shantotto, while any of the other 19 may be the created ones.

This is retconned in Dissidia 012, where it is told the nation of Onrac discovered a door to the Rift and retrieved a sample of crystal ore for study. The ore acts similar to an organic lifeform and grows as a living creature. Research on the sample results in mass production of simulated lifeforms made from the crystal ore, the first manikins. They remained formless until approached in their containment cell, at which point they took on the forms of the researchers observing them. However, they were mindless puppets, and Cid was recruited by the researchers to transplant memories into them to give them a sense of self.

Though it proved impractical for widespread use, Cid was able to implant a manikin with memories of ten other individuals, resulting in a manikin that resembled a grotesque monster but was the size of, and acted like, a human child. The child was placed in Cid's care for observation, and would grow up to become Chaos. Research continued with the manikins, and eventually the successful transplant of a complete set of memories to one was successful - this manikin was named Cosmos, and took the image of Cid's wife. Ultimately, most of the manikins failed to take on memories and were sealed in the Rift. After Cosmos, Chaos and Cid were transported to World B. Cid resumed his attempts to implant manikins with memories. He eventually created the Warrior of Light from an infusion of his own memories.

During the twelfth cycle of the war as seen in Dissidia 012, Exdeath releases the manikins as footsoldiers for Chaos. Due to their nature as mindless automatons, Garland remarks they will continue to fight even when their opponent is defeated and weak. Thus, if one is overwhelmed by manikins, they can be pushed to the brink of death and risk not having the strength to be revived in the next cycle. Though they are initially few in number, a massive horde of the creatures eventually sweeps across the land, separating the heroes as they fight to try and manifest their crystals. Eventually their attention turns from the crystals to their concern for the deaths of their comrades at the hands of these new enemies.

After the Cloud of Darkness tells Laguna where and how the manikins have crossed over, he, along with Lightning, Kain, Tifa, Yuna and Vaan, decide to track down the portal the manikins are using to enter the world and close it. At the same time, a large army of manikins marches on Order's Sanctuary to kill Cosmos, and save for the warriors seeking the portal, only the Warrior of Light remains to defend her. Locating the portal in the Empyreal Paradox, the team defeats a few Warriors of Chaos who have arrived to stop them, and engage the manikins in a final battle, ultimately fading away, presumably to their respective worlds, but successfully closing the portal to the Rift, preventing any more manikins from emerging. Meanwhile, Cosmos uses her power to save the Warrior of Light from the manikin army sent to destroy her, weakening her, but drastically reducing the number of manikins left.

List of ManikinsEdit

Manikin - Cosmos
Manikin - Chaos
Manikin - Duodecim

Original from DissidiaEdit

Original from Dissidia NT and Opera OmniaEdit

  • Delusory Prince - Edge Geraldine
  • Delusory Monk - Yang Fang Leiden
  • Fallacious Sage - Galuf Halm Baldesion
  • Fallacious Heiress - Krile Mayer Baldesion
  • Phantasmal Assassin - Shadow
  • Phantasmal Wrestler - Sabin Rene Figaro
  • Imaginary Ninja - Yuffie Kisaragi
  • Transient Mirror - Seifer Almasy
  • Ephemeral Auroch - Wakka
  • Ephemeral Nihilist - Seymour Guado
  • Idle Dancer - Penelo
  • Fleeting Esperance - Hope Estheim
  • Fleeting Pilot - Sazh Katzroy
  • Fleeting Harbinger - Oerba Dia Vanille
  • Conjurer of Obscurity - Y'shtola
  • Pugilist of Obscurity - Yda Hext
  • Twilight Prince - Noctis
  • Mutable Memory - Ramza
  • Discarded Delinquent - Ace
  • Cursory Cadet - Rem Tokimiya
  • Cursory Tredecimal - King (Type-0)

Dissidia Dream Characters Manikins ListEdit

Note that due to the different naming schemes of other Users, there may be instances of the same character being given different Manikin names.

Final Fantasy IEdit

Theme: False, Color: Blue

  • False Rogue (Thief)
  • False Maiden (Sarah)
  • False Wizard (Red Mage of Light)
  • False Slugger (Monk of Light)
  • False Magus (Black Mage/Wizard)
  • False Healer (White Mage/Wizard)
  • False Fighter (Monk/Master)
  • False Usurper (Astos)

Final Fantasy IIEdit

Theme: Imitation, Color: Yellow

  • Imitation Shaman (Minwu)
  • Imitation Survivor (Ricard Highwind)
  • Imitation Usurper/Chevalier (Leon)
  • Imitation Beaver/Wildsman (Guy)
  • Imitation Sister/Archer (Maria)

Final Fantasy IIIEdit

Theme: Counterfeit, Color: Green

  • Counterfeit Shadow (Warrior of Darkness)
  • Counterfeit Magus (Xande.)
  • Counterfeit Apprentice (Refia)
  • Counterfeit Guardian (Desch)
  • Counterfeit Explorer (Luneth)
  • Counterfeit Bookworm (Arc)
  • Counterfeit Guard (Ingus)

Final Fantasy IV + After YearsEdit

Theme: Delusory, Color: Dark Blue/Silver

  • Delusory Damsel (Rosa)
  • Delusory Lunarian (Zemus)
  • Delusory Caller/Beauty (Rydia)
  • Delusory Prince (Edge)
  • Delusory Spoon/Bard (Edward)
  • Delusory Siblings (Palom/Porom)
  • Delusory Sage (Tellah)
  • Delusory Redwing (Ceodore)
  • Delusory Lunarian (Fusoya)
  • Delusory Blight (Scarmiglione)
  • Delusory Wave (Cagnazzo)
  • Delusory Wind (Barbariccia)
  • Delusory Flame (Rubicante)

Final Fantasy VEdit

Theme: Fallacious, Color: Cyan

  • Fallacious Princess (Lenna)
  • Fellacious Apocalype (Azulmagia)
  • Fallacious Buccaneer/Pirate (Faris)
  • Fallacious Amnesiac (Galuf)
  • Fallacious Necromancer (Enuo)

Final Fantasy VIEdit

Theme: Phantasmal, Color: Red

  • Phantasmal General (Celes)
  • Phantasmal Thief Adventurer (Locke)
  • Phantasmal Hermit (Sabin)
  • Phantasmal King (Edgar)
  • Phantasmal Artist (Relm)
  • Phantasmal Hitman (Shadow)
  • Phantasmal Patriot (Cyan)
  • Phantasmal Conqueror (Gestahl)

Compilation of Final Fantasy VIIEdit

Theme: Imaginary, Color: Light Blue

  • Imaginary Sinner (Vincent)
  • Imaginary Terrene (Aerith)
  • Imaginary Beast (Red XIII)
  • Imaginary Assassin ('Cissnei')
  • Imaginary Avalanche (Barret)
  • Imaginary Apprentice (Zack)
  • Imaginary Kunoichi (Yuffie)
  • Imaginary Pilot (Cid)
  • Imaginary Poet (Genesis)
  • Imaginary Remainders (The Remnants)
  • Imaginary Agents (The Turks)
  • Imaginary Calamity (Jenova)
  • Imaginary President (Rufus)

Final Fantasy VIIIEdit

Theme: Transient, Color: Purple

Final Fantasy IXEdit

Theme: Capricious, Color: Light Purple

  • Capricious Gourmand (Quina)
  • Capricious Canary (Garnet/Dagger)
  • Capricious Paladin (Beatrix)
  • Capricious Golem/Mist (Vivi)
  • Capricious Memory (Freya)
  • Capricious Captain (Steiner)
  • Capricious Duo (Steiner and Vivi)
  • Capricious Bounty-hunter (Amarant)
  • Capricious Twins (Zorn & Thorn)
  • Capricious Disaster (Necron)

Final Fantasy X + X-2Edit

Theme: Ephemeral, Color: Orange

  • Ephemeral Guardian (Auron)
  • Ephemeral Gambleress (Leblanc)
  • Ephemeral Punisher (Paine)
  • Ephemeral Revenant/Maester (Seymour)
  • Ephemeral Praetor (Baralai)
  • Ephemeral Chemist (Rikku)
  • Ephemeral Pioneer (Yunalesca)
  • Ephemeral Ancestor (Shuyin)
  • Ephemeral Singer (Lenne)

Final Fantasy XIEdit

Theme: of Antiquity, Color: Bronze

  • Exile of Antiquity (Selh'teus)
  • Precursor of Antiquity (Eald'narche)
  • Partisan of Antiquity (Kam'lanaut)
  • Soul of Antiquity (Shadow Lord)
  • Automaton of Antiquity (Custom hero)
  • Puppet of Antiquity (Custom villain)

Final Fantasy XII (and Ivalice Alliance)Edit

Theme: Archaic, Color: Gold
Theme: Idle (For XII and XIIRW only.) Color: Light Gold

Final Fantasy XII + XIIRW


  • Archaic Heretic (Ramza)
  • Archaic Templar (Agrias)
  • Archaic Schemer (Delita)
  • Archaic Saint (Orlandeau)
  • Archaic Seraph (Ultima)

Tactics Advance

Tactics A2

  • Archaic Clansman/Huntsman (Luso Clemens)
  • Archaic Heritor (Adelle)
  • Archaic Nightshade (Illua)
  • Archaic Gemini (Zalera)
  • Archaic Gigas (Belias)

Final Fantasy XIII + XIII-2 + Lightning ReturnsEdit

Theme: Fleeting, Color: Pink

Final Fantasy Type-0Edit

Theme: Hidden, Color: Peach

Final Fantasy XIVEdit

Theme: of Obscurity, Color: Lilac

Final Fantasy XVEdit

Theme: Shadowed, Color: Black/Pink

  • Shadowed Prince (Noctis)
  • Shadowed Fencer (Lunafreya)
  • Shadowed Photographer (Prompto)
  • Shadowed Chef (Ignis)
  • Shadowed Shield (Gladio)
  • Shadowed Accursed (Adryn)
  • Shadowed Commander (Ravus)
  • Shadowed Lancer (Aranea Highwind)

Dissidia Final Fantasy/Dissidia NT Edit

Theme: Fey, Color: Green/Blue

Final Fantasy - The 4 Heroes of Light + Bravely Default/SecondEdit

Theme: Artificial, Color: Metalic Grey

  • Artificial Boy (Brandt )
  • Artificial Miracle (Tiz)
  • Artificial Machine (Chaos of Time and Space, aka Mechaos)

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles SeriesEdit

Theme: Dauntless, Color: Silver/White

  • Dauntless Sword (Cal)
  • Dauntless Mercenary (Layle)
  • Dauntless Mother (Sherlotta)
  • Dauntless Scholar (Larkeicus)
  • Dauntless Sword (Cal)
  • Dauntless Goldenrod (Amidatelion)
  • Dauntless Guardian (Althea)
  • Dauntless Hierophant (Galdes)
  • Dauntless High Commander (Jegran)
  • Dauntless Clavat (Yuri)

Final Fantasy DimensionsEdit

Theme: Shrouded, Color: Blue/Gold

  • Shrouded Glow (Sol)
  • Shrouded Shade (Nacht)
  • Shrouded Brat (Alba)
  • Shrouded Stoic (Aigis)
  • Shrouded Sister (Diana)

Final Fantasy Mystic QuestEdit

Theme: Condemned, Color: Dark Yellow

  • Condemned Prophecy (Benjamin)
  • Condemned Child (Kaeli)
  • Condemned Monarch (Dark King)

Final Fantasy Unlimited/Spirits WithinEdit

Theme: Forgotten Color: Orange/White

  • Forgotten Wind (Kaze)
  • Forgotten Cloud (Kumo)
  • Forgotten Spirit (Aki Ross)

Multiple Games and Job ClassesEdit

Theme: Iterated, Color: Black/White (also known as Monochrome)

  • Iterated Steed (Chocobo)
  • Iterated Wyrm (Bahamut)
  • Iterated Djinn (Ifrit)
  • Iterated Mirror (Carbuncle)
  • Iterated Shogun (Samurai)

Non-Final Fantasy and Square AffiliatesEdit

Brave Fencer MusashiEdit

Theme: Foreign, Color: Lime Green

Chrono TriggerEdit

Theme: Temporal, Color: Crimson

  • Temporal Darkness (Magus)
  • Temporal Electricity (Crono)
  • Temporal Machine (Robo)
  • Temporal Cursebearer (Frog)
  • Temporal Genius (Lucca)
  • Temporal Royalty (Marle)
  • Temporal Ancestor (Ayla)
  • Temporal Parasite (Queen Zeal)
  • Temporal Apocalypse (Lavos)

Kingdom HeartsEdit

Theme: Sealed, Color: Silver/Light Blue

  • Sealed Keys (Sora/Roxas)
  • Sealed Dawn (Riku)
  • Sealed Lockpick (Sora)
  • Sealed Defender (Goofy)
  • Sealed Darkling (Ansem)
  • Sealed Nothingness (Xemnas)
  • Sealed Sniper (Xigbar)
  • Sealed Whirlwind (Xaldin)
  • Sealed Academic (Vexen)
  • Sealed Mute (Lexaeus)
  • Sealed Illusionist (Zexion)
  • Sealed Pugilist (Saix)
  • Sealed Martyr (Axel)
  • Sealed Minstrel (Demyx)
  • Sealed Gambler (Luxord)
  • Sealed Flora (Marluxia)
  • Sealed Sadist (Larxene)
  • Sealed Other (Roxas)
  • Sealed Replica (Xion)
  • Sealed Sentiment (Terra)
  • Sealed Light (Ventus)
  • Sealed Master (Aqua)
  • Sealed Seeker (Master Xehanort)
  • Sealed Unversed (Vanitas)

The Last StoryEdit

Theme: Lost, Color: White/Light Blue


Theme: Timeless, Color: Deep Purple

  • Timeless Juvenile (Akira)
  • Timeless Challenger (Masaru)
  • Timeless Evil (Oersted)
  • Timeless Drifter (Sunset Kid)
  • Timeless Agent (Oboro)
  • Timeless Wildsman (Pogo)
  • Timeless Machination (Cube)
  • Timeless Master (Xin Shan Quan)
  • Timeless Traitor (Oersted)

Star OceanEdit

Theme - Astral, Color: Navy Blue

  • Astral Swordsman (Fayt)

Soul EaterEdit

Theme - Golem, Color: Dark Green

  • Golem God (Asura)
  • Golem Star (Black Star)

Vagrant StoryEdit

Theme: Ensorcelled, Color: Tan/Beige (Light brown)

Valkyrie ProfileEdit

Theme: Ancient, Color: Silver

The World Ends with YouEdit

Theme: Erased, Color: Black/Blue

  • Erased Introvert (Neku)
  • Erased Mathematician (Sho)
  • Erased Designer (Shiki)
  • Erased Composer (Joshua)
  • Erased Freshmeat (Beat)


  • Worthless Contact (Fei Fong Wong)
  • Worthless Medic (Citan Uzuki)
  • Worthless Pirate (Bart Fatima)
  • Worthless Anti-type (Elly Van Houten)
  • Worthless Champ (Rico Banderas)
  • Worthless Priest (Billy Lee Black)
  • Worthless Android (Emeralda Kasim)
  • Worthless Emperor (Grahf)
  • Worthless Clone (Kahran Ramsus)
  • Worthless Maniac (Id)
  • Worthless Representative (Miang)
  • Worthless Invader (Deus)

Non-Square TitlesEdit


Theme: Legendary, Color: Various


Theme: Apocryphal, Color: Various


Theme: Ersatz, Color: Various


Theme: Echo of a/an, Color:Various

  • Echo of a Glimmer (Tracer)
  • Echo of a Crusader (Reinhardt)
  • Echo of a Support (Brigette)
  • Echo of a Terrorist (Reaper)
  • Echo of a Breaker (Doomfist)
  • Echo of a Trapper (Junkrat)
Dividing LinesEdit

Theme: Discarded, Color:Light Blue/Black

Users Edit

Theme: Lifeless, Color: Clear