"A young boy who has the courage to stand for what is right in the face of persecution. Through the use of cards he can bind others to magickal law."


Marche Radiuju is a hero and character representing Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

In the original he was a young child who has just moved into a new town, Marche finds it hard to fit in until he makes two new friends: the shy Mewt Randell and the more outspoken Ritz Malheur. After the trio discover an ancient tome with Marche's brother Doned, they are transported to the magical world of Ivalice. Marche then vows to return him and his friends back to their true reality.


Marche's default costume is identical to his design in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance,  a blue shirt with a hood, silver shoulder, elbow and knee guards with engravings on them. His brown gloves are fingerless and his shorts have two belts that cross each other. Hanging on one of the belts is a holster of Law Cards. He wears brown stockings with short, white boots and armor over each foot. In EX Mode A single gold star appears over Marche's head signifying he has mastered his job.

Marche's first alternate outfit New Kid is based on his clothing in the real world Final Fantasy Tactics Advance . Where Marche wears a white scarf and a blue sweater with brown shorts.

Marche's second alternate outfit, School Uniform is based on the cover artwork of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance where Marche wears a white sailor style elementary school uniform.

His Manikin is gold and called the Archaic Renegade


Marche is a Law Master, having the ability to inflict penalties on the opponent with magickal law. Marche can activate one law at a time and if he shifting the current law abolishes the previous one. Marche can only use laws  when he has judge points which are scored by dealing sucsessful hits and can only use law cards that are equipped with CP. Laws will ast until a penalty is activated or they wil they wear off after 15 seconds. Marche is subject to the same penalties for laws. Upon breaking a law the character recieves a penalty and is frozen for 3 seconds much like a Chaos Judgement.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Lawshift Ability Hold the L button and press to shift the active law card and and [Square] to activate it.
Ganging Up Law Card Punishes the use of Assists
Defend Law Card Punishes the use of Guarding
Missle Law Card Punishes the use of mid-long ranged attacks
Fight Law Card Punishes the use of close ranged attacks.
Copycat Law Card Punishes using the same attack twice in a row

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Wild Swing Ground Close Physical Marche swings his sword around him in a vertical spin attack never letting his feet touch the ground for three swings crashing the opponent to the floor. Wallrush
Rush Ground Close Physical Marche shoulder tackles his opponent. Very short range, but quick execution and recovery time, sets up any BRV attack. N/A
Far Fist Ground Long Magical Throw a punch that unleashes a shockwave of energy bounding at the enemy. Good vertical tracking but fires in a straight line. Wallrush
Beatdown Ground Long Physical Marche slashes the enemy 3 times before thrusting his sword behind and lifting his body using his sword as levarge to kick the opponent sending them flying.  N/A
Saints Cross  Aerial Mid Magical Marche releases shockwaves of holy energy from his body in the shape of a cross. Higher vertical range then horizontal. Chase
Air Render Aerial Long Magical Marche swings his sword four times sending out a bladed arc to home into the enemy each time. Magic Block
Holy Blade Aerial Close Physical Focus sacred energy into the blade and unleashes two sweeping slashes extended with magick. Wallrush

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Frostwave Ground Close Magical Summons Mateus who covers the area in a sheet of ice then stabs it with her scepter causing a powerful explosion of ice shards. N/A
Flash Freeze Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Calls Mateus who creates a ball of chilling energy pulling enemies in and freezing them in the sphere then shattering it. Absorb
Spellbind Aerial Close Magical Calls Mateus who swings its scepter in a wide arc generating a wave of blood colored icicles in its wake. Wallrush
Star Cross Aerial Mid Magical Calls Mateus who summons a twinkling cross which rises up and bursts into a shower of stardust. N/A

EX Mode - Job Mastered

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Abate EX Ability Marche is immune to punishment for law breaking..
JP Gift EX Ability Marche's Laws are in effect until his EX Mode ends and Marche can change them at will.
Lawbreaker EX Burst Marche seals the enemies movements with a Law Card, the player must then sift through the law cards in the Tactics Advance menu and find the card that says Fortune among all the others, upon using the correct card the enemy will be sealed in stone and then Marche summons the phantom Judge Sword from below the enemy shattering them to pieces.


Marche can equip Swords, Great Swords, Throwing Weapons, Helmets, Hats, Chestplates, Heavy Armor, Clothes, Shields and Gauntlets.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Arch Sword 30

ATK +42  DEF -2

EX Core Absorption +10% Trade: 61,000 gil, Longsword, Scarletite x1, Renegade's Desire x5
Sequencer 90

ATK +64 DEF -1

EX Core Absorption +15% Trade: 158,000 gil, Arch Sword, Electrum x1, Renegade's Dream x5
Judge Sword 100

ATK +69 DEF -1

EX Core Absorption +20%
Riptose ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Sequencer, Advanced Law x1, Renegade's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Advanced Law It may hurt to face the things that scare you, but with friends by your side there is no need to run.


When Marche is faced in battle during story mode, Companions Who Surpassed Their Tribe plays as the default background music.

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