Disciple Of War

"An adventurous man who effortlessly hafts a greataxe into battle."


Meteor is a hero and character representing Final Fantasy XIV.

In the original title many warriors from across the three city states of Eorzea where led by the Circle of Knowing to band together under the Three Great Companies and repel the invasion of the Imperialistic nation of Garlemald. With many clashes these Warriors managed to vanquish the mad legatus Nael van Darnus but could not halt his plan to drop Hydaelyn's second moon Dalamud on Eorzea. With the land transformed through fire, the invasion continued under the command of Gaius van Baelsar but the companies will not surrender their realm without a fight.

In the game's story mode, Meteor opposes Gaius van Baelsar


Meteor's standard outfit is identical to the promotional artwork from Final Fantasy XIV  wearing the Hard Leather Harness set of light armor that bares the under side of his arms and upper part of his chest. In EX Mode the Hero will equip the Fighter's Cuirass relic armor set.

Meteor's first alternate outfit, Hempen Tabard is based on the characters appearance in the opening cinematic of Final Fantasy XIV, where he wears the likewise named set armor consisting of a metallic armored harness over a blue long blue tunic and vambraces that leave his hands bare. In his EX Mode he equips the Bearsmaw Curis set, equpping black bear themed suit of armor..

Meteor's second alternate outfit, Hyuran Tunic  is based on the starting armor set for Hyur of Final Fantasy XIV, Where he wears white and black tunic with laced front and white trousers tucked into thigh high black boots. In EX Mode he equips the Noct Lorica, wearing a silvery suit of armor.

Meteor's DLC outfit, the Lord's Yukata is based on the green version of the armor set of the same name that is given as a reward in the Sunbreeze Festival in Final Fantasy XIV giving him a traditional festival kimono top, short green shorts and a pair of sandals. In EX Mode he equips his the Herkaeldi based on the spiked black armor that Odin wears.

His Manikin is lilac and called the Adventurer of Obscurity


Meteor is a Wrathful Warrior who unleashes incredible strikes of his greataxe into combos as long has he has units of Wrath available to expend. Meteor gains wrath by attacking aggressively and loses wrath when not attacking. Wrath can be used to cancel the invincibility frames of enemies after unleashing attack so the Hero can follow up with another attack.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Heavy Swing Ground Close Physical Swing axe in a single horizontal swing for a single powerful blow. Comes out quickly but has minimal range. Wallrush
Fracture Ground Mid Physical Lunge forward and charge  the enemy with a brutal tackle using the axe blade as ram. Good for closing distances and powering through projectiles. Chase, Magic Block
Overpower Ground Mid Physical Swing axe in a wide horizontal swing unleashing a concussive blast of hot air to strike the enemy. Air blast is powerful but grows weaker with distance. Magic Block
Skull Sunder Ground Mid Physical Leap forward swing weapon overhead for an amazing downward slash causing an impact shockwave if it misses the target. Chase (Shockwave) , Wallrush (Direct Hit)
Brutal Swing Aerial Mid Physical Swing axe in a powerful semi circle swing creating a powerful wave of energy to extend the reach of the axes blade. Magic Block
Maim Aerial Close Physical Brandish axe and swing for two wide sweeping horizontal slashes. Good horizontal range but little vertical tracking. Wallrush
Butcher's Block Aerial Dive Physical A three hit combo with a downward slash to a rising slash and final double handed downward smash. Wallrush

Brave to HP Attack

Name Type Chained From Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Mercy Stroke Ground Fracture Physical Meteor summons a rising blade or red energy from the ground to strike the enemy with a mighty roar. N/A

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Whirlwind Ground Mid Physical Perform a flourish then impact axe into the ground hard creating a violent tremor to launch enemies upward. Wallrush
Storm's Eye Ground Close Physical Swing axe in a powerful hurricane of strikes twice generating a powerful cyclone to travel forward a short distance. Magic Block, Wallrush
Tomahawk Ground Long Physical Hurl axe at the enemy sending it sailing forward before it drifts upward and back to the Warrior. N/A
Inner Beast Aerial Rise Physical Swing axe in underhand rising chop launching a wave of energy shooting in an upward arc launching the enemy high up. Wallrush
Steel Cyclone Aerial Close Physical Lunges and swings axe in a single spinning motion creating a vortex of blades before a powerful downward chop striking the enemy down to the floor. Absorb, Wallrush

EX Mode - Relic Reborn

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Mighty Strikes EX Ability Gain Wrath quicker from less damage.
Infuriate EX Ability Activate by Holding R and pressing Square, instantly giving you a unit of Wrath.
Vengeance EX Ability Receive a unit of Wrath after blocking attacks.
Blessings of Light EX Burst

Select Limit Break in the HUD before time runs out!

Use axe to crash the enemy into the EX Zone with a mighty swing while a six pointed magic rune will glow under the Adventurer, each containing one of the six crystals of light.  You must use the shoulder buttons to select the correct HUD and select the Limit Break Icon before the time runs out. After completing the QTE, upon doing it correctly the crystals shine and fuse to create a axe for Meteor and he uses it to run the enemy through.


Meteor can equip Axes, Hammers, Maces, Great Swords, Bracers, Great Shields, Gauntlets, Helmets, Hats, Heavy Armor, Chestplates and Clothes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Eisentaenzer 30 BRV -82
ATK +44
Close Ranged Damage +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Francisca, Scarletite x1, Adventurer's Desire x5
Rampager 90 BRV -70
ATK +65
Close Ranged Damage +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Eisentaenzer, Electrum x1, Adventurer's Dream x5
Bravura 100 BRV -80
ATK +70
Close Ranged Damage +15%
Riptose ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Rampager, Guildleive x1, Adventurer's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Guildleve Adventure is its own reward, but some gil is a good insentive.


When faced in story mode battles the default song is set to Torn From the Heavens from Final Fantasy XIV.


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