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"A dutiful woman bearing the mysterious power of the Echo, she wields a blade and shield in a shift from offense to defense."


Minfilia is a heroine and character representing Final Fantasy XIV.

In the original title she was the leader of the Scion's of the Seventh Dawn and through her leadership Eorzea defied the invading Garlemald Empire and sought to vanquish the Beastmen and their Primal gods.


In her standard she wears a midriff-less dress with a pair of blue gauntles and a leather harness, a long half skirt with armoured foulds and thigh high boots. In EX Mode Minfilia changes into the Gallant Surcoat set and replaces her blade and buckler with the Curtana and Holy Shield.

In her first alternate costume the Hempen Camise, Minfilia wears her outfit from the vanilla version of Final Fantasy XIV, wearing a pink croptop, leather gloves and a pair of long durable shorts and high leather boots. In EX Mode Minfilia changes into the Paragons Coat set.

In her second alternate costume the Custom Beret Minfilia wears a black leather halfrobe with yellow sleeves and with matching gloves and pants. In EX Mode Minfilia change to the Lionsmane armor set.

Her Manikin is lilac and called the Ascendent of Obsucurtiy.


In battle Minfilia is known as an Oathkeeper,allowing her to shift between her Sword Oath stance and Shield Oath Stance by holding R and Pressing Square, In Sword Oath stance Minfillia's sword weapon skills have increased priority while in Shield Oath mode Minfillia's shield attacks has increased priority and has blocking has precision guard priority.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Fast Blade Ground Mid Physical A very quick horizontal sword swing that can chain into two rapid sword slashes. Chase
Shield Bash Ground Close Physical Swing Minfilia's shield bearing arm at the enemy smashing them for a single strike of damage. Block, Wallrush
Rage of Halone Ground Close- Mid Physical Swing sword in a horizontal spin to a reverse edged swing and finish with a vertical swing which unleashes a burst of energy through the ground. Can combo without striking. Magic Block, Chase
Shield Lob Ground/ Aerial Long Physical Hurl Minfilia's shield forward piercing through the opponent and dragging them back to Minfilia leaving them open to an attack. N/A
Shield Swipe Ground/ Aerial Long Physical Slash with the edge of Minfillia's buckler in a spinning motion before finishing them off with a powerful stab. Chase
Riot Blade Aerial Close Physical Stab the enemy with a powerful energy charged blow causing the a black hole of energy to compress them. Wallrush
Savage Blade Aerial Mid Physical Unleash a fast moving horizontal spinning slice that will fling the opponent upon striking. Magic Block, Chase

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Circle of Scorn Ground Close- Mid Magical Impale blade into the floor causing columns of energy to emerge from the the ground in an expanding circle that reduce in strength the further they travel around her. Wallrush
Shield Wall Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Generate an unbreakable shield of stone and drop it in front of Minfilia before shooting it straight forward. Block
Last Bastion Ground Close Magical Summon a pair of stout stone pillars to rise on either side in front of Minfillia then join them with a steel wall between them. Wallrush
Spirits Within Aerial Mid Physical Preform a flourshing spin before thrusting sword forth in a powerful stabbing attack. Good for closing distance. N/A
Mighty Guard Aerial Close Magical Create a powerful barrier of interlocking plates around Minfillia and cause plates to shatter when the enemy impacts into them. Can only be used as a counter attack. Block

EX Mode - Relic Reborn

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Fight or Flight EX Ability Increase the power of Minfilia's attacks by 1.5 when in the Sword Oath stance.
Bulwark EX Ability Increase the Minfilia's defense to all attacks by 1.5 when in the Shield Oath stance.
Power of the Echo EX Burst

Bring light to the Mothercrystal by pressing the analog in the indicated directions!

Minfilia strikes the enemy into the EX Zone by hurling the shield through the opponent she then begins a prayer to the mothercrystal as phantoms of her allies begin to form behind her, Upon proper execution Minfilia and the phantom of her friends charge through the opponent overcoming them with a burst of aetherial light.


Minfilia can equip Swords, Daggers, Maces, Bangles, Shields, Large Shields, Heavy Armor, Chestplates, Helmets, Hairpins, Ribbons and Female Exclusives.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Materia-Enhanced Dagger 30 HP -377
BRV +83
ATK +40
DEF -2
DEF +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Rapier, Scarletite x1, Ascendent's Desire x5
Mailbreaker 90 HP -288
BRV +69
ATK +63
DEF -1
DEF +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Materia-Enhanced Dagger, Electrum x1, Ascendent's Dream x5
Curtana 100 HP -328
BRV +79
ATK +68
DEF -1
DEF +15%
Back to the Wall ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Mailbreaker, Celsettia Perfume x1, Ascendent's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Celsettia Perfume Weigh your options carefully and lead everyone to a brighter era.


When Minfilia is faced in battle during story mode, Beneath Bloodied Banners plays as the default background music.


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