Amano Minwu

Minwu was a hero and character representing Final Fantasy II.

White Wizard from Mysidia, he worked as Fynn's Royal Mage, and after Fynn's takeover by the Palamecian Empire, he became Princess Hilda's right-hand man who later assisted Firion and gave his life to break the seal on the ultimate magic - Ultima - to grant further offense against the Emperor

In the game's story mode, his opposing villain was Leon.


Minwu's main appearance is based off of concept artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. He wears thick flowing robes, a turban-like headpiece with his face partly covered and his trademark horned blue/red shield. In EX Mode Minwu's Shield turns Blood Red and he equips the Blood Staff.

His first alternative outfit "White Spirit" is based more around his game appearance in the PSP adddition of Final Fantasy II giving him pure white robes with red trimmings and bearing his trademark shield.

His second alternative outfit "Unmasked Man" is mased more upon the NES appearance which portrayed him with yellower robes and with a different headpiece that does not cover the face.

His Manikin is Yellow and called the Imitation Shaman


Minwu is best described as an Enhancer, fighting by combining the tactics of a White Mage and a Shield User for a defensive strategy. He can heal himself; give himself temporary defences – against either a Brave, HP or projectile attack, double his speed or release bursts of energy. His statistics are good overall but he is fairly slow when not using Haste. The downside is that he can only boost himself against one of these at a time and the second strike in the shields can all be pierced by most guard-breakers.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Shield Toss Ground Throws his shield that grabs the enemy closer for a quick smack by his staff. When the shield begins to recoil back to the player, it is able to Guard Break. Can Wall Rush.
Cura Ground Heals Bravery without attacking or harming the enemy. Requires a long cool down time after casting, but restores more the longer it is charged.
Shell Ground/ Aerial Create a boost which blocks damage by Brave attacks. Only blocks twice before fading, cannot have any other boost in effect when using Shell
Protect Ground/ Aerial Create a boost which blocks damage by HP attacks. Only blocks twice before fading, cannot have any other boost in effect when using Protect
Reflect Ground/ Aerial Create a boost which reflects projectiles. Only reflects twice before fading, cannot have any other boost in effect when using Reflect
Haste Ground/ Aerial Allows Minwu to move and attack twice as fast. Only lasts until hit by an attack. Cannot have any other boost in effect when using Haste
Staff of Light Aerial Minwu raises his staff in the air and fires two homing orbs of Light at the opponent; if both orbs hit then a chase sequence can be initiated.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Shield Charge Ground Minwu charges forwards with his shield in front sending his opponent flying on contact.. Can reflect projectile attacks
Seal Break Ground Releases a wave of energy that spreads out. Can be charged to fire up to three waves consecutively
Light Shield Ground/ Aerial Guard and hold out shield to unleash a burst of energy, can block attacks if timed right. Can Wall Rush for additional damage
Holy Aerial Shoots several balls of light that home in on the opponent from all directions

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Ultima Ground (Chained from Staff of Light) Minwu releases a single orb of light that travels a small distance forward before creating an explosion.

EX Mode – Critical Sacrifice

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Heals HP slowly over time
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Blood Shield EX Ability Minwu recovers HP from any attacks that he blocks using Shell, Protect or Reflect.
Ultima Tome EX Burst Minwu strikes his opponent with his staff and opens up a large floating Tome. It then requires the player to input a series of commands listed on the screen within a time limit. If successful Minwu will barrage the opponent with Ultima attacks before finishing with an explosion. If it fails Minwu just activates the explosion.


Minwu can equip Staffs, Rods, Poles, Books, Parrying Weapons, Shields, Great Shields, Bangles, Hats, Headbands, Ribbons, Clothing, Light Armor, and Robes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Sealed Tome 30 ATK+35 +50 HP DEF+1 Defense+5% Trade: 61000 gil, Battle Folio, Scarletite x1, Shaman's Desire x5
Rose Scroll 90 ATK+58 +100 HP DEF+1 Defense+7% Trade: 158000 gil, Sealed Tome, Electrum x1, Shaman's Dream x5
Ultima Tome 100 ATK+65 +200 HP DEF+2 Defense+10%
Evasion boost Effect
Trade: 182800 gil, Rose Scroll, Stardust x1, Shaman's Hopes x5