"Without his fellow Warriors of Light by his side, it has become difficult to discern right and wrong any longer."

The Monk of Light was a skilled martial artist who prefers his fists over weapons and magic in the original Final Fantasy. He was a member of the Warriors of Light and helped to restore the power of the Crystals and defeat Chaos.


Monk of Light's default appearance is based on his artwork from the Dawn of Souls release of Final Fantasy I. Monk is garbed in a violet jacket with a tattered white undershirt and a red headband tied round his head. He fights with basic Brass Knuckles, as well as his Iron Nunchaku and Power Staff on occasion.

His first alternate outfit is based on his NES Sprite, clothing him in a cyan jacket with a black belt and headband and dying his hair dirty blonde.

His second alternate outfit is based on his PSP Sprite, dressing him in a navy robe with sharper edges and a larger golden belt.

His Manikin version, False Slugger, is blue.


The Monk of Light is a Focus Fighter, using his Chi to focus his energy into his different attacks to alter or amplify their effects. Monk is a purely melee-based character, possessing few ranged options of attack and no magic whatsoever. His attacks mainly require him to stay on top of his opponent at all time, while at the same time, strategizing when to Focus his Chi.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Kick Ground A straightforward, fronthouse kick that launches the opponent upwards in the air. If Focus is activated first, the first kick will knock the opponent upwards slightly before Monk knocks them away with a subsequent roundhouse kick. Initiates Chase.
Nunchaku Ground Rapidly swings a pair of Iron Nunchaku around his body in a circular, horizontal pattern. Can be repeated as long as the button is held.
Cover Counter Ground Steps backwards in a defensive stance. If he is attacked up close during this time, the enemy will stagger and he will teleport behind them, striking them with a powerful fist. Can Wall Rush for Extra Damage
Tenketsu Ground Focuses his energy into his fist and then releases said energy by smashing his fist straight forward, causing an automatic critical hit. If Focused, can crush the opponents guard.
Focus Ground/ Aerial Quickly concentrates his chi energy into his fists, either empowering or altering the effect and damage output of his subsequent attack.
Fist Dance Aerial Pummels the opponent with his fists, performing a four-hit combo ending with a powerful jab with hard fist that knocks the opponent backwards. Can Wall Rush for Extra Damage
Chakra Aerial Circulates chi energy throughout his body, surrounding himself in a faint white aura that regenerates his bravery slowly over time. If Focused, increases the Bravery recovered over time.
Secret Fist Aerial Strikes using a combo of both his fists and his kicks with an increased chance of dealing a critical hit for each hit that is landed.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Explosive Kick Ground Performs a slow, powerful roundhouse kick that, upon contact with an enemy, creates a fiery explosion. Can Wall Rush for Extra Damage
Hundred Fists Ground Rapidly strikes the enemy with his fists in a rapid flurry for minimal damage per hit and ends with one final uppercut.
Shockwave Smash Ground Slams his fist into the earth below, causing pillars of earth to shoot up surrounding him and sending out small shockwaves that cause minor Brave damage if the main HP hit misses.
Chi Blast Aerial Releases all of the chi energy in his body, concentrating it and forming it into a small burst of energy that he releases from the palms of his hands. Deactivates Focus for a short period of time.
Cyclone Staff Aerial Slowly swings his staff around his body in midair, releasing a cyclone that absorbs enemies into the attack from nearby.
Razing Phoenix Aerial Performs a spiral uppercut with his fist ablaze with fire that leaves a trail of flames in its wake. Can Wall Rush for Extra Damage

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Phantom Rush Ground (Chained from Kick) Creates a clone made out of his chi that works together with the real Monk to gang up on the enemy, performing a six hit combo by juggling the enemy between the two. High damage output, but has bad lag afterwards.

EX Mode - Class Change

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate during EX Mode
Blink EX Ability Greatly increases movement speed, leaving holographic images of Monk in his wake as he speeds around the stage than can block damage
Counterstance EX Ability Allows for Monk to teleport behind the enemy and perform a sneak attack if an attack is guarded against.
Lifebane EX Burst In a similar manner to Warrior of Light's EX Burst, the player must input commands on the D-pad to execute a combination of attacks such as Razing Phoenix, Chi Blast, Explosive Kick, Phantom Rush, etc. If input correctly, Monk will unleash one final blow with an aura-enhanced fist for massive damage.


Monk of Light can equip Grappling and Throwing Weapons, Staffs, Poles, Gauntlets, Bangles, Hats, Headbands, Light Armour and Clothing.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Weapon1 30 Stat1
Effect. Trade: 61,000 gil, Base Weapon*, Scarletite x1, <Manikin Noun>'s Desire x5
Weapon2 90 Stat1
Effect Trade: 158,000 gil, Weapon1, Electrum x1, <Manikin Noun>'s Dream x5
Weapon3 100 Stat1
Trade: 182,800 gil, Weapon2, Item* x1, <Manikin Noun>'s Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Item Quote

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