Montblanc was a bonus character in the Dissidian Wars who serves as a Assist Only Character and has no impact on the story


Despite being an Assist-only character, Montblanc has his own set of outfits, all of which are unlocked after purchasing him.

His default costume is his attire from Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, a green turtle neck jacket and red-brown harem pants.

Montblanc's first alternate outfit is his clothing from Final Fantasy A2 wherehis clothes are tidier and lined with yellow, he also appears more mature and his staff is more decorative.

And his second alternate outfit is his appearance from Final Fantasy XII where his clothing is darker and more ornate, his fur appears paler and he gains brown fingerless gloves and shoes, which have toe caps and yellow tongues.


As an Assist-only character, Montblanc is able to cast multi-hitting projectile attacks that track the opponent based on the highest tier magic and the Ultimate Moogle attack from Tactics Advance - Famfrit's Flare.


Move Type Description
Blizzaga Ground (Bravery) Fires a stream of icicles in a line in front of Montblanc at the enemy that homes in on the opponent.
Firaga Aerial (Bravery) Launches large fireballs in an arc towards the opponent that explode on first contact.
Thundaga Flurry Ground (HP) Conjure lightning bolts directly over the opponent's head that crash down explosively.
Famfrit's Flare Aerial (HP) Rains down beams of light followed by a large pillar of light.