Motomu Toriyama
"Fans and haters move aside, hold on to your wigs for Toriyama has arrived."

-Toriyama's words of wisdom.

Notice: This character is simply a joke and should not be taken seriously.

Motomu Toriyama is the infamous director of Final Fantasy XIII, and less known as the event planner of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy VII. He created Final Fantasy XIII in the hopes of making something new and revolutionary, and to bring life to his waifu for laifu, Lightning.

In the Dissidian Wars, Toriyama fights for no specific side, he hacks the game from the interior to do whatever he wishes. However, he cannot accomplish his ultimate fantasies of transforming Dissidia into Gran Pulse because of copyright issues. He has no nemesis, 


Toriyama's default appearance is that of the above picture. Lightning also has her default appearance, but much more cartoony.

Toriyama's first alternate outfit, Presentation, is what he wore to E3 2013, Lightning gains her secondary outfit of white hair.

Toriyama's secondary alternate outfit, I<3Lightning, depicts him in Hope's attire in Final Fantasy XIII, creepy, right. Lightning gains her Guardian Corps alternate outfit.

Toriyama's Manikin, Fleeting Director, is pink.


In battle, Toriyama is described as the Ultoriyama, he uses attacks that reshape the Final Fantasy timeline and uses his Limited Edition Lightning Returns Lightning figurine to do battle for him.

Toriyama can control the Lightning Figurine by inputting commands into an ATB bar above his portrait, Lightning will continue with these attacks while Toriyama does something else, leading into powerful combos.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Lightning Figurine Reaction A miniature Lightning figurine will follow Toriyama around, it will perform certain attacks for him.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Nobody Can See Me Ground Block N/A

Toriyama crosses his arms and hides his face, blocking low and medium priority attacks for a short time.

Magic Block
Go Lightning! Ground/ Aerial Mid Physical

Lightning runs to the enemy and performs a single slash identical to her Final Fantasy XIII attacking and fill up the Assist gauge faster, can be chained. On the sixth strike she will perform a backflip while shooting her gunblade.

Magical Lightning Ground/ Aerial Long Magical

Lightning will cast a magic spell that can be either Fire, Thunder, Blizzard or Aero. The effects are different for each spell and create extra EX Force. Can be chained.

Fire - Lightning creates an orb of fire that flies to the opponent.

Blizzard - Lightning creates a frost that encases the opponent, it hovers around them before striking.

Thunder - Lightning will create a small thunderbolt above the enemy that strikes them.

Aero - Lightning fires an orb of wind at the enemy that can stun them momentarily.

Briefcase Ground/ Aerial Mid Physical

Toriyama summons Wada, who spins for a second before throwing a briefcase at the enemy that explodes into papers when it hits them.

Ultorima Aerial Mid Magical

Toriyama shoots four waves of magic at the enemy, a short delay after each one.

Spinoff Aerial Long Magical

Summons Tabata who spins a deck of cards around him with magic before sending all 52 of them at the enemy, deals incredibly tiny brave damage, but chains well.

Magic Block

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Soft-Boiled Square Ground Mid Magical

Toriyama cooks the Square Enix logo in a frying pan, then throws it at the enemy.

Expert Artwork Ground Mid Physical

Toriyama summons Amano and Nomura, who quickly collaborate to create an intricate design of a sword. Toriyama then propels it at the enemy by kicking it. If the enemy moves too far from it's range, Lightning will teleport to it and slash it with her sword. Knocking it back in the direction of them enemy.

Magic Block
Rescue Aerith  Aerial Close/ Dive Magical

Toriyama summons Kitase who wields Sephiroth's Masamune. He then begins using an attack similar to Hell's Gate, but when the button is released, Toriyama tackles him due to fanservice.


Bravery to Bravery Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Legion of One Ground Mid Physical

(Chains from Go Lightning! and Magical Lightning) Lightning performs her classic Legion of One while wreathed in a golden aura, the final hit of landing on the enemy slams them into the ground.


EX Mode - Super Duper Sequels!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Operation XIII EX Ability Lightning resembles her appearance in Lightning Returns instead of Final Fantasy XIII, allowing her to combo magic and physical attacks into all her attacks and increases her attacking and movement speed.
Interactive Movie EX Burst

Move the camera with the joystick when necessary!

The Lightning figurine blasts the enemy into the EX Area, Toriyama then produces a figurine of himself and lifts up the Lightning figurine. He then begins playing with them like a pair of dolls as unknown things are happening behind the camera to the enemy, causing bravery damage numbers to appear around the edges of the screen. The camera will attempt to move to see what's happening with the enemy, keep the camera on the roleplay. On a perfect execution, Toriyama uses Final Fantasy, he whips both figurines at the enemy, then grows to a massive size, along with the figurines becoming human size. He then starts moving them around with strings on his fingers to attack the enemy about five times each, then he slams both of his hands on the enemy, ending the EX Burst.

On an imperfect execution, he throws away the Toriyama figurine, and the Lightning figurine grows to full size and performs Army of One on the enemy while Toriyama cheers.


Toriyama can equip any weapon, any armor, and female exclusive equipment. The Lightning figurine can also be equipped with any of Lightning's armor.

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Savior 30 ATK +35 EX Intake Range +1m Trade: 122,000 gil, Sun Blade, Scarletite x1, Director's Desire x5
Limited Edition Lightning Figurine 90

ATK +58

EX Intake Range +2m Trade: 316,000 gil, Wightslayer, Electrum x1, Director's Dream x5
Square Enix's Square 100

ATK +68

EX Intake Range +3m

Slight Anti-EX effect

Trade: 395,600 gil, Limited Edition Lightning Figurine, Anti-Hironobu Sakaguchi Spray x1, Director's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Anti-Hironobu Sakaguchi Spray Guaranteed 100% to drive away those pesky video game developers!


When Toriyama is played in Dissidia, the following themes may appear:

When he is on the world map, Lightning's Theme will play.

When he is in a dungeon, Lightning's Theme from Final Fantasy XIII-2 will play.

When he fights a regular battle, The Savior will play.

During boss battles with Toriyama, Crimson Blitz will play.

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