"A young samurai summoned from a far away land, destined to be a legend. His keen eyes and disciplined reflexes add to his youthful strength, which should not be underestimated by his size."


Musashi makes his way to the fray in Dissidia, fighting for Cosmos without hesitation or need for elaboration. While on his way to his training in his homeland, Musashi was summoned to the realm of Antheum, where he would defend the tribe known as the Mystics from the dark intrigues of the innovation corporation Gandrake Enterprises. In battle, he wields a style that focuses on the analysis of the opponent's techniques in tandem with his dual wielded katana and broadsword, to use their very strengths and weaknesses against them in his favor.

While he is easy going and humorous, and at times, dense, he is nonetheless devoted and fervent in his pursuits, and even clever and wile to the opposition.

Crystal and AttireEdit

Musashi's attire is entirely lifted from his appearance from Samurai Legend Musashi, drawn in this iteration of the series by Tetsuya Nomura. He wears a sleeveless black turtleneck bellyshirt with a leather backholster for his greatswords, with khaki pants topped with an out-turned torso collar colored in jungle camo, layered with orange net hakama adornments, and goggles with x shaped lenses atop his forehead akin to a headband. His hair is a spiky, stylized, and fantasized version of a samurai's ponytail, with a mile long streak of hair running behind him.

His first alternate outfit, Humble Beginnings, is based on his outfit from the first game in the series, Brave Fencer Musashi. His hair becomes a jet black, while his bellyshirt and khakis are white, his net hakama black, and his shoes are red. The Great Oar's blade becomes a rusty silver, while the handle is colored gold, resembling the sword Lumina.

His Manikin version, Exotic Stranger, is a black purple.

His crystal is a large melon red hunk, based off of the in game mineral Nebulite and is shaped like the floating crystal that dwells in the Chamber of Rites, which was used to summon him.


Musashi in this iteration is known as a Zanshin Samurai, relying on a unique mechanic known as Zanshin Mode to focus on an opponent's actions to react accordingly to their movements. Meanwhile, his attacks are heavily focused on close ranged, with his heavier and projectile attacks requiring a bit of start up time to execute. While he has a learning curve with Zanshin Mode, Musashi has a very agile, overwhelming, and potentially destructive technical edge that can be well rounded and adjusted to a player's liking.

Zanshin ModeEdit

Zanshin Mode allows Musashi to direct his view onto his opponents, where his mind is in a state of complete awareness and his on field attributes give him more of an edge to attack up close. It is accessed simply by holding down on L.

While Musashi is focusing on the opponent, a gauge called the Focus Gauge near the EX gauge will rise, and he will have his left hand at the ready to pull out his broadsword. Likewise, when the gauge is full, Musashi will ready himself with his swords in hand, meaning he is in Zanshin Mode. The speed that the Focus Gauge rises at is dependent on the thing Musashi is focusing on, projectiles will speed up immediately, while actual opponents will require sometime to focus on. Objects like EX Cores will not boost the Focus Gauge.

While in Zanshin Mode, he is always aimed at the opponent, can backflip and becomes more agile. When he is attacked, a colored exclamation point will appear over his head before the hit lands, and the player must input the right button which the attack and exclamation point corresponds to. Should the player correspond correctly, Musashi will perform a spinning evasive maneuver called the Mushin Counter, which can be maneuvered any direction the player wants, and allowing the player to react however they would like to in turn. Against the actual opponent, Musashi will be allowed to reposition himself for a counterattack, while projectiles can be deflected back at their owners. Counterattacks in Zanshin Mode also have their Critical Hit ratio boosted like the Guard effect.

The Focus Gauge will slowly reset and Zanshin Mode will be removed when Musashi performs a Quickmove, gets attacked, or the target relocates at an untargetable distance.

Brave AttacksEdit

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Chain Attack Ground/Aerial A steady 5 hit combo with both swords that gradually increases in power at the cost of speed. Wall Rush.
Hornet Combo Ground/Aerial A combo that leads into a gradually rapid series of stabbing techniques. Wall Rush.
Shooting Stars Ground/Aerial A spinning dash that attacks in the shape of a star. Hits up to five times when in Zanshin Mode. Knocks away opponent while dashing forward.
Whirling Dervish Ground/Aerial Spin attack eventually having both swords in hand, increasing damage. Slow start up, but has a very wide radius, and can be maneuvered. Wall Rush.
Tremor Thrust Ground Slam the broadsword downwards to unleash a wave of quaking soil. Switches broadsword to the Sword of Earth.
Cascade Cutter Ground/Aerial Cross slash the swords in an X to fire a blast of water. Acts as both a close range and far ranged attack. Wall Rush. Tracks opponent, switches broadsword to the Sword of Water.
Flame Blast Ground/Aerial Swing the broadsword heavily downwards, unleashing three blasts of fire. Explodes for additional damage when it hits the opponent. Switches broadsword to the Sword of Fire.
Hurlwind Ground/Aerial Whip the broadsword, unleashing a multi hitting whirlwind. When in Zanshin Mode, the whirlwind will track the opponent. Initiates Chase. Switches broadsword to the Sword of Wind.
Great Wave Slam Ground/Aerial Attack in a combo that ends with launching the opponent afar with the Great Oar in a spinning attack. Initiates Chase. Switches broadsword to the Great Oar.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Slice and Dice Ground/Aerial Whip out both swords for a fast draw storm of precise cuts. Close ranged, but instantaneous on use.
Samurai Struck Ground/Aerial *Ground: Make a mad dash to the opponent, before kicking them in the face and unleashing a fury of blows. Holding onto Square will continue running.
  • Aerial: Blast forward like a hurricane, engulfing the opponent in a maelstrom of blows. Instantaneous in use, but launches forward only in a straight trajectory.
Mushin Maelstrom Ground/Aerial Spin in a retreating technique, before subduing the opponent with a fierce downwards slash. Successful hit follows into enlarging the Great Oar to a mighty size, before spinning heavily with a wide range.
Tremulous Banishing Blade Ground Slam downwards with the Sword of Earth to unleash a blast of earth before lashing forward and following upwards with the broadsword. Changes the broadsword to the Sword of Earth.
Infernal Hydro Strike Ground/Aerial Charge up and step back, before firing a large forward blast of water in front of you. Changes the broadsword to the Sword of Water.
Double Pyro Cross Aerial Slash in parallel lines vertical and horizontal to unleash flame waves with the Sword of Fire. Tracks opponent, changes the Broadsword to the Sword of Fire.
Karmic Wind Circle Ground/Aerial Spin before unleashing the Sword of Wind in a mighty throw that engulfs the opponent in a tornado and slashes them to pieces. Tracks opponent, changes the broadsword to the Sword of Wind.
Celestial Shadow Strike Ground Start up with a heavy slash from the Sword of the Void, before disappearing and unleashing a storm of blows to finish with a mighty strike from above. Changes the broadsword to the Sword of the Void.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Diving Falcon Ground (Chained from Shooting Stars) Leap up in an arc before preying downwards onto the unsuspecting enemy with the katana.
Fish Fillet Ground (Chained from Chain Attack) Cleave cleanly downwards with both swords in hand, rendering the opponent's sides.
Leaping Tiger Ground/Aerial (Chained from Whirling Dervish) Spin and attack faster and aggressively, before finishing with a final rendering spin.

EX ModeEdit

Musashi makes a ferocious shout, while engulfed in a vermillion and gold aura.

EX Mode - Attained Legend Title!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Ascetic Techniques Mastered EX Ability Both Attack and Defense stats are increased greatly while in EX Mode.
Inner Refuge EX Ability Holding onto R+Square will allow Musashi to meditate, becoming immobile, but fully invincible to any attacks and gradually increases his Brave, while draining the EX Gauge quicker. Any hits during Inner Refuge will result in stagger and magic deflection. Powerful attacks such as Black Fang, or offensive boosts like the Ultima Weapon will result in Inner Refuge and EX Mode to cancel out for both players.
Mushin Mode EX Ability Zanshin Mode switches to Mushin Mode, allowing the Focus Gauge to instantaneously start off full.
Art of the Five Maidens Maelstrom EX Burst Musashi will knock the opponent back with his swords, sending them flying a great distance, and will throw up all of his broadswords into the air, before following up with five slashes from his katana.

After the first initial attack, the player is prompted to direct a dashing Musashi to a glowing ring that will expand the biggest, and upon reaching that ring, input the correct button corresponding to the color of exclamation mark over Musashi's head, allowing him to catch the falling sword.

After catching the sword, the player is prompted to attack to fill a meter and upon its completion, Musashi will retreat to the nearest falling sword. Every successful attempt to obtain a sword will result in Musashi performing at a faster rate. Secretly, if the player holds onto L after grabbing the sword, it shall activate Mushin Mode, and will allow Musashi to input a certain command to perform a special attack that instantaneously fills the gauge.

  • If the EX Burst fails on the first try, Musashi will not complete the Burst, and the damage value will be at the HP Attack that sent the opponent flying.
  • If Musashi fails in the middle of the EX Burst, he will switch to catching the Great Oar before performing a powerful stationary spinning slash.
  • If successfully completed, Musashi will obtain the Sword of the Void, before disappearing by only a streak of his long hair and performing a mighty innate technique with the Great Oar that flashes by and finishes the opponent.



Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Stranger's Katana 1 BRV +20 ATK +20 DEF -2 Initially Equipped
Wanderer's Katana 15 BRV +30 ATK +25 DEF -2 Trade: 37600 gil, Stranger's Katana, Abiding Like Earth x1, Nebulite x1
Samurai's Katana 30 BRV +40 ATK +30 DEF -2 EX Force Intake Range +1m Trade: 75000 gil, Wanderer's Katana, Fluid Like Water x1, Nebulite x1
Guardian's Katana 50 BRV +50 ATK +50 DEF -1 EX Force Intake Range +1m Trade: 97800 gil, Samurai's Katana, Dynamic Like Fire x1, Nebulite x1
Luminary's Katana 70 BRV +70 ATK +60 DEF -1 EX Force Intake Range +2m Trade: 212,000 gil, Guardian's Katana, Pervading Like Wind x1, Nebulite x1
Legend's Katana 100 BRV +80 ATK +70 Minor Riposte and Counter Attack effect; EX Force Intake Range +3m Trade: 598,800 gil, Luminary's Katana, Transcendent Like Sky x1, Nebulite x1, Path of Destiny x1

Parrying Hand ArmorEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Rusty Oar 1 ATK +1 DEF +5 Initially Equipped
Mudcaked Oar 8 ATK +1 DEF +10 Trade: 61000 gil, Rusty Oar, Abiding Like Earth x1, Nebulite x1
Dewsoaked Oar 15 ATK +1 DEF +18
Sizzling Oar 30 ATK +1 DEF +22
Aircarved Oar 50 ATK +1 DEF +39 Trade: 158,000 gil, Samurai's Katana, Pervading Like Wind x1, Nebulite x1
Nie*-Zenith Oar 70 ATK +1 DEF +59 Trade: 182,800 gil, Aircarved Oar, Transcendent Like Sky x1, Nebulite x1
Great Oar 100 ATK +1 DEF +80 Trade: 182,800 gil, Nie-Zenith Oar, Nebulite x1, Path of Destiny x1


Name Stats
Nebulite LUK +4
A mysterious, scintillating, and magical crystalline mineral, that glimmers in all colors of red. Scarletite could be born of this, but it only remains a theory.
Abiding Like Earth LUK +4
Foundations as strong as mountains are a maxim for beginnings. Build upon it, and you will have something to lie back on.
Flowing Like Water LUK +4
Gentle as the stream. Merciless as the sea. Know such things in all of its spectrum, and you shall achieve.
Dynamic Like Fire LUK +4
All flame and blaze begins with spark and wisp. The sage of such force knows how to make one strong and quick.
Pervading Like Wind LUK +4
The gale is no stranger to anyone; boundless like it, one can go anywhere.
Transcendent Like Sky LUK +4
Hesitate? Do not. Question, do not. You cannot reach for the sky, when bound by the unreasonable weight. Let go; get lost in the flow!
Path of Destiny LUK +4
You say you can do anything with your life. Tell me, does the unknown care or know what you want? Deal with it.