“This young girl bears the same name as the ancient seeress responsible for prophesying the War of Transgression. She travels with Caius, but her reasons for doing so are unknown. Yeul speaks little, and her expression rarely gives any hint of her emotions.

-Online Description

Yeul was a large supporting character in Final Fantasy XIII-2. She is a seeress who reappears along the game as Serah and Noel travel the timeline, although the Yeuls they met are reincarnations, not the same one. She had a short lifespan due to her powers as a seeress, and her deaths were a central plot point. The original Yeuls lived in the ancient city of Paddra, located on Gran Pulse. But after a prophecy that the city would fall, it caused unrest and Paddra tore itself apart. The Yeuls traveled with Caius, as he was their guardian. This leads to Caius attempting to destroy history to relieve Yeul of her burden as a seeress.

In the Dissidian Wars, Yeul was the secondary villain of Final Fantasy XIII-2 and on the side of Chaos, acting as a handmaiden to Chaos. She informed Chaos of the possible futures of Dissidia, and he made sure to end it his way. Yeul's main opponents were Serah Farron and Ghido the Sage, due to the others having almost the same power as Yeul. Her motive was to keep the timeline from changing too much, and even goes to the side of Cosmos once she views a vision of this. Both her and Ghido were removed from the Dissidian Wars after they became prime targets of both sides. Yeul was taken down by a tag team of Serah Farron and Lightning, provoking Caius Ballad to take a more active role in the war.


Yeul's default appearance is the image shown above.

Yeul Black Mist
In Yeul's EX Mode, her hair gets put up into the headdress and she gains a thick black aura, very similar to the hostile Yeul seen in certain cutscenes in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Her first alternate costume, Nsu Leader shows her with a palette swap, changing her hair from blue to red, the colours of her dress and shirt from white and lavender to black and burgundy. and her shoes from yellow to green.

Her second alternate costume, Timeless Fal'cie, changes her clothing to resemble the Yoshitaka Amano artwork of Etro. Her clothes and boots are replaced by a long, dark gown and her hair is tucked into her headdress once again, except it resembles more of a crown.

Her manikin, Fleeting Incarnation, is deep violet pink.


Yeul is described as a Silent Seeress. Her attacks revolve around manipulating the foe to get away and perform devastating long-ranged attacks, and getting into EX Mode so that she can perform advanced versions of her Bravery Attacks as HP Attacks.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Etro's Sorrow Ground/ Aerial Mid/ Evade Magical Yeul warps away from the opponent, about Kain's jump height horizontally. Then fires an orb of magical energy in a flurry of sunflowers at the enemy. Chase
Pulse's Resolution Ground/ Aerial Self-Target N/A Yeul summons another Yeul from another time, she acts to both confuse the enemy and protect the current Yeul, she willl mimic all of Yeul's actions but jump in front of an attack if the enemy uses an ability while close enough, she will completely block all low-medium priority attacks and is dispelled immediately on a high priority attack. The copy will only last for 10 seconds. Magic Block
Lindzei's Desire Ground/ Aerial Close Physical Yeul snaps, causing an explosion centred around her that blasts the enemy away if they are caught in it. Magic Block, Wall Rush
Mwynn's Tenderness Ground/ Aerial Self-Target N/A Yeul gradually begins generating bravery without attacking. She can still move, but not jump while it is in use. She will stop chanelling it if she connects with the ground if an aerial use is made. Guard Break, Chase
Bhunivelze's Sleep Ground/ Aerial Self-Target Magical Warps Yeul to a position around the opponent, four other Yeul clones will appear as well at the same distance, they will begin moving towards the enemy, and vanish after one hit. They are all immediately dispelled if the real Yeul is hit. N/A

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Eyes of the Goddess Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Yeul looks up as if having a vision. A cascading orange light will quickly move towards the enemy after this, and blasts them away if it connects. Wall Rush

HP Attacks (EX Mode)

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Etro's Joy Ground/ Aerial Long Magical A large vertical sigil appears behind Yeul, then fires an extremely wide and long-ranged beam at the opponent, it is easy to anticipate and dodge, but devastating if it hits. Wall Rush
Pulse's Compliance Ground/ Aerial Self-Target N/A Creates a barrier around Yeul in the form of an Oracle Drive. It blocks any damage, but only lasts for a very short time, it also lets Yeul hover while in effect. None
Lindzei's Disinclination Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Yeul claps and starts charging, the distance between Yeul and the opponent determines the time that must be spent charging before Yeul creates an explosion centred around the opponent.  Wall Rush
Mwynn's Unkindness Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Yeul gradually begins removing HP from the opponent, draining her own Bravery in the process, she cannot move while channeling, and will not fall either. None
Bhunivelze's Alert Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Does not warp the real Yeul, but creates five clones around the opponent that run towards them, detonating and blasting them upwards upon contact. If one should collide with the enemy, the rest are dispelled. Wall Rush

EX Mode - Black Mist

Name Type Description
Reincarnation EX Ability A more potent Regen, if Yeul is hit by an HP attack, she gains the HP damage received as Bravery.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Oracle Drive EX Ability (Hold R + Square) Yeul begins charging, after a long delay, she summons a hologram of the Oracle Drive around the opponent, which then shrinks and crushes them, instantly breaking their Bravery.
Beneath a Timeless Sky EX Burst

Solve the anomaly!

Yeul smells a flower as magic forces the enemy into the EX Area. Time gates appear in random locations around the EX Area, each showing a clock coming to halt. The opponent and Yeul are then sucked into a Time Gate, The player is then shown a bird's eye view of a Temporal Anomaly from Final Fantasy XIII-2 the player must then move Yeul along the border of the shown image before time runs out, on a perfect execution, the "Anomaly Resolved!" message will appear, then Yeul uses Giga Flare which causes a group of clouds to form in the sky, being broken by a huge laser which deals massive damage to the enemy, and ends the EX Burst.

On an incorrect input, The opponent is thrown into a time paradox, cutting off some of the EX Area. They are heavily damaged, then the "Anomaly Resolved!I" message will appear, ending the EX Burst.


Yeul can equip Rods, Staves, Thrown, Instruments, Poles, Parrying, Bangles, Hairpins, Headbands, Ribbons, Clothing, Robes, and Female-exclusive equipment.

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Oerba Flower 30 BRV -20 DEF +2 ATK +15 EX Core Absorption +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Rune Bell, Scarletite x1, Incarnation's Desire x5
Void Beyond 90 BRV -48 DEF +1 ATK +36 EX Core Absorption +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Oerba Flower, Electrum x1, Incarnation's Dream x5
Ruler of Paddra 100 BRV -168 DEF +1 ATK +74 EX Core Absorption +20%
Slight Counterattack effect.
Trade: 182,800 gil, Void Beyond, Artefact x1, Incarnation's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Artefact A crystal used to activate Time Gates.


When Yeul is fought in Dissidia, an orchestrated version of Heart of Chaos plays.

During her final boss encounter with Serah, Unseen Abyss plays.

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