"The gracefully enchanting princess from the kingdom of Cornelia. A skilled mage that is willing to sacrifice anything to help those dear to her."

Princess Sara

Princess Sarah is a character representing Final Fantasy.

In the original title, before the arrival of the Warriors of Light. She was kidnapped by Garland and brought to the Chaos Shrine. After she was rescued, she gave her precious lute to the Warriors. The lute helped them in finding their way inside the Chaos Shrine and confront Garland one last time.

In the game's story mode she becomes a Warrior of Cosmos, hoping that she can stop cycle of death and rebirth, so that they can return to their respective worlds. She accompanies the Warrior of Light in his journey as she uncovers the true nature of the cycle of war.

Attire Edit

Sarah's base outfit is based on her Yoshitaka Amano's artwork; a pale, long, golden ballgown and a flowing head scarf over her headpiece. Her head ornament and accessories are adorned with red jewels, and her headpiece also has horns on it. Her pendant is embellished with complex pieces of jewelry that looks like its incorporated into her dress. In EX Mode, her outfit becomes whiter and she gains a bright, golden aura.

Sarah's first alternate outfit, "Aquamarine Blossom", is based on her in-game sprite on Final Fantasy. Sarah wears a simple, mint green and white colored dress and a golden crown with a red jewel fitted at its center. Her hair is also colored mint green and it is much more longer and her eyes turned to blue.