Prishe is a secret playable character in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, appearing with Shantotto as the second representative of Final Fantasy XI. A confident and foul-mouthed tomboy, she is a combination Monk and White Mage and also fights with magic and weapon skills. In her original game she was intended to be the vessel for Promathia, the Twilight God, until the darkness inside of her was crystallized, turning her immortal. Along with Selh'teus and the player character, Prishe was instrumental in Promathia's destruction. Like Shantotto, Prishe is a Warrior of Cosmos and, as a secret character, she has no impact on the main storyline and no villain opposing her. However, she is mostly responsible for recruiting the Warrior of Light.


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  • EX Mode
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  • Alt 2 EX Mode
Prishe is a female Elvaan with long lavender hair, pointed ears, and blue eyes. She wears black shorts with a black top and frilly purple sleeves, a gold and silver peineta on her head, and tan boots. She also bears a blue crystal amulet on her chest.

Prishe's first alternate outfit "Custom Corsage+" recolors her top and sleeves white, her ribbon blue, her amulet red, and her boots and shirt black and white.

Prishe's second alternate outfit "Magna Top" is based on the Magna Top and Magna Shorts from the Sunbreeze Festival event in Final Fantasy XI, which takes place during real-life summertime. Prishe wears brown boots and a bikini-like blue and brown top. Rather than the blue bikini bottom present in the original Magna attire, Prishe retains her frilly black shorts.

Prishe's manikin, the Horror of Antiquity, is brown.


Prishe is described as a Combo Blitzer, fighting using weapon skills from Final Fantasy XI. Similar to Onion Knight, Prishe can pre-set certain follow-ups to her melee Bravery attacks in the menu, allowing her to chain any two of her melee attacks together. This gives Prishe a high degree of versatility and customization. Additionally, combining certain attacks in this way can result in a Skillchain that increases the damage done. Prishe is also one of the fastest characters in the game, and the third-fastest while in EX Mode, trailing only Feral Chaos and Tidus in their own EX Modes. However, her HP attacks are a bit slow, and though she has some charging attacks she is most proficient in close-quarters combat.

CP and AP costs for Prishe's follow-up attacks are shared between base attacks, so once Prishe masters a follow-up under one base Bravery attack, it is mastered under all of them. Of her base Bravery attacks, only Banish and Holy cannot have follow-ups set. Prishe learns her follow-up attacks at the same level as she learns the base attack. All of Prishe's Skillchains have the same power and deal Physical damage, the only difference between them is their name and appearance.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Skillchaining Ability Automatically initiate added attacks when certain combinations of Brave Attacks and Follow-ups are done

Brave Attacks - Base

Name Type Description
Combo Ground Prishe unleashes a three hit punch flurry sending the enemy into chase. Also causes the following attack to generate more EX force.
Howling Fist Ground Prishe does a punching charge towards the enemy. This move can also be charged by holding down O. Guard staggers when charged.
Dragon Kick Ground Performs a round kick launching the opponent in the air. Can be charged by holding the O button. When charged, it fires a projectile that can stagger guard.
Shoulder Tackle Ground Prishe leaps back first before performing a swift shoulder strike to the enemy. Can be used to dodge attacks
Banish Ground Prishe sends a straight light projectile at the enemy tracking towards them.
Backhand Blow Aerial Prishe performs a spinning downward strike to the opponent. Crushes guard.
Spinning Attack Aerial Prishe performs a twisting double handed angular strike dealing damage.
Raging Fist Aerial Prishe performs a 5 hit punch flurry. May initiate a chase
One Inch Punch Aerial Prishe hits the enemy with a charged wind punch and sends them flying. Can be charged by holding the O button. Guard crushes when charged.
Holy Aerial Prishe unleashes the holy spell which takes the form of a small white glowing orb that slowly tracks to the opponent.

Brave Attacks - Follow-Ups

Name Type Description
Combo Ground Prishe performs a three-hit punching combo. May initiate a chase
Howling Fist Ground Prishe launches a punch that can also be charged. May initiate a chase
Dragon Kick Ground Prishe delivers a kick that launches the opponent into the air. Can be charged by holding the O button. May initiate a chase
Shoulder Tackle Ground Prishe slams into the opponent with her shoulder. Can Wall Rush
Backhand Blow Aerial Prishe slams the opponent downwards into the ground. Can Wall Rush
Spinning Attack Aerial Prishe spins with arms forward for a fiery strike. Can Wall Rush
Raging Fist Aerial Prishe unleashes a five-hit flurry of punches and kicks. May initiate a chase
One Inch Punch Aerial Prishe punches forward with a mighty wind-empowered punch. Can Wall Rush for additional damage

Skill Chains (Brave to Brave)

Name 1st Attack Follow-up Description
Liquefaction Combo/ Howling Fist/ Raging Fist Spinning Attack Launches enemy into the air and hits them with a red liquid blast
Detonation Combo/ Shoulder Tackle/ One Inch Punch/ Raging Fists/ Howling Fists Backhand Blow Throws the enemy into the ground with an explosion for extra kick.
Transfixion One Inch Punch Howling Fist Two explosions hit the enemy, launching them away. May initiate a chase
Reverberation Howling Fist Shoulder Tackle Launches the enemy away.
Impaction Shoulder Tackle Combo/ Shoulder Tackle/ Raging Fists/ Spinning Attack/ Howling Fists Several rings of light expand from the enemy.
Compression Howling Fist One Inch Punch Rings of light converge on the enemy.
Fusion Spinning Attack Combo/ Shoulder Tackle/ Raging Fists/ Spinning Attack An enormous explosion engulfs the enemy. May initiate a chase
Gravitation Backhand Blow One Inch Punch Enemy is hit with an enormous gravity ball.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Asuran Fists Ground Prishe dashes slightly forward, before delivering a flurry of punches and uppercuts, which eventually results in knocking the opponent to the floor, dealing HP damage.
Nullifying Dropkick Ground Prishe performs a spinning dropkick while covered in a magical aura, and homes in on the opponent, damaging them.
Auroral Uppercut Aerial Prishe floats towards the opponent, then performs an uppercut with a glowing white fist
Banishga Aerial Prishe releases a circular burst of magic that spreads outward from Prishe, damaging the opponent.

EX Mode - Two-Hour Ability!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Hundred Fists EX Ability Increases Prishe's movement speed and allows her to chain up to three weapon skills in a combo, performing the follow-up attack twice and resulting in Double Skillchains to highly increase her damage output.
The Five Lights EX Burst Prishe attacks with a combo of punches before five orbs of light appear. Five button commands appear on the screen and the player must press them in sequence, Prishe dashing to an orb and kicking it at the opponent with each press. Prishe finishs by hurling a magicite shard at the opponent, creating an explosion of energy. Failure to input correctly results in one of the lights not being used to attack and less Bravery damage done. The sequence of buttons always moves clockwise around the control pad.

Double Skill Chains (EX Mode Only)

Name 1st Attack Follow-up Description
Liquefaction -> Fusion Combo/ Raging Fist/ Howling Fist Spinning Attack x2 Launches enemy into the air and hits them with a red liquid blast -> An enormous explosion engulfs the enemy. May initiate a chase
Reverberation -> Impaction Howling Fist Shoulder Tackle x2 Launches the enemy away -> Several rings of light expand from the enemy.
Impaction -> Liquefaction Shoulder Tackle Spinning Attack x2 Several rings of light expand from the enemy -> Launches enemy into the air and hit them with a red liquid blast.


Prishe can equip Thrown Weapons, Grappling Weapons, Instruments, Poles, Maces, Parrying Weapons, Bangles, Gauntlets, Bracers, Rings, Hats, Hairpins, Headbands, Clothing, Light Armor, Chestplates, and Female Exclusive Equipment.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Koenigs Knuckles 30 HP -659
BRV +83
ATK +40
Assist Gauge Duration +10% Trade: 61000 gil, Sonic Knuckles, Scarletite x1, Horror's Desire x5
Spharai 90 HP -522
BRV +69
ATK +63
Assist Gauge Duration +20% Trade: 158,000 gil, Koenigs Knuckles, Electrum x1, Horror's Dream x5
Glanzfaust 100 HP -595
BRV +79
ATK +68
Assist Gauge Duration +30%
Slight Counterattack Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Spharai, Tarragoner x1, Horror's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Tarragoner Do not let food go to waste.
  • Tarragoner had a different description in Dissidia Duodecim.