Encounters (Generic) Edit

Opponent level >10 lower than PrisheEdit

Hey, you sure about this?

Wait, so, you're serious?


You want a fight? You got one.

The mighty Prishe is here!

Gonna have me some fun this time!

Opponent level >10 higher than PrisheEdit

Better crank it up a notch!

Great goddess...grant us your strength!

Prishe has low HealthEdit

Get your dukes up!

Let's get it on!

Opponent has low healthEdit

It's playtime with Prishe!

Welcome to Painville!


Huh, you wanna piece of me?
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle

Gotta see this through to the end.
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle

I'll take you all on!
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

Oh alrighty, now we see who's the best!
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

Haha, you're all mine this time!
Warrior of Light

What's with all you grim and brooding types?

Loosen up a bit, you're bringing me down!

Straight back to hell for you!
The Emperor

I know better than to judge by looks.
Onion Knight

Will my fist go straight through you?
Cloud of Darkness

Play nice now...

If you don't hold back, I won't.

I can't stand listening to these preachy types!

Not playing with a full deck, are ya?

C'mon, pick a sword! Any sword!

You make a big deal out of nothing, really.

Try not to lose your cool, 'kay?

You got some explaining to do, you creepy clown!

I'll beat that hesitation outta ya.

You're not the only one with kicks!

I'm gonna wrap you 'round my little finger.

Quit with the strong and silent act.

Here's a guy who's not scared to look stupid!

Time ain't something you should mess with.

If you gonna flee, better do it now!
Zidane're kinda unstable, huh?

You think I can be an ace too!?

You can summon stuff? I wanna see!

You're just fooling yourself, old man.

Hey Doc, take it easy, huh?

Have I been...looking for the end all along?

You got spirit, I like that.

What's the law on fists in the face?

I can tell you're gonna be a handful.

This "end of the world" thing, ends now!

I'm not gonna let you tear the world apart!
Feral Chaos

Cosmos...I'm so sorry...

Whose side are ya' on!?
Cosmos Warriors

I'll deal with you...after lunch.
Chaos Warriors


when using Howling Fists (one)

And again!
when using Backhand Blow (two) or Shoulder Tackle (two)

Ready... Go!
when using Shoulder Tackle (one)

No stopping me!
when using Howling Fists (two)

Right through ya!
when using One Inch Punch (two)

Down ya go!
when using Spinning Attack (two)

And stay down!
when using Raging Fists (two)

Nighty night!
when using Asuran Fists

Feed me...sirloin steak!
alternate when using Asuran Fists

You can't stop it!
when using Nulifying Dropkick

Let me have...the sardine sushi!
alternate when using Nulifying Dropkick

Open your eyes!
when using Auroral Uppercut

Gimme a bite of...spicy hot tacos!
alternate when using Auroral Uppercut

Grant us...the light of the dawn.
when using Banishga

Stuff my mouth with...ripe rolanberries!
alternate when using Banishga

What goes around comes around!
when activating EX Mode

Prishe is here, where's the grub?
alternate when activating EX Mode

How's THAT for ya?!
when begining EX Burst

It's getting way past my lunchtime
alternate when beginning EX Burst

My will to live... I'll show you just how strong it is!
upon perfect EX Burst execution

when finishing EX Burst

Knuckle sandwich, a la Prishe!
when activating EX Revenge

I can't believe I looo...bster
alternate when activating EX Revenge

It's about damn time!
when called as an Assist

Aw heeell!
the final blow

Victory Edit

Wasting my time!

I almost broke a sweat.

Sorry...guess I'm just better!
Finish with low HP

You lose, I win!
Finish with low HP

You should've just walked away.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

Thought you had me did ya? Think again.
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Oh yeah!
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Defeat Edit

I was just warming up, y'know?

You just wait 'till next time!

That...that was only a practice run!

You're lucky I held back!
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

You...I'll remember you!
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Not's not over yet!
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

Damn it! Damn it all to Hell!
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)