"A squire who forsakes his noble lineage for the sake of justice and right, wtih both bravery and faith he commands abilites greater then his station suggests."


Ramza Beoulve is a hero and character representing Final Fantasy Tactics.

In the original title Ramza aided his brothers in a fight with the Corpse Brigade but after events that resulted in the death of his peasant friends younger sister Tietra, Ramza grew disillusioned and abandoned his position to live as a mercenary. Its during his travels that Ramza becomes entangled with an ancient conspiracy perpetrated by the Church of Glabados that threatens to ressurect the ancient Esper Ultima through the bloodshed caused by the War of the Lions.


Ramza's standard outfit is identical to his standard design in Final Fantasy Tactics he's seen wearing very dark purple, heavy armor plating on his torso, elbows, shoulders(with two spikes on each shoulder protector, over a black leather turtle-neck fabric of sorts, which covers the wrists of his brown leather gloves over white gauntlets. He wears white, plated, long boots that go past the knee while the "knees" have two spikes on each protector, over brown leather trousers. In his EX Mode one gold star appears floating above Ramza's head.

Ramza's first alternate outfit, Heretic's Plate is based on the outfit he wears in the final chapter, his shoulders, elbows, forearms, hands, legs, and feet are plated with a cyan-colored armor. The shoulder protectors are housed in an oval hole on the inside of a thick, black fabric at each shoulder. His elbow protectors are worn outside of the black fabric garment, along with his arm protectors, and hand protectors worn over leather gloves. The black fabric also has an applique of a white bull's head on the front of his chest. The legs are supported by a brown leather strapped girdle with a gold buckle, over the black fabric, holding leather groin and thigh suspenders, worn over white leather pants. The thigh protectors are made of 2 layers that move together with the thigh, that move together with 2 knee protectors, which are both supported by fitted straps. The lower leg and feet protectors are worn over brown boots.

Ramza's second alternate outfit the Squire's Tunic is based on the outfit he wears in the first chapter he is shown to wear a set of armor over a blue long-sleved tunic, meant to signify his nobility as a Beoulve, and a white cape . With this, he wears brown leather gloves, long leather boots that go over his knees, over black trousers.

His Manikin is light purple and called the Archaic Heretic and is indigo in hue.


Ramza is a Venerable Valiant who employs attacks which increase in strength the higher his Bravery (Seperate from the standard BRV stat) and Faith levels are. Bravery and Faith decrease at a slow but constant pace when Ramza is idle and increase the more damage he deals with his Physical and Magical attacks respectively.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Bravery and Faith Ability Ramza has two numbers independent of HP and Bravery under his portrait, and have a maximum of 100%. Attacks shift if the numbers are at least 50% or Maximum charge.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Throw Ground Mid-Long Physical Ramza tosses a forward traveling projectile at the enemy in a forward arc, strength is dependent on Ramza's Brave bar.

  • Stone: Throw rock at the enemy dealing light damage.
  • Throw Sword: Throws Ramza's sword instead causing Guard Crush rather then stagger.
  • Throw Shuriken: Throws a large shuriken that does a wallrush as well as multiple strikes in addition to Guard Crush.
Guard Break, Guard Crush (Throw Sword and Shuriken), Wallrush (Throw Shuriken)
Bushido Ground Close Physical

Assails the enemy with sword techniques at close range, Combo length is dependent on Ramza's Brave bar.

  • Fundaments: Pierce the enemy with four fencing stabs forward.
  • Jump: Extends the piercing attacks with a jumping downward stab.
  • Chirijiraden: Finishes the combo by sheathing sword and drawing it slashing the enemy with a blade entrenched in blue fire.
Fire Magicks Ground Long Magical

Summons a wick of flames to rise upon the enemy. Strength is dependent on Ramza's Faith bar.

  • Fire: Summons a single wick of fire at the enemies location.
  • Magma Surge: Summons a geyser of lava to emerge and shoot up from the enemies location.
  • Summon Ifrit: Summons a burning djinn in a whirlwind of fire at the enemies location.
Absorb (Summon Ifrit)
Martial Arts Ground/ Aerial Mid Physical Assault the enemy with brutal hand to hand combat at close range. Combo length is dependent on Ramza' Bravery bar.

  • Rush: Ramza pulls back then charges forward with a heavy tackle.
  • Bonecrusher: Ramza follows up with an energy charged roundhouse kick.
  • Doom Fist: Finally he finishes the combo with a double fisted punch charged with evil energy.
Wallrush, Magic Block
Healing Magicks Ground/ Aerial Special Magical Charges then restores bravery without fighting. Strength is dependent on Ramza's Faith bar.

  • Chant: Increases BRV by 150
  • Hi-Potion: Increases BRV by 400
  • Curaga: Increases BRV by 750.
Steel Ground/ Aerial Special Physical Hold circle to charge Ramza's Bravery precentage, the longer it is held the more he can increase it. N/A
Belief Ground/ Aerial Special Magical Hold circle to charge Ramza's Faith precentage, the longer it is held the more he can increase it. N/A
Arts of War  Aerial Close Physical Assault the enemy with brutal hand to hand combat at close range. Combo length is dependent on Ramza' Bravery bar.

  • Rend Armor: Strikes with a vertical rising slash.
  • Double Handed: Grips sword in two hands and slashes the enemy in a powerful dashing slice.
  • Sanguine Sword: Finishes the combo by summoning a phantom sword from under them launching them upward.
Wallrush (Sanguine Sword)
Ice Magicks Aerial Close Physical

Conjures sharp ice projectiles to launch at the enemy. Strength is dependent on Ramza's Faith bar

  • Blizzard: Create sharp icicles and fire them first spreading out then homing in.
  • Snowstorm: Summons spinning snowflakes in place of icicles that travel further and faster.
  • Summon Shiva: Summons the ice witch Shiva who creates an explosion of snow when the flakes strike the enemy.

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Abyssal Blade Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Summon a phantom sword under the enemy launching them upward with a mighty stab. Wallrush
Crushing Blow Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Dark magick encircles an enemy and crushes them in a ball of dark energy. Magic Block
Unholy Sacrifice Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Cause an miniture explosion of dark magic around self the size of which can be adjusted by charging. Absorb, Wallrush
Infernal Strike Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Summon a trail of red energy spikes to follow the opponent. Excellent tracking. Absorb

EX Mode - Job Mastered

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Zodiac Brave EX Ability Ramza's Bravery and Faith bars are permenantly charged to 100%.
Shout Special Press R and Square to activate this ability, Charge and let loose a fearsome warcry doubling your BRV Points.
Mettle EX Burst Cast Ultima on the tile the enemy occupies!

Ramza will pierce the enemy into the EX Zone and then begin chanting his spell as a tactics menu will open, you must cast Ultima so it will hit the tile the enemy is on. Upon correctly casting Ramza will cast his powerful Ultima spell where several glowing wisps of magic will descend on the enemy then generate a powerful energy field with a large tower of magic rising from it.


Ramza can equip Swords, Great Swords, Daggers, Axes, Hats, Helmets, Shields, Gauntlets, Large Shields, Clothes, Heavy Armor and Robes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Arondight 30 ATK +40 EX Mode Duration +15% Trade: 61,000 gil, Rapier, Scarletite x1, Heretic's Desire x5
Valhalla 90 ATK +63 EX Mode Duration +20% Trade: 158,000 gil, Arondight, Electrum x1, Heretic's Dream x5
Barbaneths Pride 100 ATK +68 EX Mode Duration +25%
Counter Attack ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Valhalla, Grass Whistle x1, Heretic's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Grass Whistle Wish not to vanquish the wicked, but to aid those wronged by them.


When Ramza is faced in battle during story mode, Antipyretic plays as the default background music.


  • Coming Soon!


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