Ramza Beoulve is a member of House Beoulve, a family well respected in his world due to his father and for his half-brothers being war generals. His motivations for fighting change from time to time due to his different views of honor. He realizes that honor and virtue means nothing if manipulation of others and other evil deeds are used to gain them, so he fights for the true meaning of virtue. Because of this, he becomes branded a heretic by the Church of Glabados. He, along with his team, defeats Ultima, becoming a true hero. His story was never known to the public until hundreds of years later.

His main rival is Delita Heiral, both of which are trying to defeat Ultima.


Ramza's base attire is his second sprite, as shown. In EX Mode, he resembles his third sprite.

Ramza's first alternative outfit, "Heart of Beoulve", resembles Ramza 2 with the colors of Ramza's first outfit. In EX Mode, Ramza 3 wears mainly yellow and pink, the colors of his sister, Alma.

Ramza's last alternative outfit, "Soul of Beoulve", has him wear Ramza 1's complete outfit. His EX Mode makes him wear the generic Squire's outfit.

Ramza's knife is the Main Gouche, an orange dagger with a grey handle. His sword matches the rapier in Ramza 1's artwork. The greatsword matches the sword shown with Ramza 2's artwork. The Axe is the Giantaxe, a brown and green axe. When equipping Grappling weapons, he becomes barehanded.

In EX Mode, regardless of outfit, Ramza equips the Moonblade, a long silver sword with a pale purple handle. All moves which require a weapon aside from Punch and Pummel will utilize the Moonblade instead of the intended weapon, meaning that some moves will have greater range. Even though the Moonblade has the same size as the Greatsword, it is treated like a regular sword when it comes to moving with it and the Moonblade use all weapon boosts

His Manikin, Archaic Heretic, is colored grey.


Almost all of Ramza's Brave attacks can be done in both the ground and midair and can be chained. However, Ramza does not have that many HP attacks.

Most of Ramza's attacks do 50% more damage depending on the type of weapon the player equips on Ramza before battle, along with greater effects from the weapon type depending on weapon.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Stone Ground [Does not affect any weapon] Ramza quickly throws a small rock towards the enemy with Mid range.
Knife Stab Ground/ Aerial [Affects Knife] Ramza takes out his knife and stabs the opponent three times.
Sword Slice Ground/ Aerial [Affects Sword] Ramza takes out his sword and slashes the opponent twice.
Greatsword Slash Ground/ Aerial [Affects Greatsword] Ramza takes out his greatsword and slashes the opponent once. Chase
Axe Chop Ground/ Aerial [Affects Axe] Ramza takes out his axe and chops the opponent. Powerful, but slow. Wall Rush
Punch Ground/ Aerial [Affects Grappling] Ramza gets rid of his weapon and punches his opponent. Chase
Rush Ground/ Aerial [Does not affect any weapon] Runs (or Air Dashes) faster than usual to ram the enemy. Whether it hits or not, Ramza stops for half a second later. Wall Rush
Aurablast Ground/ Aerial [Does not affect any weapon] Attacks from afar by emitting battle spirits. Ramza is still during the attack, meaning that Ramza does not get affected by gravity when used midair.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Shockwave Ground [Affects Sword, Axe, and Greatsword] Attack from the ground in a straight line. Equipping a Sword makes the attack faster. Equipping an Axe increases the range of the attack. Equipping a Greatsword makes an area-of-effect, spreading the attack. EX Mode combines the three effects.
Cyclone Attack Ground/ Aerial [Affects all weapons] The user equips the specific weapon equipped to him before battle and spins to attack enemy with weapon 3 times (4 with Knife, 5 with Fist). In EX Mode, this attack has the range of the Greatsword and hits 5 times regardless of weapon.
Doom Attack Ground/ Aerial [Affects Knife, Sword, and Grappling] Very slow attack, but if hits, enemy Brave slowly decreases until enemy Breaks along with HP damage. The Knife increases the Brave dropped, the Sword increases the rate of Brave drop, and Grappling is a faster attack. EX Mode combines the three effects.
Ultima Aerial [Does not affect any weapon] Light falls down on the enemy and attacks with a sphere of energy.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Sinkhole Ground [Affects Sword] (Chained from Sword Slice) Traps enemy with a warp in space-time, later attacks.
Throw Ground/ Aerial [Affects Knife] (Chained from Knife Stab) The user throws the knife. The knife disappears and returns to the user.
Rend Weapon Ground/ Aerial [Affects Greatsword] (Chained from Greatsword Slash) Disables use of enemy's pre-battle-equipped weapon. Lasts until enemy is in Break Mode.
Magma Surge Ground/ Aerial [Affects Axe] (Chained from Axe Chop) Enemy is pushed down to the ground. Later, lava rises to the enemy, damaging the enemy. Attack fails if enemy does not land on ground.
Pummel Ground/ Aerial [Affects Grappling] (Chained from Punch) Dashes to enemy. Does Brave damage 5 times, later an HP Attack.
Wind Slash Aerial [Affects Sword] (Chained from Sword Slice) Traps enemy with atmospheric power, later attacks.

EX Mode - Forgiveness

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Shout EX Ability Doubles Brave. Only doubles Brave the user currently has at the time of EX Mode activation.
Revive EX Ability Regains use of summon. Only occurs during first instance of EX Mode.
Equip Moonblade EX Ability All moves that affect a particular type of weapon becomes boosted, regardless of weapon equipped.
All-Ultima EX Burst The player must hold O for a count of 2.5-3 seconds to charge and use All-Ultima which finishes with several powerful explosions around the opponent. Failure results in a simple lunge at the opponent.


Ramza can equip Knives, Swords, Greatswords, Axes, Grappling Weapons, Shields, Headbands, Light Armor and Heavy Armor.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Platinum Sword 30 ATK +39 Damage +5% Trade: 61000 gil, Iron Sword, Scarletite x1, Heretic's Desire x5
Nagrarock 90 ATK +63 Damage +7% Trade: 158,000 gil, Platinum Sword, Electrum x1, Heretic's Dream x5
Moonblade 100

ATK +69 DEF +2

Damage +10%
Counterattack effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Nagrarock, Spirit Stone x1, Heretic's Hopes x5