Rem Tokimiya was a playable character in Final Fantasy Type-0. She is a newly added member of Class Zero who wields a pair of daggers. Due to being a recent addition to the ranks of Class Zero, she wasn't assigned any number. Rem suffers from an incurable illness that will eventually kill her but hides it while trying various cures that cause her great pain.

During the Dissidian Wars, Rem fought on Cosmos' side. Her memories of her past were hidden from her, although she remembered that she had a secret. However, near the end of the 5th Cycle, her memories were returned along with her secret - she was dying, with her memories restored so was her illness, crippling her and removing her from the cycles.


Rem’s basic attire is based off of her in-game appearance of the Magic Academy Peristylium Uniform, which consists of a long-sleeve black jacket with gold shoulder pads, a red plaid skirt hemmed with black lace, and the red mantle of Class Zero. In EX Mode, Rem's eyes glow and a floating golden l'Cie brand appears near her arm.

Her alternative costume 'Summer Uniform' consists of a short-sleeve white blouse covered by a black vest, and a black plaid skirt with two interlocking belts, as well as Class Zero's red mantle.

Her 3rd costume 'Hooded Uniform' dresses in the red hooded mantle worn by Class Zero when undercover with the hood up. In EX Mode the hood is down.

Rem’s manikin Hidden Blade is peach


Rem fights as a Nimble Blade, using many multiple-part attacks and combos when fighting her opponents. Her movement and attack speeds are quite high, however she is frail in terms of long-range attacks and her HP attacks require her to be near her opponent to be used to full potential.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Dancing Daggers Ground A close-range three part combo of two slashes ending in a thrusting stab. Can Wall Rush for additional damage and can initiate a chase sequence.
Convert Ground/ Aerial Charges by holding O, if fully charged, reduces Rem’s Current HP by 10% to increase Brave by equivalent amount of HP lost. Aerial version cancels when landing.
Doublecast Ground/ Aerial Fires an orb of magic straight at the opponent, tapping O before the orb hits causes Rem to fire another orb at the opponent which is slightly faster than the previous. If timed correctly it is possible to fire up to six orbs.
Dagger Shot Ground/ Aerial Flings dagger forwards at opponent, if it misses it returns by same path as throw, if it hits an opponent or obstacle Rem charges forwards stabbing with other dagger.
Aspir Venom Aerial Swings daggers in front of Rem leaving a trail of venom. The venom poisons the opponent, causing Brave damage over time for 5 seconds. The dagger swing can initiate a chase sequence

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Dagger Storm Ground Throws daggers straight at opponent, firing can be timed by charging. Can Wall Rush for additional damage
Aspir Field Ground/ Aerial Creates a force field around Rem that deals brave damage to any hit before expanding outwards in an explosion dealing HP damage. Can Wall Rush for extra damage.
Boomerang Daggers Ground/ Aerial Throws both daggers in opposing arcs (one to the left, one to the right), the first dagger deals Brave damage, the second deals HP damage.
Magic Satellite Aerial Summons a beam of magic energy to strike the opponent directly from above them. Can be blocked by obstacles and terrain.

EX Mode - L'Cie

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate during EX Mode
L'Cie Powers EX Ability All multi-hit attacks follow through their whole combo without needing to hit opponent or have attacks timed.
'Don't Die' EX Ability Assists can take extra hits before disappearing.
Cascade EX Burst The player is given 10 seconds to find two ‘kill sight’ spots on opponent. If both are correctly found, Rem stabs both daggers into the opponent pinning them down before releasing a torrent of magic upon them. If the player fails Rem cross-slashes her opponent instead.


Rem can equip Daggers, Katanas, Thrown Weapons, Parrying, Bangles, Hats, Hairpins, Ribbons, Light Armour, Robes, Clothing and Female Exclusive Equipment

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Dual Daggers 30 ATK +38
DEF +2
Brave Recovery +25% Trade: 61,000 gil, Dagger, Scarletite x1, Blade's Desire x5
Duelling Daggers 90 ATK +63
DEF +1
Brave Recovery +50% Trade: 158,000 gil, Dual Daggers, Electrum x1, Blade's Dream x5
Double Orichalcum 100 ATK +69
DEF +2
Brave Recovery +75%
Trade: 182,800 gil, Duelling Daggers, Item* x1, Blade's Hopes x5