Rydia is a Warrior of Cosmos and was one of Cecil's companions in Final Fantasy IV.  She traveled with Cecil as a child, and later as an adult after growing up in the Feymarch, where time passes more quickly.  Rydia dislikes working alongside people that have hurt her in the past, but is willing to put past differences aside to deal with more significant problems.  She is also willing to forgive those that she feels have genuinely tried to make up for bad things that they have done.  Skilled in both Black Magic and Summoning, Rydia uses both to fight, as well as her whip.  Due in part to wanting to deal with bigger issues rather than worry about minor disagreements, Rydia frequently fights the Warriors of Chaos, especially her main opponent Zemus.


Rydia appears in her adult form, and her default outfit is based off of her Amano artwork, but it has the colors of her ingame model in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.  This extends to the appearances of her Eidolons - all of them are based off of Amano artwork for their FFIV incarnations, but have the colors of their ingame models in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.
  • Alt 1
  • Alt 2
  • DLC

Her Alt 1 outfit "Wild Summoner" is based off of her Amano artwork, without any color alterations based on her ingame model from the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.  Likewise, when using this outfit, her Eidolons are also purely based off of their FFIV Amano artwork, and lack color alterations from their ingame models in the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

Her Alt 2 outfit "Summoner of Mist" is based off of her appearance in the CG opening for the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.  In addition to that, when using this outfit, her Eidolons are based off of their ingame models from the DS version of Final Fantasy IV, and lack Amano influence in their appearances; the only exception is the Mist Dragon, whose appearance is based of its appearance in the CG opening for the DS version of Final Fantasy IV.

Her DLC outfit "Shackled Summoner" is based off of her appearance in the CG opening for the PSP verison of Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.  When using this outfit, her Eidolons are based off of their appearances in the 2D versions of Final Fantasy IV (unless it's impossible for them to have unique appearances when Rydia is using a DLC outfit, in which case they have the same appearances that they have when Rydia is using her default outfit).

Her manikin counterpart is named the Delusory Beauty and is colored dark blue and silver.


Rydia is described as a Mystic Summoner.  She specializes in combining black magic with summons for powerful attacks.  She has many Bravery attacks and HP attacks, making her somewhat unpredictable.  A downside to her battle style is that her complete lack of Bravery to HP links make her dependent on stand alone HP attacks to do HP damage.  In addition to this, her large list of attacks means having to choose a limited selection of her moves before going into battle.

Bravery Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Whip Combo Ground Mid Physical Whip is swung forward a few times.  The attack is fairly quick on startup and has high accuracy, but deals weak damage. Magic Block
Quake Ground Mid Magical The ground around Rydia erupts as she concentrates, dealing multiple hits of Brave damage. Block, Wall Rush
Firaga Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Quickly unleashes a large burst of fire knocking the opponent back, doing moderate damage. Chase
Blizzaga Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Sends multiple large icicles jutting upwards sending the opponent further up if the opponent is already in midair, and does moderate damage. Wall Rush
Thundaga Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Hurls lightning in a diagonal pattern, doing moderate damage. N/A
Flare Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Unleashes a massive explosion with a vacuum effect.  It is like a larger version of The Emperor's Dynamite, and has a similarly long charging time. N/A
Tornado Aerial Mid Magical Summons a single cyclone that is similar in appearance to Garland's Tornado, but lasts twice as long. Magic Block
Meteor Aerial Long Magical Sends a stream of meteorites hurling down from space at a diagonal angle, much like Cloud's Meteorain, and does major damage. N/A
Asura's Boon Ground/ Aerial Self N/A

Asura casts one of three spells:

Protective Light: For ten seconds, Rydia will automatically reflect magic attacks.  This Reflect spell vanishes when Rydia is hit with a physical BRV or HP attack (magical BRV or HP attacks that can't be reflected still do damage, but they don't end the spell).  Most common spell.

Curaga: For five seconds, Rydia's Bravery will gradually rise automatically.  This spell vanishes when Rydia is hit by a Bravery or HP attack.  Uncommon spell.

Raise: Instantly restores Bravery level to exact number it was before it was broken.  Rarest spell, and even then it only activates when Rydia is suffering from Bravery Break.


HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Tidal Wave Ground Long Magical Leviathan unleashes a tidal wave with a high vertical reach and a wide horizontal sweep. Magic Block
Gaia's Wrath Ground Mid Magical Titan unleashes a massive earthquake in front of Rydia. N/A
Zantetsuken Ground Mid Physical Odin gallops forward on Sleipnir then deals one powerful horizontal slash. Block, Wall Rush
Diamond Dust Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Shiva drops icicles on the opponent.  Comes out very fast. Wall Rush
Judgment Bolt Ground/ Aerial Close Magical Ramuh unleashes a bolt of lightning that moves toward the opponent.  Highly accurate and fairly quick.  Doesn't change direction after the lightning bolt is fired. N/A
Megaflare Aerial Long Magical Bahamut unleashes a diagonally downward-aiming energy blast with high accuracy. Magic Block
Hellfire Aerial Long Magical Ifrit unleashes a large homing fireball.  Unlike Terra's Meltdown, it doesn't need to be charged, but it doesn't last as long. N/A
Whispering Wind Aerial Close Magical A Sylph appears and spins in place conjuring a whirlwind.  Fades quickly, but in EX Mode, it restores HP equal to the amount of HP Damage that was dealt to the opponent. Magic Block

EX ModeEdit

EX Mode - Summon Mist Dragon!

When Rydia enters EX Mode, she summons the Mist Dragon, who appears and wraps itself around Rydia in the same way that Golbez summons the Shadow Dragon for his EX Mode.

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode.
Inner Magic EX Ability Rydia deals 1.5 times the normal Bravery damage with magical attacks.
Power of Mist! EX Burst The player must hold a randomly chosen button and release it at the proper moment as Rydia meditates to increase the Mist Dragon's power.  If the player does so correctly, the Mist Dragon unleashes Radiant Breath, which deals several hits of Bravery damage before the final HP hit.  If the player fails to properly execute the command, the Mist Dragon unleashes Mist, which deals only a few hits of Bravery damage before the final HP hit.


Rydia can equip Daggers, Rods, Whips, Bangles, Rings, Hats, Hairpins, Headbands, Crowns, Ribbons, Clothing, Robes, and Female Exclusive Equipment.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Feymarch Whip 30 HP 377 ATK +40 DEF +2 Magic Defense +10% Trade: 61,000 gil, Slaying Tail, Scarletite x1, Beauty's Desire x5
Lunar Whip 90 HP 308 ATK +63 DEF +1 Magic Defense +15% Trade: 158,000 gil, Feymarch Whip, Electrum x1, Beauty's Dream x5
Mist Whip 100 HP 328 ATK +68 DEF +1 Magic Defense +20%
Back to the Wall Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Lunar Whip, Flames of Courage x1, Beauty's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Flames of Courage

I will overcome my fear of fire if necessary.



  • The name of Rydia's DLC alt, "Shackled Summoner", is a reference to Rydia's chapter in Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, which is called "The Eidolons Shackled".
  • The Feymarch Whip is a reference to the Feymarch, where Rydia grew up during part of Final Fantasy IV.
  • The Lunar Whip is a reference to the Lunarian Moon in Final Fantasy IV.
  • The Mist Whip is a reference to Rydia's hometown of Mist.
  • The trade accessory "Flames of Courage" and the description of it are references to the time in Final Fantasy IV when Rydia gained the Fire spell at the entrance to Mount Hobs.

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