Sabin René Figaro is a protagonist and character representing Final Fantasy VI

Sabin 1

In Final Fantasy VI, Sabin and his twin brother Edgar were heirs to the throne of the Figaro Kingdom. He was considered smaller and weaker than his brother. When his father was poisoned by the Gestahlian Empire, Sabin ran off as he felt Edgar would be able to look after Figaro's best interests better than he could. He then trained with Duncan Harcourt and his son, Vargas. Vargas became jealous of what Sabin was able to do, and thought Duncan would choose Sabin over himself as the heir. Sabin knew that wasn't true, and after Vargas killed Duncan, as well as attacked his brother, Terra Branford, and Locke Cole, he fought against him. Later, he joined the group known as "The Returners" and fought against the Gestahlian Empire.

Attire Edit

Sabin 2

Sabin's default costume is identical to his sprite appearance and super deformed artwork. He has blonde hair with a short ponytail at the end. He wears a purple muscle shirt along with purple armbands, a green belt around his waist, white pants, and brown shoes. In EX Mode, Sabin's shirt becomes tattered, his green belt becomes black, and he seems to become more muscular.

Sabin's first alternate costume, Golden Mash is based on his official artwork by Yoshitaka Amano. Sabin is shirtless, wears yellow pants, has a blue belt around his waist, wears green shoes, and has an orange bag on his back. In EX Mode, the bag disappears, his pants begin tearing along the outside of his legs, and his belt once again becomes black.

Sabin 2-0

Sabin's second alternate costume, Student Prince is based on the artwork by Soraya Saga for VI's 10th anniversary. Sabin wears a clean white shirt with a brown jacket and an orange handkerchief. His pants are tan and he is wearing brown shoes, as well as having a cerulean bow in his hair that makes his short ponytail. In EX Mode, the shirt becomes tattered and ripped, and he loses the jacket as well.

Sabin's Manikin is Red and is the Phantasmal Hermit

Battle Edit

Sabin is a Blitzing Mastermind, his attacks are a good range of ranged attacks and close up strikes, and are mostly physical attacks, with a few magical attacks. A few of his attacks can actually be charged or delayed by holding down the attack button to fake out the opponent. His flaws mostly come in his defenses and his attacks themselves. Sabin's attacks leave him wide open if they miss and are very directional, meaning if you can dodge his attacks, there's nothing he can really do to stop him. Playing as Sabin is very risk/reward based.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Smash Punch Ground A quick, single punch that can send targets flying short distances. By pressing up, the enemies are sent up into the air instead of straightforward. Has Wall Rush as well.
Headstrong Ground A short-ranged strike where Sabin swings his head towards the opponent, sending them flying if they connect.
Dash Grab Ground/ Aerial Sabin will dash forward at a shorter distance than an Air or Ground Dash with his hand in front of him. If he connects with an opponent, he will grab them and throw them in a direction dependent on the input of the control stick.
Thundara Aerial Sabin will swing his hand down (which if close enough can do very slight bravery damage), bringing down a bolt of electricity as well. If the bolt hits the opponent, he will then raise his hand up, causing a bolt of electricity to be brought up underneath the opponent, hitting them into the air again. Has Chase as well after the second strike.
Raging Fist Aerial Sabin will rapidly throw punches right in front of himself, doing very quick, though rather weak strikes.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Rising Phoenix Ground Sabin will engulf his fists in fire and take a swing at the opponent. If it hits, he will throw a few more before uppercutting them into the air. (This attack is actually a split of Physical and Magical damage)
Phantom Rush Ground Sabin will jump towards the opponent. If he makes contact, he will begin spinning around them, delivering a flurry of punches at the same time before delivering a final punch that sends the enemy quite the distance away. Has Wall Rush as well.
Aura Cannon Ground/ Aerial Sabin will pull his hands back before firing a laser at the opponent. The distance the laser travels and the size are dependent on how long Sabin charges the attack for.
Soul Spiral Ground/ Aerial Sabin will begin rapidly spinning, a blue tornado surrounding him. Any enemies caught in it will receive bravery damage before being blasted away with HP damage. However, after the attack, Sabin is left unable to move or attack for roughly 3 seconds. Has Wall Rush
Razor Gaile Aerial Sabin will lift one hand in front of himself, with several blade-like objects coming out of it, getting bigger as they get farther away from him.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Meteor Strike Aerial (Chained from Raging Fist) Sabin will grab the opponent and suplex them, bringing them down and causing Bravery Damage along the way until they reach the ground, where they receive HP Damage. Should Sabin and the opponent fall into a Bravery Trap, the two will both be hit by it, but HP Damage will not be dealt.
Drain Aerial (Chained from Thundara) Sabin will instantly drain HP from the opponent, healing himself by 10% of the Damage dealt. Once the damage is dealt, the opponent is thrown downward. Has Wall Rush.

EX Mode - Duncan's Protege

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Chakra Special Sabin increases his Bravery by a small amount and increases his damage by 10% for as long as the EX Mode is activated or until he uses his EX Burst.
Tiger Break EX Burst Sabin will hit the enemy with a single punch, the background breaking in the shape of the opponent before straight lined cracks seperate the entire screen. The opponent will then have to hold down one of the four face buttons shown (X, Circle, Square, or Triangle) while inputting the directional commands shown, releasing the face button once every command is input. If done perfectly, Sabin will rush towards the opponent, hit them several times, throw them into the air, and then use a dashing punch which surrounds his fist in aura in the shape of a tiger's head. Should Sabin not input the buttons correctly, he'll just hit the opponent with a few punches and kicks before remarking that he needs more training.


  • Sabin can equip Daggers, Thrown Weapons, Grappling Weapons, Parrying Armor, Shields, Bangles, Gauntlets, Hats, Clothing, Robes, Light Armor, and Chestplates
Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Kaiser Knuckle 30 HP -659
BRV +97
ATK +55
Chase BRV Damage +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Sonic Knuckles, Scarletite x1, Hermit's Desire x5
Dragon Claws 90 HP -522

BRV +69

ATK +87

Chase BRV Damage +9% Trade: 158,000 gil, Kaiser Knuckle, Electrum x1, Hermit's Dream x5
Godhand 100 HP -595

BRV +93

ATK +87

Chase BRV Damage +10%

Slight Counterattack effect

Trade: 182,800 gil, Dragon Claws, Brother's Coin x1, Hermit's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Brother's Coin Where do you think you would be if the other option had been chosen?

Allusions Edit

  • The name for Sabin's EX Mode references Sabin's Martial Arts teacher, Master Duncan, who trained Sabin and whose death ultimately lead Sabin to joining The Returners
  • Sabin's HP Attacks are all references to his Blitzes from Final Fantasy VI, along with his Chakra EX Ability, Meteor Strike attack and Raging Fist Bravery Attack
  • Sabin's only 2 purely magic attacks, Drain and Thundaga, are the two magic attacks he has in Final Fantasy Aiborne Brigade
  • The name of Sabin's first alternate costume is a reference to his Japanese name "Mash"