Encounters (Generic) Edit

Opponent level >10 lower than SabinEdit

I unfortunately can't hold back

I shouldn't be fighting such a weaker foe

If you insist


I am more than ready

This will be a good fight

Nothing personal here

Opponent level >10 higher than SabinEdit

I'll show you all that I've got

For Master Duncan

This is the only way to get stronger

Sabin has low HealthEdit

I cannot give up now

I'm cornered

Opponent has low healthEdit

Cleaning up another's work?

It shouldn't be this way


Good luck to you.
when fighting an opponent in a tournament battle

Like a rolling stone
when fighting a second straight opponent in a tournament battle

Now it is our turn
when fighting an opponent in a round-robin party battle

I'll secure a victory
when last to fight in a round-robin battle

Encounters: Character Specific Edit

It must be uncomfortable wearing all of that
Warrior of Light

First Gestahl and now this one?
The Emperor

We're all here to help you, Terra

For Figaro!

Such a tortured warrior

Show me what training you have

Are you strong enough to stop a moving train?

I'd be mindful of your language

I await your juidgement

Even beautiful women can be warriors it seems

What kind of trick is this?

I will show you what true emotion is

Must we truly fight, Goddess?

So, let's find out who is stronger
Cosmos Warriors

Your evil must be stopped
Chaos Warriors


when using Smash Punch

when using Headstrong

Get back here!
when using Dash Grab

when using the first hit of Thundara

And up!
when using the second hit of Thundara

when using Raging Fist

Fire Dance!
when using Rising Phoenix

Bum Rush!
when using Phantom Rush

Aura Bolt!
when using Aura Cannon

when using Soul Spiral

Air Blade!
when using Razor Gale

when using Meteor Strike

I'll take that
when using Drain

when using Chakra

This is your end
when activating EX Mode

It comes down to this
when beginning EX Burst

Grrr, I need more training
upon imperfect EX Burst execution

Behold my strength
upon perfect EX Burst execution

The power of a warrior!
when finishing EX Burst

Here's my chance!
when activating EX Revenge

I'll help you out
when called as an Assist

the final blow

Victory Edit

You fought well


You were very close
Finish with low HP

Such ability
Finish with low HP

Were you holding back?
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

A sound victory
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

Keep training and you might win next time
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

You have a lot of potential
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Defeat Edit

If only things turned out differently

I'm sorry, brother

No...not today

What went wrong?

I underestimated you
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

Why couldn't I beat you?
when opponent was weaker (level >10 lower)

I should have known better
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

That was pathetic
when opponent was stronger (level >10 higher)

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