Selphie is a spunky and eccentric young girl armed with magic knowledge and nunchaku.

In her original game, she graduated a member of SeeD and proved to be a valuable member of Squall Leonhart's team.


Selphie's basic attire is a yellow miniskirt/overall hybrid with clasps over the shoulders and brown cowboy boots that reach about mid-calf. She wears a silver pendant that resembles a miniature replica of a poker machine reel, and upon her left wrist she wears a blue strap.

Her alternative costume is the standard SeeD uniform.

Her Manikin is called 'Transient Cheer'


While balanced with ranged and close ranged attacks, her attacks also hold devastating after effects.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Stop Shot Ground Selphie sends out her Nunchaku straight at the opponent. If it hits, the opponent will stop in place for a few seconds.
Fira Brawl Ground Selphie beats the opponent senseless with a Fira imbued nunchaku. Holding the button after the final hit will allow Slephie to cast Firaga. This causes the opponent to be on fire and lose gradual Brave.
Water Volleys Ground Selphie performs her casting animation, and summons Water spheres circle wise to be fired at the target. If they hit, Selphie will sneak in a Silence spell to disallow ranged attacks.
Aero Tornado Aerial Selphie will spin her nunchaku overhead and casts Aero, which then spins around her fired nunchaku. If it hits, the opponent will be engulfed into a Tornado spell and will experience Confuse afterwards.
Thundaga Break Aerial Selphie will wind up a ferocious downwards slam, with a Thundaga spell charging the weapon. If it hits, the opponent will suffer from a Blind spell (if you're the other player, have fun with a nice black blob blocking most of the screen).

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Blizzaga Trick Ground Selphie sends out her nunchaku at the opponent. If it hits, nothing will happen except for the tall ice tower encasing them afterwards. This will cause the opponent to be Slowed for a while.
Holy Trick Aerial Selphie will swing and extend the Nunchaku. If it hits, Selphie will cast Holy spheres to bombard the opponent while doing that classic Bruce Lee twirl, and when finished, have the two staffs retract into one again and then reopen them to have the spell detonate. This sends the enemy back a considerable distance, allowing Slephie to recover.
Ultima Buster Aerial Slephie goes in for the kill with her nunchaku fasted into a baton, unravels in after the first half of the combo and then slams downwards with an Ultima explosion. If the opponent hits a surface, the opponent will suffer double damage.
Flare Charge Connected Connects with Stop Shot. With the Nunchaku still there, Slephie sends a Flare spell down the chains to the opponent. This will also Drain 1/8th of the damage dealt to Selphie's HP.

Ex Mode

Name Type Description
"Hyper Draw Cast Sorceress Mode" Ex Mode In her EX Mode, Selphie will draw numerous spells from the ground, and then casts Double first, then Aura and Triple, and then flips and casts Reflect, Float, Regen, Protect and Haste upon herself.

In this mode, Float allows her to fly, Haste increases her speed, Reflect allows her to instantly reflect Brave magic attacks at the enemy, Aura increases her attack power, Triple increases her attacks amounts of hits and with some, their range, everyone knows what Regen does, and Protect nulls 25% of an opponent's attack.

Holding R + Brave down will access Meltdown, which has Selphie charge a beam. If it hits the opponent, they will Break to the thousands and their HP defence will drop to half.

One drawback is that flying is a little hard to manoeuvre, due to Haste.

"Slots" Ex Burst During this, Selphie concentrates in her usual spellcast stance and then the player must:

Obtain, not line up, three symbols in a 3x4 slot, with the symbols going horizontally than vertically, row by row. The player can move a cursor horizontally to try and get the symbols. Every row has one retry. The slots get faster as you progress. You have to get the Balamb Halo symbols. If not, Selphie will just cast Ultima. If successful, Selphie will cast Rapture and will then cast Apocalypse, with her summoning the circle around her hands, and firing the beams. If Selphie's Brave is at a high enough number to defeat the enemy already, then she will cast The End, which places the opponent in a field of flowers before fading to darkness or light (depending on character).

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