“The younger sister of Lightning, she has found herself at the center of many tragic events. She still seems scarred by past experiences, but her quiet exterior hides a gentle, but in the end resilient and dependable, core. She still believes that her sister is alive, and so she follows Noel into the future to find her.”

-Final Fantasy XIII-2 Description

Serah Farron is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy XIII-2, in that game, she is Lightning's younger sister and gifted with the Eyes of Etro. She travels along the timeline with her partner Noel Kreiss and they attempt to fix the timeline after Etro screwed it up. Again.

In the Dissidian Wars, Serah is a warrior of Cosmos, sadly, she and Lightning have no memories of each other and are separated early in the cycle. Her main opponents are Caius Ballad and Paddra Nsu Yeul, Serah trying to save the timeline and Caius trying to destroy it, paralleling each other.


Serah's default appearance is her appearance in Final Fantasy XIII-2, her bow is the Starseeker, and Mog has his default appearance.

Her first alternate outfit, Bodhum Resident, depicts her as she appeared in Final Fantasy XIII, with a white button-down sleeveless shirt and a sleeveless see-through sweater. she wears a pleated skirt and black tights that go up past her thighs. She also wears a white band on her arm, covering her l'cie brand, and a pair of beige and white high tops. Her weapon resembles the Genji Bow DLC Weapon from Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Mog resembles the moogles featured on the 'Moogleworks' online store in Final Fantasy XIII.

Serah's second outfit, Style and Steel, makes her resemble the free DLC costume featured in Final Fantasy XIII-2, she gets a black vest and jean short shorts with a small buckler on her arm, she also obtains a small pouch strapped to her leg just like Lightning's. Her boots are also much bigger, made of a light brown leather and have metal surrounding them. Her weapon is changed to resemble the Seraphic Wing DLC Weapon from her game, and Mog is dressed in his Fashionista DLC Costume from the same game.

Serah's DLC Outfit, Beachwear, makes her resemble the Beachwear DLC from her game, with a pink bikini top and daisy dukes of the same colour, with beige and yellow sandals. Her weapon is changed to look like the Azrael DLC Weapon from her game, and Mog is given the Black Mage DLC Costume from their game.

Her manikin, Fleeting Seer, is pink.


Serah is described as an Ultima Archer, her abilities revolve around distanced attacking then rushing in to strike while the opponent is stunned.

Bravery Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Heat Blitz Ground Close Physical

Spins forward with a sword imbued with fire, then shoots the enemy away in a cluster of arrows.

Wallrush, Guard Break
Flamestrike Ground Long Magical

Shoots a flame-imbued arrow that goes straight and quick at it's target. Links into other -strikes. -Strikes can only chain up to four times.

Froststrike Ground Long Physical and Magical

Shoots a frost-imbued arrow that moves slowly, but slightly stuns it's target. Links into other -strikes . -Strikes can only chain up to four times.

Fira Ground/ Aerial Long Physical

Fires three orbs of fire that explode when they hit a surface.

Thundara Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical

Summons a shower of thunderbolts that rain on the enemy.

Electric Blitz Aerial Close Physical

Shoots a cluster of arrows on an arc towards the enemy, carried by a thunderbolt.

Chase, Guard Break
Sparkstrike Aerial Long Physical

Shoots a lightning-imbued arrow that moves moderately fast. Links into other -strikes. -Strikes can only chain up to four times.

Galestrike Aerial Long Physical

Shoots a wind-imbued arrow that moves very quickly and can wallrush it's target. Links into other -strikes. -Strikes can only chain up to four times.


HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Firaga Ground Close Magical

Fires a large, slow-moving orb of fire that tracks the enemy and explodes in a large radius when it hits a surface.

Improved Moogle Throw Ground Long Physical

After a slight delay, throws Mog on an arc towards the enemy, he will bounce off surfaces but still bend to slightly track them. Once he stops moving, or hits a banish trap, he will return to Serah and she can attack again.

Bladestorm Ground and Aerial Close Physical

Summons a tornado in front of Serah that deals damage to the enemy that traps them for a short time, large vertical range.

Magic Block, Absorb
Thundaga Aerial Long Magical

Fires a stream of lightning from above the enemy that strikes them then blasts them upwards.

Moogle Search Aerial Mid Physical

Mog will transform back into a moogle and perform the Moogle Search starting animation, then Mog will unleash a circle of time-stopping power around him and Serah, drawing in enemies, if the enemy gets close enough to Serah, she will perform a jumping, shooting attack, blasting them into the ground.


Bravery to HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Ravage Aerial Close Physical Serah rushes forward to the enemy and performs a 360 spinning attack, blasting the enemy away. Wallrush

EX Mode - Equipped Arcus Chronica!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
ATB Rate +50% EX Ability Serah's attacks start much quicker, all -strike abilities arrows are extremely fast.
Overwhelm EX Ability Allows Serah's Heat Blitz to chain into Ravage, and -strike abilities can chain into Fira and Thundara. Serah can also attack while Moogle Throw is in effect.
Ultima Arrow EX Burst

Input the correct commands when prompted! (Mimics commands entered at the end of the Ultros DLC battle)

Serah slashes the opponent twice, knocking them into the EX Area. Serah then high fives Mog and casts magic of all four elements on the enemy, commands appear here, starting with Fire, then Ice, Lightning, and Wind. Serah then turns mog back into the bow and pulls it back, more commands appear here. Serah then fires the arrow into the air and the bow becomes Mog again, the final commands appear here. On a perfect execution, Mog uses the moogle search to prevent the enemy from getting away, then the wave of arrows hit, Mog frantically yells out 'Kupo!' many times while evading the arrows. Then Serah casts Firaga, and blasts the enemy out of the EX Burst.

On an incorrect execution, Mog stares up into the air, and says "Kupo?", as if confused. Then a single arrow falls from the sky and hits the enemy, dealing one point of bravery damage, Serah and Mog both facepalm and the EX Burst ends.


Serah can equip Swords, Daggers, Bows, Thrown, Guns, Parrying, Shields, Bangles, Hats, Hairpins, Ribbons, Clothing, Light Armorm Chestplates and Female Exclusives.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Starseeker 1 ATK +18 None

Find: Dissidia Story Mode - Serah's Chapter.

Rune Feather 30 HP -37 ATK +32 Defense +5% Trade: 61000 gil, Starseeker, Scarletite x1, Seer's Desire x5
Sagittarius 90 HP -94 ATK +60 Defense +7% Trade: 158000 gil, Rune Feather, Electrum x1, Seer's Dream x5
Odinbolt 100 HP -126 ATK +67 Defense +10%
Slight Sneak Attack effect
Trade: 182800 gil, Sagittarius, Chaos Crystal x1, Seer's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Chaos Crystal Do you have the power to break your limits?


When Serah is playable, Paradigm Shift plays during regular encounters with manikins. An orchestrated version of Limit Break will play during boss encounters. During her encounters with Caius and Yeul, Unseen Abyss plays.

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