“Sherlotta lives in the village with the hero. She seems a little different from the other villagers, and knows the forest more than anybody. She gives a crystal to the hero after the coming-of-age ceremony.”

-Echoes of Time description

Sherlotta was a large supporting character in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, she helped the hero out on many occasions, and was central to the plot's progression. She lived in The Village with most of the other important characters, and had a special relationship with the Crystal Core, located deep in the forest. She eventually traveled with the player and entered the World Map for the first time, breaking the fourth wall as she did so.

In Dissidia, Sherlotta is a Warrior of Cosmos, she travels with Yuri during her time in the world, treating him sort of like she treated the Hero in Echoes of Time, although not knowing why, due to memory loss. Her companion is the Undead Princess, who lives inside of the staff she wields, the princess will make remarks about current circumstances which almost always cause Sherlotta to whack her against a wall. In battle when Sherlotta uses the staff in some of her attacks, the Princess will occasionally make comments about how she 'is a precision device', and was 'not meant for this torture'.


Sherlotta's regular costume is her general appearance in Echoes of Time, she is dressed a lot like a cat, with black tights and a tail, even though the tail is real. Her staff is also it's basic appearance, becoming the scythe that the Undead Princess wields during her fight in the original game.

Her first alternate outfit, Villager Puppet makes her look like she does in her true form in Echoes of Time, with her hair let down from it's bow and a simple dress instead of her clothes, she also loses the tail.

In Sherlotta's second alternate outfit, Elegance and Death, she looks a bit more like the Undead Princess' appearance. Changing her hair colour to a light teal and replacing her bow with a purple tiara. Her skin is also much more pale and she obtains a gown based on the dress the Undead Princess also wore, although a lot less wide and long.

Her Manikin is the Dauntless Mother and is silver and white.


Sherlotta is described as a Crystal Soul, using the various abilities of the Crystal Core and the Undead Princess. She uses a mix of ranged crystal-based attacks and melee staff attacks to decimate her foes.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Baton Twirl Ground Close Physical Attacks three times while spinning the Crystal Staff and moving forwards, ending with an uppercut. Chase
Immortal Sweep Ground Mid Physical After a short delay, spin around once while quickly moving towards opponent, then slam them away with a hit like a baseball bat if the spin hits. Wall Rush
Reaper's Ascension Ground Close/ Rise Physical Begin spinning rapidly with the Crystal Staff while ascending, lasts until a ceiling is hit or the button is released. Magic Block
Ultima Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Creates six rings of magic which fly towards the enemy, upon converging underneath the enemy, they begin flashing and stop tracking the opponent. This effect only lasts for around a second before releasing a huge burst of energy. Guard Break, Chase
Crystal Barrage Aerial Long Magical Summon two waves of crystal shards to assault the enemy, then volley a third, stronger wave of only three crystals with the Crystal Staff. N/A
Altar Rise Aerial Mid Physical Cause a mountain of earth to rise in front of Sherlotta from the ground, damaging the enemy if they hit it as it goes up, then Sherlotta blasts them with powerful magic. Guard Break, Wall Rush
Hammer Dive Aerial Close/ Dive Physical Fly towards the ground while swining the Crystal Staff forward like a hammer, lasts until the ground is hit, where a small earthquake will occur, or until the button is released, where a small burst of wind will occur. Magic Block, Wall Rush

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Charged Attack Ground Mid Physical Hold the Crystal Staff behind back while charging, then slams the earth with tremendous power, if the enemy is caught, they are damaged by an earthquake then sent sky-high. Smash radius and bravery damage dealt depend on time spent charging. Wall Rush
Crystallize Ground/ Aerial Self-Target N/A Begins healing self, slowly charging bravery. Lasts until the button is released or damage is taken. Allows Sherlotta to suspend herself in midair while it is in use. Can move slowly while using, but cannot jump, and not in midair. N/A
Crystal Core  Aerial Long Magical After a short delay, summons a massive crystal that floats above the opponent, it then descends slowly, and stops tracking them. Wall Rush
Homing Crystals  Aerial Long Magical Summons three crystals, one after the other, and volleys them at the opponent with the Crystal Staff, they move quickly, then start getting slower before shattering. Magic Block

Bravery to HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Ultiga Ground/ Aerial Long Magical The six rings seperate again, then each one splits into two rings, they then become one ring once again and explode into an even bigger burst of energy, dealing HP damage. Wall Rush

EX Mode - Princess' Legacy

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Glide EX Ability Hold while in the air to glide through the air with the power of crystals.
Staff Bridge EX Ability (Hold R + Square) Sherlotta holds the staff vertically in front of her and charges, then fires a wave of light that moves like a sideways wave. The width of the bridge and the length are determined by the time spent charging.
Save the Cause! EX Burst

Rotate the left joystick clockwise to charge the staff!

Sherlotta uppercuts the enemy into the EX Area with her staff, then fires several crystals at them before moving to float parallel to them. She holds the staff like she does in the Staff Bridge attack, and several hundred crystal shards appear behind her, the input then appears. As the player fills the bar more crystal shards fly into the staff. If the input is perfect, Sherlotta yells "Time for fireworks!" and then fires a massive light blue beam out of the head of the staff, hitting the opponent and tracing an eye, then use Tower Resurrection creating a tower that carries the opponent upwards, dealing bravery damage, before the Crystal Core appears at the top, and slams the opponent, causing the entire tower to explode, ending the EX Burst.

If improperly executed, Sherlotta will fire the beam, and then use Ultiga Rings, sending out six rings of magic that deal six hits of Fire, Ice, Thunder, Shadow, Holy and Poison-elemental magic, then converge to use, ending the EX Burst.


Sherlotta can equip Rods, Staves, Instruments, Poles, Bangles, Gauntlets, Hairpins, Headbands, Ribbons, Clothing, Robes and Female Exclusives

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Village Key 30 BRV -58
ATK +32
Damage +3% Trade: 61,000 gil, Rod of Wisdom, Scarletite x1, Crystal's Desire x5
Norschtalen's Staff 90 BRV -80
ATK +61
Damage +5% Trade: 158,000 gil, Village Key, Electrum x1, Crystal's Dream x5
Crystal Core 100 BRV -136
ATK +70
Damage +7%
Slight Cat Nip effect.
Trade: 182,800 gil, Norschtalen's Staff, Cat Bell x1, Crystal's Hopes x5


When Sherlotta is played in Story Mode, the following tracks appear:

Main Theme will play on the map.

The Mines will play in dungeons.

Boss Theme 1 will play for regular manikin encounters.

And Boss Theme 2 will play for boss encounters.

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